Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nala, the Sewing Needle Eater

Gina and Billy flew out of Austin, Texas last night and arrived in Charlotte this morning at 2:00 a.m. Gina went to work today with only two hours of sleep and immediately spoke with Nala's vet who had been watching the little needle-eating kitty since last Friday. She had not passed the needle. He is a good vet and told her about the worst possible scenario, that is, if the needle is lodged near her heart, a specialist would be recommended. Thinking of the amount of money it would cost, Gina sobbed at her desk while contemplating "putting little Nala down" because of the cost she can't afford.

Her boss visited her, seeing Gina's lack of sleep and her insides being torn up about her pet, and asked, "How's your kitty?" Apparently, Gina's boss reads my blog (surprise to me!) and knew about Nala. This gracious woman excused Gina to go take care of things. Now, is that a great woman? Yes, she rocks!

A little while later, Gina learned that Nala's x-ray showed the needle still in her stomach and the vet recommended surgery right away. The best news Gina received was that she qualified for "Care Credit" and wouldn't need to fork out nearly $1,000 up front for the surgery.

Gina left work and visited with Nala for a little while at the vet before surgery. Nala is much like a dog. She comes when she is called and is a happy cat wherever she is. I had a cat like that who carried conversations with me, mewing and yelling back.

Her surgery found the needle lodged in her liver. She's recuperating now and should be able to go home tomorrow night. Thank goodness.

Mr. Biggins went home today. He's a sweet dog and and I love him but not as much as I love sleeping in my own bed. It's nice and quiet around here tonight. I have said this before, "Three dogs are a CROWD."

I worked with the low light / night feature on my camera this evening and here's a shot of Bella. Need to work on this mode more.

"Mom, where's a Mr. Biggins? What are we gonna do for fun?"

Me: "Chloe, where's Mr. Biggins?"

"Are you kidding? He's BACK????"

Chloe is approaching 11 years and it shows. Still the spunky female, though.

Bad photos tonight in low light. The sun was setting and this is all I had time for in the photo department.

The pond is quiet, as the fish are experiencing 30 degree nights now. Peaceful.

I can't stop yawning. A hot bath and sleep in my own bed....ahhhh.


Trixie said...

Well, Nala, no more needles, right? Poor critter, poor Gina, poor Mary. I sure hope things settle down. Here's to Nala's recuperation.

Janeyms said...

What a wonderful thing that there are people out there who understand that so many of us love our animals but just can not afford surgeries that can devastate our financial well being.
It makes me smile to know that those who can help are so willing. Isn't it wonderful that Care Credit and her boss are both so thoughtful and understanding. Makes you want to have faith that humankind might just do the right thing.

Susan Gets Native said...

Bless her boss, her!
Gina should get that needle made into a pendant for all the trouble it caused.

Tabbies are, in my humble opinion, the best cats in the world. They are vocal, affectionate and cool. Every cat I have ever owned, except one, was at least part tabby.
Yay, Nala!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a feline fan...if you've scrolled my archives, you know that...but I really am glad that Nala is okay. I guess I care about the people more than the cat, and I'd hate to think of you all so sad...

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderfully restful night's sleep in your own bed Mary! :c) Glad to hear that Nala will be OK.

NatureWoman said...

Wow, what a great boss! Needs to be more of her around. I'm glad Nala is going to be okay. I hope you got a good night's sleep last night!

Anonymous said...

I had a tabby years ago that liked to eat string. One day I noticed she couldn't close her mouth. Looking inside I saw a sewing needle lodged in the roof of her mouth (both the tip end and the eye end were imbedded). The vet removed it slowly as there was a LONG piece of sewing thread down her throat! Crazy cats! Glad Nala is doing better.

Jan said...

Sounds like the cat will be okay, never a dull moment, good practice for her future kids! Nice boss also, buy her some flowers!!! Kepp us posted on the goings on with these animals please, it is like a book unfolding, chapter by chapter!


Anonymous said...

Glad Nala will be okay! I'm so glad that that all turned out okay.

Enjoy the quiet! It's like that when the grandkids go home! :)

Annie in Austin said...

Hello Mary,

Thanks for coming to my garden blog and commenting. I love all you bird photos, and think it's cool that you have an Austin connection. You belong in my bloglines, for sure.

Since I have 6 'grand-cats' of my own, it was easy to emphasize with your tale of the Needle-Eating Nala, and be glad of the happy ending!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Julie Zickefoose said...

Two things I am wondering:

What on earth could make a cat eat a needle? Is this something cats just DO? And why? Does it remind them of a fish bone?

And what is Care Credit? How does it manifest itself on a vet bill?

Thank goodness Nala's OK. A needle in one's liver must SUCK!