Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bluebirds at the Spa

There’s nothing much on my mind except that sometime today I need to wipe the dust off the furniture. The winds outside will knock you over if you aren’t careful. It’s cold but only because of the wind chill factor.

The series of photos that follow were taken from my bathroom window that overlooks the pond. I stood in the garden tub to get these photos, my elbows leaning on the window sill and my body contorted to get a view between the window panes, and you can knock that mental picture from your mind because I was fully clothed! I have said this before and I’ll say it again…there’s nothing better than seeing birds on my pond.

“I think I could use a nice, ice cold bath. And I’m thirsty.”

“Anyone looking?”

“I guess this rock is my shower curtain. Ooooo…this feels good.”

“I’ll dry off quickly in this wind. Do I smell pretty now?”

I feeeeel good…
da-da da-da da-da DA!
So good! So good!”

“A little privacy, please?” This was taken after I ran around the back and sneaked very quietly…

This sparrow was thinking, “I want a drink, too!”

A finch was able to hang on for an afternoon snack.

Holding on to the tube feeder wasn’t easy today. But the bewds had a grand time.
Today is Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not a real football fan but if any of my teams were playing today, I’d be ready to party. Unfortunately, the Eagles, Ravens, and Panthers were knocked out. Soooo, since the only Colts team should belong to Baltimore, I’ll toot my horn for DA BEARS.


Mary said...


Annie in Austin said...

Oh Mary! Even I would have to risk balancing on the tub in order to see those birds in the pond. You caught them in such charming poses, too!
Of course, to be fair, you should mount a perch outside of your bathroom window so the blue darlings can peek back at you.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...

I *love* watching the bewds take their baths! They really get into it, don't they? Like they're really itchy or something.
I'm with you, I'm so not into football (I understand the game, but it is hours too long). But I do love the Super Bowl snacks!
P.S. You keep getting more bluebird book material! Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Mary, Someday I will have to get my daughter to draw my mental image of you! Enthusiastic and wacky (in a good way!) Your comment posted on my page. Are you on the New Blogger now? You will have to fiddle with all your new options when you get out of the tub.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see your first label! Bluebirds. How appropriate. Now you have to drag a label box into your sidebar so we can see your "bluebird book".

dmmgmfm said...

What an adorable series of photos! You made my day again.

I wanted to tell you that I saw several robins today! First ones of the year. It seems early (and cold) for that.

If we didn't have a voracious indoor-outdoor cat I would get a feeder. But it doesn't seem fair with Willow going in and out of the house all the time :(

Mary said...

Annie, I could not resist. If I had raced outside, they would have fled. So I did my best through the window. I just might put a perch outside that window so I can get a better view - and likewise :)

Mary said...

Pam - the Super Bowl sucked tonight. I don't know why those Bluebirds keep haunting me...

Ruth - Yes, I'm a bit whacky and whimsical sometimes when the mood hits me. When I was ready to post today, Blogger gave me no choice but to log in to the New Blogger (I was forced to do it)...I was mad about that since I had 9 photos to upload! I'll investigate it tomorrow when I have time. This week, I'll add some things to my sidebar, if I can find the time.

Laurie - I saw a Robin a month ago when the temps were way above average. I've never seen a Robin before March. The birds are very out of place this year. Enjoy, though :)

LauraHinNJ said...

Mary, have these bluebirds been in your yard all along and you never noticed them before? Or did they only start coming once you were looking for them?


You're lucky to spot them - however it's done.

Susan Gets Native said...

Miss Know-It-All says:
Birds have to bathe to keep their feathers in good shape, even in winter. If they didn't bathe in winter (or any season) their feathers would lose their insulation properties.
But I think they bathe a little less often in the winter.
It's good that you have a water source that isn't frozen. Birds can eat snow for water, but it eats up alot of calories for them to thaw out snow. Good bird steward, Mary!

Anonymous said...

Great photos of the bluebirds. I just read the post on the one trapped in the building. Is it still there?

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures of the bluebird in your pond!

Unknown said...

We rooted for the Colts -- Peyton Manning was just so good!

Your pics are delightful! You rock!

Mary said...

LauraO, the bluebird flew sometime Friday afternoon or Saturday morning! I was relieved to learn that when I arrived at work this morning.

Cuppa said...

Loved the show. Thanks.

I am anxious to hear how the little guy trapped at work made out over the weekend.