Monday, January 08, 2007

My Mini Nature Hike

Eating a tossed salad at your desk while answering phones, e-mails, and shuffling papers isn’t what I call a stimulating day at the office. An hour later, I was still at my desk, staring at the computer screen. The text ran together like a blurred mess. I just had to escape. Twiddling my pencil eraser, tap tap tap, on the desk… I heard this little voice inside my head, Mary, take a walk and don’t forget your c a m e r a.

Unlike Susan Gets Native and Nature Woman, I didn’t trespass, but I would have if I was on the trail of something cool.

There is a trail from the edge of the college campus that leads to a playing field. A heavily wooded area surrounds this little trail and the scent of pine trees was oh-so-nice. My walk lasted only thirty minutes but it sure cleared my brain.

(Insert Left Mockingbird) DRATS. Blogger gave then took away.

The birds were plentiful and I took quite a few photos. Only a few of them are worth publishing tonight, I think. Might this be a Northern Mockingbird? (I'll share this one another time.)

I am guessing this is an American Robin but I have never seen a Robin in January. His pose is cute, looking behind his back at me.

Mystery bird. Help?

My favorite of the day, an American Crow in flight. If I knew he was taking off, I would have used an action mode. This was a nice surprise. He’s an annoying and loud bird but his silhouette against the Carolina Blue Sky takes my breath away.

This is completely off topic, but…

Today was the first day of the second semester at the community college. In the main lobby, there was a welcome table set up and it displayed a large bowl of Jolly Ranchers and bubble gum for the 18 to 60 year olds. Additionally, there were “his” and “her” care packages. It contained Excedrin, shampoo coupons, burger coupons, chewing gum, and other happy things. The “his” packages contained something extra. See the blue package? A Trojan condom. Now. I’m not a prude and I do believe in safe sex. But, somehow, I really don’t think a condom should be included in the lighthearted category of burger coupons and chewing gum. I don’t even want to get started on this one. Here comes a little sarcasm... I mean, how on earth can a guy get through his first day of classes without a fresh, new condom?



Anonymous said...

Hey! This is a wonderful place for a nature hike. I love these bird posts!
Why haven't I found you before this?

More and more, flocks of robins are wintering over, esp. where you are. Although the prefer the worm/insect diet they can get by on berries and seeds.

We have a Coopers hawk living in our front yard here in St. Petersburg- he litters the pavement with pigeon remains as he feeds his family. Once I was taking his picture and a pigeon foot fell out of the sky onto my head. Gak.

Thanks for coming by and offering condolences. I'll be back.

LauraHinNJ said...

Quoting Vicki: "Once I was taking his picture and a pigeon foot fell out of the sky onto my head. Gak."

See? I told you she was funny.

You've got a bluebird there Mary! How nice for you - such a treasure and you didn't realize it.

Mmmm... don't know what to say about the condom in the welcome kit, but it's good to be prepared! Have you spent any time with those young boys that go to your school - that's what it's all about - education as an excuse to meet hot chicks.


Mary said...

Vicki, I would be a good target for a pidgeon foot. LOL I don't know what to do about that hawk carrying away the doves. Glad you stopped by!

Laura, I shot away at anything and I didn't even see the blue. Wow! That is a sweet little bird. Thanks for the ID. I'll need to go out there more often.

Oh, those guys on campus might need that condom if you could see the chicks on campus (wink)

Anonymous said...

A bluebird - cool!! I don't think I would enter a police training area either. I love your bird photos.
I guess somethone thinks they're doing something good with the addition of the little blue package in the boys envelope, but why limit it to just the boys since it takes two to tango? Oh, never mind. I'll shut up now. (Having gone to school as an adult left me very educated in some things about this subject I wish I didn't know about. And the girls dress very scantily, as I'm sure you know).

Susan Gets Native said...

Do the girls' packs include a diaphragm? Or maybe a Today sponge?
My crotchety gramma used to say the best contraceptive was an just hold it between your knees.
(Leave it to me to lower the class of your blog)
Robins are sticking around in places they used to leave in other years. Part of it is that more people are planting berry-producing trees and bushes. They must be having a banner year, with all the warm weather. When I go out to fill the feeders, I turn aside some mulch and there are the earthworms, right at the surface. saw a bluebird! Great!
Take walks more often...I enjoyed your pics.

Mary said...

Pam and Susan, my first question was, what's special in the girls' packet? Perhaps a revised dress code? The gals would rather freeze than to wear a sweater to hide their spaghetti straps and cleavage.

Susan you are not the lower class of my blog - I heard the same "aspirin" comment many times in my life :)

Anonymous said...

Great nature hike pictures. I, too, would not have crossed into the police training zone area. Being tossed to the ground as a possible "perp" doesn't seem relaxing although I'd imagine it would clear one's head! :)

Love your bird shots. I won't offer any ids (other than yes, that's a Robin). I have ideas on the mystery bird but I'm going to wait and see what the experts say! :)

amarkonmywall said...

Mary- I left you a present at my place. It will take your mind off condoms.

Anonymous said...

The gals would rather freeze than to wear a sweater to hide their spaghetti straps and cleavage.
So true! We used to have outside classes, and this one girl wore a thin, low cut shirt in the middle of winter, and had no coat. I told her in front of the guys that she was going to freeze her girls off! The guys teehee'd over that and she just gave me "the look." You know, "the look" some of these girls can give!

Mary said...

Pam - the look of daggers through your scull. Hands on hips. I worked in a high school for 15 years and I know their pathology very well.

Anonymous said...

ATC....I've been working on exams and at 3:06 I decided to check out your blog. I could not stop laughing and I thank you for that. It's all about those condoms! -- Lizard