Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Anticipating A Winter Storm...

I believe the weather forecasters’ predictions for an icy mix tomorrow morning. It was the grayest of days and very cold. This evening it became quiet and calm like it usually does before a storm. This afternoon I had a case of cabin fever at the office so I switched my shoes and headed out. Totally unprepared for the low-thirties, without gloves or even a lining in my trench coat, my walk was brisk. All the while I wondered what made me do this. Perhaps a little voice told me there was a Cooper’s hawk wanting to be photographed. By the time I caught sight of the bird, my feet were numb and I was unable to run, so I zoomed in the best my camera would allow.

The pine trees and evergreens are the tallest around and I noticed several very tiny birds scattering high in the treetops. My photos are at an angle where I’m always under them and far below. I like shorter trees! This is not a good photo and I can’t identify this bird but I am sure it can’t be more than three and a half inches long and it fluttered faster than any other bird I have tried to photograph. Maybe if it weren’t so cold, I would have waited for more opportunities.

A Carolina Chickadee hesitated for more than two seconds while I found it carrying out its antics and acrobatics. I can see that I need a different feeder to attract this bird to my backyard. Do these birds have an attention deficit disorder? It seems like it… When the time came that I couldn’t feel my hands or feet anymore and my nose ran like an open faucet, I quit and headed back to my office.

American Idol Addendum

Minneapolis showed the best of the worst last night. Here are my two favorite miserable auditions from last night:

This girl did an imitation/song of the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz .


This one was over-confident of her singing skills and image. Simon's eyes nearly exploded from their sockets. Let's hope for some real talent to walk across that stage in the next few weeks!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I'm glad you got out to take a walk today even though you almost froze your digits off! I can't wait to photograph a Cooper's Hawk - if mine would sit still long enough maybe I could. I love the other bewds, too!
Yuck, I hope the weatherman is wrong - I hate ice with a passion - except in a nice cool drink on a warm summer's day! MMMMMM!
I love your AI addendum!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary, did you ever listen to WPOC radio when you lived up here? I ask because they had great fun with your KIIIING UUUFFF THE FOORRESSSST this morning. I was rolling down the road in my car trying not to kill myself or someone else while laughing. I thought of you since I do not watch American Idol but live vicariously through you and Jules. Stay warm Kiddo, Spring is on the way!

LauraHinNJ said...

The ladies at work who watch American Idol said is was very sad last night.

That looks like a variety of kinglet in your pic - check your field guide to see which one has eye rings. They are eentsy-weentsy little birds.

The Swami said...

It may not have improved their sound (other than by helping to muffle it)but each of those women would have improved her hair style by wearing a genuine yak hair wig.

Swami did not see American Idol. How was it sad? Was it because the producers did not use tranquilizer guns to spare the audience from listening to some of the contestants "sing"?

Mary said...

Pam - We are iced over but the roads are warm enough to drive. My back deck scares me, as I'm a clutz.

Jane - WPOC and Monica Malpass on Phillie news, of course. AI is a buzzin' everywhere.

Laura - Your tip is great. Could be a ruby-crowned but my photo is bad. I'll keep watching!

Mary said...

Swami - The producers give America what they want and those idiots who claim to have talent are only seeking a few minutes of fame. Watch when the real talent sings without the need for a geniune yak hair wig :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have taken a photo of the Bald Eagle that I nearly hit on the interstate! It was amazing. I had been watching him circle as I was driving along and he dove down right in front of me. I honked and slammed on my brakes and he pulled up just in the nick of time. What a sight that was!

Okay, that doesn't really have anything to do with your post, but I thought you, as a birder, would be interested. :-)