Saturday, January 27, 2007

Just Couldn't Wait One More Day

For over a month, I’ve been hot on getting a few more feeders and resigned myself to wait until January 31. That’s payday. An e-mail I received this morning from Wild Birds Unlimited announcing a sale of a free decorative suet feeder with the purchase of a case of suet got me dressed and out the door at 9am. That did it. I'm so impatient. I met Michael there, my tour guide and skillful tempter. He knew he had me. My eyes rolled at everything new and I looked like a little kid in a toy store! The free, limited supply, suet feeder was out of stock so he offered me four cakes in lieu of the feeder. I’ll try the suet and see how popular it is before I make it on my own stove. After meeting this fine and entertaining gentleman who helped me choose, I whipped out my plastic, we shook hands, and I was on my merry way. A suet feeder and tube feeder next to me on the passenger seat made me squeal with delight.

Are birds slow to catch on or wary? Salesman Michael told me it may take a while for birds to use new feeders and he’s right. After I hung both of them next to the platform, the fifty-plus birds hung around in trees and bushes looking spooked by the new additions. Not one bird touched the suet today. Maybe they haven’t had it before? The tube feeder was popular and I have plans for two more stations on my property to include feeders to entice the gold finches and titmice. I’d like one on the west side of my house so I can watch the feeders in the evening sun and I’ll have another on the south side. The one in the photo above is on the northeast side and gets shadowed before dinnertime. The birds on my property have it all – food, water, and shelter. There was no time for photography today but I had my nose at the windows, watching, with a basket of laundry on my hip.

Yesterday, I decided to trespass onto the golf course and parked my car at the first hole, only to find a foursome out there. It was too cold for golf! My husband has played golf in way below freezing, though. That's weird.

My effort wasn’t a total loss. There were several busy bluebirds next to the cart path.

This is what Chloe, the drama queen, did all day. Stand and whine with the tail down and head hanging low. She’s hurting badly from the rabies shot in the thigh she received yesterday and I don’t think she’ll feel normal until Monday. I’m giving my poor girl buffered aspirin in hopes it will help her out… And next time I see Dr. Mark, I’ll ask him why some vets give the shot in the scruff of the neck and others give it in the thigh muscle. Ouch! Now it's time for a pee break outside. I'll help her out.


LauraHinNJ said...

Oh poor Chloe! Your post about her yesterday made me think of my boy - he's not mean at the vet's just half scared to death and makes me drag him into the building and into the exam room. He likes the new place we're going much better - a vet that can connect with the pet is soo important to making them feel comfortable.

Your feeder set-up looks great - all shiny and new. Hope the birds find it soon!

I'm amazed with how nice your pond looks - makes me jealous! Mine is covered with ice right now.

Anonymous said...

I have to look for a suet feeder like that. I am sure you will posting wonderful photos in a day or two of your new feeder visitors. Your bluebirds look as plentiful as robins are in the spring here.

LostRoses said...

I remember the day when Wild Birds Unlimited opened their first store in our area. I was ecstatic! Until then (mid-80's, I think), we had to content ourselves with the definitely uninspiring birdfeeders that the hardware stores offered. I remember being so awed by all the "bird stuff" available. It looks like you have made good use of their products, and look at the lovely bird photos you get as a result!

I agree that birds are definitely slow to catch on to a new feeder. But in my yard, the squirrels lead the way every time!

Anonymous said...

Poor Chloe. I hope she feels better soon.

I really love your new feeders. My mom used to feed suet too. After awhile the birds will be all over it.

amarkonmywall said...

I'm exactlylike that over bird feeders. In Michigan I had a wonderful set up with a 4 x 4 treated post. I found that aluminum heat vent pipe from Lowes just barel fit over it as a sleeve and was in the right 8 foot sections so I dropped that around the post. Then I used plumbing pipe and rigged four long arms on the top so I could hang one large or two smaller feeders on each arm. It served as my primary feeding station for 8 years and I was a regular at Wild Birds Unlimited. In chicago it's tough because I'm limited to feeding seed that doesn't leave waste and I feed high on the third floor balcony- both to avoid attracting rats. The best I've found is suet, a peanut feeder and a thistle tube. Sometimes I put out sunflower chips and safflower on the balcony floor but I have to make sure a bunch of chaf doesn't fall into the courtyard below. Ack. Here in Florida I just put up two feeders and a humming bird bottle- I'll get pictures up of those shrotly. More than you ever wanted to know.

I like your pond, too. It's lovely.
Chloe doesn't look like she feels well. Hopefully that muscle won't be so sore in a day or two.

I stopped by Laura's planets post earlier and saw the blue bird there, too. Sweet things!

Anonymous said...

Oh, they'll come Mary, just you wait. It may take them a bit, but they'll come flocking to those feeders. I had my peanut feeder up for weeks before anyone seemed to take any interest and now they are all over it.

Hope Chloe feels better soon... poor girl.

Anonymous said...

I love your new feeders! The bewds will come, if they're not already there. Your pond is so nice!
Oh, trespassing - now that's something I can relate to. I'm glad you did! I love the bluebird. I hope to see one someday!
Poor Chloe - wah. I hope she's feeling better today. Yeah, I'd like to know why she has to take it in the thigh instead of the neck.

entoto said...

Nice set up, I am envious of the lack of white, frozen stuff around yours! ;-)

And the pond is a lovely sight. I would be on that deck with my cup of coffee right now!