Monday, January 01, 2007

Today's Tradition at My House

Yesterday I began sweeping away signs of Christmas in the house and packing away everything except for the trees. By afternoon, I decided I didn't care for the painting I viewed above the mantle anymore. Not that I didn't like it, but I got tired of it and wanted something new. We had a very nice print of a beach house and dunes before, which was quite appropriate for living in Delaware. So we went shopping and I found one I love and not surprisingly, it's a pond scene :)

Now the trees are gone and packed away. It's our New Year's Day tradition to accomplish removing the Christmas clutter and to start the year with normalcy in the house. Outside lights and greens are also gone...and...tomorrow is a work day. OH, how I dread my early morning alarm and everything that goes with it. I don't want to go to bed at 10pm...but...the 5:20 a.m. alarm...sigh...

We both worked steadily all morning and around 1:00 p.m. the computer techie, "Kirk", arrived to move photos and documents from my older Dell to the new laptop. That went very smoothly but we found out we have a bad flash drive and will need to have Dell replace it. No wonder we had problems trying to do it ourselves! Then Kirk attempted to work with the old monster Gateway CPU we have, vintage 1996 with Windows 98 and fours years of photos stored on it. And I very much want those photos! Today, it would not happen. We only have remote mouses (mice?) and he'll need a few more drivers and a regular mouse to transfer my photos. He'll be back.

While Kirk worked away, we locked three dogs in the bedroom and for almost two hours, heard, "Yelp Yelp, Bark Bark Bark, loud sniffing through the crack of the door, Whine Whine Whine, and rough & tumble on my bed." You get the picture. If I had let them out and about, they would have slimed him to death and cost us an extra hourly rate! No thanks.

Another New Years Day tradition: For many years, I made homemade bean soup with the leftover ham and bone I froze from Christmas. It's delicious. This year, we decided the "after effects" weren't worth it, besides, I'm out of Beano.

Needless to say, I didn't have time to photograph much today, and, of course, a lone Carolina Wren and several Chickadees visited my front yard and both perched in our Crepe Myrtle trees, only fifteen feet away. Both of these birds are quick and antsy, but I'll get them!

Around 5:00 p.m. today, I just had to use the camera, so I focused on the Waxing Gibbous in the east tonight. I think my camera did a great job.

Note: Nala is still sitting pretty at the vet. They were closed yesterday and today with attendants on duty. I'm sure we'll hear something tomorrow - early. Hopefully, she will pass the needle!


Anonymous said...

Wow - there's lots going on at your home today! I love your new painting - it looks very peaceful.
How do you like your laptop? Ever since I got one I can't go back to a regular computer - I like being able to be mobile and sit where I want when I want.
Your moon photo is great! I wish I could see the moon tonight, but the clouds moved in yesterday, so no dice there.
Can't wait to hear if the kitty passes the needle.

Susan Gets Native said...

My DH took down our tree while the girls and I were off hunting the snowy owl, God love him. But he is clueless as to which ornament goes in which box, so they are all on our dining room table. Oh, well. He tried.

Here's to a very happy 2007!

Anonymous said...

The new painting is beautiful. We also were up at 5:20 today as I have to work (gasp) in the wound center...bleh. I am very spoiled now being off for so long. Have a wonderful day Mary.

Anonymous said... was SO hard to get up today...but I was able to loll around until 6:00. Guess I was lucky.

We didn't do a thing yesterday, except make black-eyed peas with bits of Christmas ham (I already did the potato soup with the leftover bone, which is OUR day-after-Christmas tradition). My tree still stands, along with all the lights and everything else. I'll get it it down...someday....soon...

Beautiful moon pic...have a great day!

Anonymous said...

We had a big crowd over Jan 1, and while it was nice, I would rather have had time to take down decorations. It is back to work today, so I will have to start in the evening (ugh). Maybe I can wait until Saturday.

Anonymous said...

I love yor new artwork. It looks like one that I could look at for ever and find new details to think about. Your moon picture is beautiful too!

Anonymous said...

I dread taking down my Christmas stuff but it has to happen. In years past I've left it up too long and that gets sad in its own way! So, I'm going to have Greg take the boxes down today! Oh boy!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mary, how I wish I could be as productive with my time as you are. My tree was given a promise yesterday as I lay on the sofa trying to recuperate from our annual New Years Eve party. Next weekend..I weekend.
Loved the new picture over the mantle and the moon being held up by the Crepe Myrtles.