Friday, February 09, 2007

Not the usual rambling, just pics

This week I’ve blabbered enough. I've decided to focus on and appreciate what I see today, instead of what I wanted to see or what I missed seeing. (Just had to post something. I love using Flickr.)


Using full zoom, this is possibly my best photo of the GBH under low lights. The clouds rolled in on my way home from work and enhanced its colors. And I'll add that it's below freezing again.


This black dot caught my attention at the heron’s pond.


They are plentiful, indeed! I've been ignoring the Juncos. This is the first time I tried to get close, early this morning in the sunlight. I'm glad I did.


This construction site is a one minute walk from my trail. It’s loud and distracts me when I’m listening… It's a mental health institution. Lucky me!


They greet me every day at work and at home. I’m glad this photo was taken outside, instead of inside a building!

My final offer of the day. The YaYa Sisters agree:

Ya Ya Sisters


Anonymous said...

Happy Friday, Mary! The GBH picture is really good. I love the last poster, especially #3. I sometimes tell my patients that I can stop their knee from hurting by hitting their thumb with a hammer.

Anonymous said...

I love your photos today - the bluebird against the blue sky is gorgeous! And the junco and stinker photos are great, too!
I hate construction - it's *so* noisy!
LOL over the Ya Ya Sisters poster!

Anonymous said...

I love your babbling but then again I also love your feathery friday shots! The bluebird is my fave of all pictures! Must head over to flickr and add to my fave list now!

dmmgmfm said...

I love all the pictures. I always say this, I know, but I really enjoy seeing your bird photos, it's such a change from what I am seeing this time of year. Thanks!

LauraHinNJ said...

I'm beyond babbling tonight - Friday - a three-day weekend - and payday!

I want to call that black blob a red-winged blackbird, but I'm not sure.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Mary, I sooo look foreward to visiting your blog! Your GBH is terrific!!

Susan Gets Native said...

I thought the same thing, Laura....maybe the epaulets are just really pale right now?

Mary, you kill me. Tight shoes always work for me...can't think about anything else when my heels and toes are becoming bloody goo.

KGMom said...

I love the poster too. In fact, I had one of those "mind leaves me completely" moments last evening.
I was trying to tell my husband about a movie--so I said, you know the one that starred ---? with ---? as the director. And the other star ---? who also starred in ---?
I couldn't think of any of the names to go in those blanks.
(So no one dies of curiosity, we finally figured it out--Pulp Fiction!)

Anonymous said...

Great heron shot, I love them, my husband doesn't, he thinks they look like snakes, which I hate!
I enjoy using Flickr now that Pam (naturewoman) showed me how to use it properly. I was posting from there, and it sucked. All is fine now.

Anonymous said...

I like the little guys- junco and bluebird. They're so sweet. Beautiful photos.