Sunday, February 18, 2007

Working Weekend

After I spent last weekend fooling around and gallivanting around town, my conscience forced me to buckle down and give the house a good cleaning. The past three days have worn me down. For three nights in a row, a dog has vomited in the bed and on the carpet in the bedroom. I know these things happen when you own dogs or cats but I’m tired of waking twice in the middle of the night to the sound of heaving next to my ear and cleaning up. Stripping the bed and washing the linens down to the mattress pad on a king bed is enough work for one day!

We recently changed dog food but today went back to the old. Chloe’s problem is more than likely due to the upset of surgery. My fingers are crossed that tonight will be peaceful since I want to get to work tomorrow and be somewhat coherent.

It’s been a weekend of scrubbing and dusting (the chore I loathe). I left the house only twice since Friday just to visit the grocery store! This morning, daughter Gina questioned, “What are you having for dinner?” What I wanted to do for dinner was to throw a frozen pizza in the oven and be done with it, but since I love seeing her, Billy, and Mr. Biggins, I knocked myself out and made a nice meal. We watched some of the Daytona 500 and a golf tournament that I can’t even name.

What I needed was a little time outside with my camera. So for a few minutes here and there throughout the day, I stepped outside. None of these photos are breathtaking but I’m posting them anyway.


It’s unseasonably cold here in Charlotte. My skin is dry and my hands are cracking. The winds were so fierce that the birds were flying backwards in their attempts to get to the feeders. The chair hammock on my neighbor’s back porch eventually broke off and landed on the roof of their neighbors’ house. The temperature should hover around 60 by the weekend and Michael primed the lawn equipment today. I wish I felt Spring in the air...


Cute little thing held on tight for a sunflower seed.


I’ve been nicknaming Bella “Chickadee” lately. I see a resemblance.


My convalescing Chloe is doing quite well other than nighttime belly problems... My old girl is a trooper and eating slowly until her mouth heals.


My goal was to get near a male Cardinal today since I usually ignore them, in search of others less common. Most of the time, there are about twelve of them staring me in the face, for goodness sakes! Could I catch one up close? No, sir – not today! The wind kept them moving and finding sheltered spots too far away from me.


This guy didn’t give a hoot if I clapped my hands or not. The wind blew the roof open on the feeder and I found him inside! In this photo, he had just realized that I meant business and made a dash for it right after I snapped the photo. Another thing to add to my list, “BUY BAFFLE.”

At least the bed linens are once again fresh, there is no dust visible, and the house is sparkling. The weekend wasn't a total loss. Sigh...


LauraHinNJ said...

No way was it a loss - clean house, happy family with full bellies, a couple bewds - what more can you ask for? Besides warmer weather, of course!

Our dog has been spitting up lately too, but always right after he eats. Thank goodness he can't get up on the bed easily!

Have a nice Monday Mary - I have the day off - yipee!

dmmgmfm said...

We have a cat that does that on a fairly regular basis. The vet says it's nothing to worry about, but I still do. I think it's hairballs, but she won't eat the hairball control food and I don't like giving her the stuff in the tube.

I'm glad Chloe is feeling better and I love your pictures, as always.

Good job on the clean house, didn't you say you were road tripping over here to Montana to do mine? I'm pretty sure I heard you say that....

Anonymous said...

Great chickadee photo of it holding the seed Mary! I love your comparison between the bewd and Bella. LOL!
Argh, cleaning a bed down to the mattress is a huge job esp. for a king size bed I can't imagine having done it for the last three days. I hope see feels better soon.
Congrats on cleaning your home - I didn't get as much done today as I had planned so I have to make up for it (bleck)!
I hope you all sleep good tonight so you can have a good day at work tomorrow.

Cathy said...

Laura said it: No way a loss!
And - you are such a good mom - taking the time to prepare a good meal. If I'm cleaning - it's frozen pizza.
I love the comparison between Bella and a Chickadee. How cute is that?!
Hope that Chloe is feeling better soon. How well I know that discomfiting sound in the middle of the night.

Anonymous said...

You are not off on Monday? I was glad to see you get outside with the camera! Love the little chickadee but that squirrel need to be chased by the puppies! Ugg, my house needs a good cleaning also! Why can't pets leave their presents on the hardwood instead of the carpet (or on your bed)??

Susan Gets Native said...

How in the heck do you get your little self over a king sized bed to change the sheets?
I had a very busy weekend of cleaning, too. I watched Geoff straighten our room and the girls' rooms. He wore me out, watching him walk back and forth, putting stuff away.

And finally:

Jayne said...

I hope Chloe feels better real soon. Wanna come to my house and clean??? :c) Love the chickadeeeeee deee deeeee.

Ruth said...

When I return home in the evening it is usually too dark to notice much dust in the house. A sunny weekend morning is an eye opener. Yuck. Either I have to leave or clean. Hope Chloe is better soon.

Unknown said...

Today is my crazy busy day to get caught up -- isn't that what a three day weekend is for? To spend the third day doing what you should have gotten done the other two days? :)

I need baffles too. Rotten squirrels! Of course, now I have Ruby the Ratter who should help chase them away! Hurray!

sonia a. mascaro said...

I love to hear about your activities of the day! They look so nice to me! You write so well, too. Love all photos, I think it's very difficult to photograph birds and squirrel, they don't still!
Love your house's photos! It looks very charming!

And I am glad to hear that Chloe is doing quite well. Give a kiss to Chloe and to Bella!

See you soon!