Friday, January 05, 2007

Springtime in January

It’s a good night to stay tucked inside the house even though it’s a balmy 70 degrees outside. Tornado warnings were issued this evening, just an hour south of us at the South Carolina border. It’s been raining all day long and the skies are ominous. Tree frogs are singing two or three months early. We are now waiting for thunderstorms. Yes, thunderstorms in January.

Chloe and Bella know it’s Friday night. Yes, they do. They also know it’s a good night to stay inside.

We play "chase the Air Dog Squeakers", a great alternative to chasing golf balls inside the house.

One of many nicknames: Ewok. She's decided lately that thunder frightens her. Poor Chloe...

The weather is warm enough for a once-a-day feeding and I’m noticing some playful mating behavior going on in the pond.

The weekend is ahead of me. Yay! I'm so in love with Friday nights.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, there's that ominous sky again - yuck - I hope you stay safe there! Beautiful photo of the sky! Poor Chloe - I don't like to see it when dogs afraid of the thunder. Your fish are beautiful!
Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. The dogs are adorable and the fish are very pretty. The sky, on the other hand is neither adorable or pretty. Wishing you safe passage through the storm.

Mary said...

Pam and Laurie, we've been spared of tornadoes but a few were sighted south of us. We are still waiting for the big T-storm to hit later tonight. Tomorrow will be a beautiful, sunny, warm day. Like Laura in Somewhere in NJ said lately, "I think it should be properly cold."

Susan Gets Native said...

Thought of you today when I saw the weather map. Glad you are still on the planet.
I said to Geoff this morning, "Oh, dear. Mary is near those tornado warnings."
Geoff: "Huh? Mary who?"
Me: "BLOG Mary, dummy."

It seems that every blog I read is talking about the weather. I keep jumping between "it's just El Nino" and "OH MY GOD WE ARE ALL GOING TO BOIL TO DEATH!"

Mary said...

Susan, yep. Everyone is talking about the weather because it is so WEIRD. You said what's in the back of our minds..."Oh My God We Are All Going to Boil to Death!"

Anonymous said...

I know.. it's so warm here too, it's freaky. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Mary!

Anonymous said...

Such weird weather on the east coast -- here its a pretty normal winter. Perhaps a little drier than usual but we don't usually start really raining until January.

LauraHinNJ said...

It's 70 today, all my windows are open, and there's a million kids riding bikes in the neighborhood.

Where am I? When am I?