Friday, January 19, 2007

What a Day...TGIF

The day is done, thank goodness. My main focus at work was to order two very expensive camcorders for public safety training and two adult crisis manikins for the emergency medical services program. Dealing with our procurement office was a test of my patience and I just don’t have it anymore. It’s my age, I know it. After nearly four years of working for the States of DE and NC, I’ve had it with the red tape, protocol, and lengthy procedures. I’m sick of endless forms and requirements. They had me on an obstacle course today, jumping through hoops, running through very dark tunnels, and then they apologized for forgetting to tell me there is another step involved…blah, blah blah. If "they" knew their "own" jobs, life would be easier for us all.

Ten or twenty years ago, my response to these ridiculous requests would have been a sincere, “Oh, no problem. No reason to apologize. It’s been my pleasure working with you.” I still say the same things although a bit curtly and after I slam that phone down, I mumble out loud, “Stick your procedures up your a--, where the sun doesn’t shine! I’m sick of this runaround, you nit-picking idiots!” My coworkers and I find it very amusing and we all share grumpiness together. This ordeal still isn’t a done deal yet so I have it to look forward to on Monday. I need to get away from this circus. I really do.

For starters, while making my breakfast oatmeal in the campus kitchen this morning I opened the blinds to find that elusive Eastern Towhee staring at me, only about fifteen feet away from the window and perched on the top of an evergreen shrub. And it seemed he was staying… I don’t run anymore since ankle surgery but I took a shot at it, leaving my oatmeal in the microwave to overcook. Looking like a peg leg freak, I ran to my office, grabbed the camera, and then ran outside only to find the bird was gone. The birds were out and about today and feeding on the seed I scattered until I went for my nature walk later in the afternoon. No birds. Gone. I did see the towhee disappear into the dark brush. Gone. While cursing the construction site across the street, I did manage to see some color shout out from the brown and gray of winter. These leaves served at magnets to me and the camera. To coin Julie Z’s phrase, I was fast approaching the “advanced stages of crankitude” near the end of the workday.

After arriving home, I needed a little more therapy. I walked the neighborhood for a short while and found where the chickadees live. A neighbor who lives two doors down the street really knows how to attract the birdies. I need to meet her.

Me loves my Chickadees!

Most of all, me loves my two girly girls. We played ball, romped, gave hugs and kisses, and now I’m feeling much better. Whew. What a day.


Anonymous said...

Look at those two girly girls look at you - what sweetness in their eyes - and a 'whatcha doing Mom?' look.
I simply cannot stand the assifidity of all of the redtape it takes to do anything anymore. It's everywhere. It's a pain in the rear. I'm sorry you had to deal with a major dose of it today. I'm glad your girly girls made you feel better. And the bewds!
I hope you have a great weekend Mary!

Susan Gets Native said...

"Bewds" seems to have become part of our lexicon here.

The neighbor has a nice feeder. Go make nice!

LostRoses said...

Mary, never fear, you're in good company with your crankiness. I read an article today that said grouchy, cranky people make better employees anyway. They see problems and fix them while the cheerful ones think everything is fine and so not as much gets done.

Cranky employees, unite!

KGMom said...

I love the faces of your girly girls. Such sweet faces. Since where they came from is right down the road from me (about 40 miles away), I keep looking at the boston terrier's website and checking out those puppies. Sure is tempting. Just not sure how my middle-age half border collie would accept a boston terrier pup. Try to herd it, no doubt.
Enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

There is only one secret you need to know to attract the chick-chick-chickadees . . . black oil sunflower seeds (BOSS!). They will eat other seeds but they LIVE for BOSS. They'll find it if you put it out and they'll come and eat it and eat it and eat it.

Your dogs are adorable. My son came up and looked over my shoulder while I was reading your blog and said, "I like those dogs!" :)

And, the way I figure it . . . if you aren't cranky on a Friday, you aren't doing your job right!

Annie in Austin said...

If it isn't copyrighted, there are many times when the phrase “advanced stages of crankitude” would be quite useful!

I like your bird photos, and it's fun to try to ID them along with you. Our neighborhood seems to have a limited number of species - you live in a feathered wonderland!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

amarkonmywall said...

Those are goofy looking dogs, Mary. Like another friend in the neighborhood who has a dog, Clyde, they are very cute- but goofy. Their eyes make them look like they need Synthroid or something.

I'm back in Chicago and it is so friggin GRAY I can't believe the contrast. If I had stayed here for the whole winter I would have put on an extra 60 pounds by now. But- I heard this tapping and I searched all over for the source and up on the third floor balcony I found a sweet little Downey working away on the last bits of peanut in the feeder. So I'll fill it up again now that I know that feeder lasts for a few weeks.

Your job reminds me of filling out insurance forms for patients- ARGGHH- a wonder I'm not bald. But yeterday's post with the cadets was the upside of it, yes?

Anonymous said...

Your girly girls are adorable!