Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bits of Info


When I pinched the new growth on this tree, a little puff of pollen blew. I had only a few minutes away from office today for a little walk and the smell and sounds of Spring were all around.


The temperature reached 72 today but it will get quite chilly overnight and for the rest of the week. This would have been the perfect day to call out sick for driving around, chasing hawks and finding other things of more interest to me than organizing piles of paper in a windowless office.

My article about the Bluebird release on campus was published in the college newspaper. Will I receive a stipend? HA! Of course not, but I’m not about stipends. I just enjoy the whole experience. I learned of good news yesterday, too. The Futures Institute of the college has received funds to create a National Wildlife Habitat on each of the seven campuses. Plans are to provide bird sanctuaries with feeders, properly mounted birdhouses, and shrubs and trees that will attract birds and butterflies. My Dean and another professor solicited my help to co-chair the effort and I wholeheartedly agreed! Little is known about details yet but I’ll be informed soon. I have ideas already to include a stream bed but it will depend on the budget.


Michael brought bird and butterfly chimes home on Tuesday night. He’s caving in. Maybe he’s realizing that birds aren’t all that poopy after all. They’re ceramic chimes so I’ll keep them hanging inside the sunroom to prevent damage.


Maybe this is old news to most people. Gina has been promoting these goofy looking shoes called “Crocs”. When I first saw them, I laughed out loud and refused to even try them on. Last week, she convinced Michael to buy her a pair and he bought me a pair also. Hesitantly, I tried them on and since then, they are my preferred pair of shoes! I wear them from the time I arrive home from work until bedtime. They are cushiony, light-weight, and give ultra-comfort. I even think they are therapeutic for my left ankle that has screws and pins in it. Wonderful shoes! I still can’t get past the fact that they remind me of bedroom slippers, though, so I haven’t worn them around town – yet.


House finch butts. This is the best I could do this afternoon with 55 mph wind gusts.

A few days ago, Cuppa at Brown Betty Brew wrote a post that included links to truly sweet, wonderful stories and photos of Chickadees. If you love Chickadees and would love to be very close to one, go to this post and follow the two links she provided. I loved it. The stories made me want to go out and stock up on Jiff peanut butter (not Peter Pan)!


The Soul Sistas. My little Chickadee on the left and my Ewok on the right say goodnight. Time for American Idol.


Cathy said...

Good Grief, Mary. I missed the screws and pins story. A birding buddy's daughter slipped in a Christmas tree lot in December and ended up in a similar condition.

You and the pups deserve the lovely Spring weather you've been blogging about. "Pollen" - it will be WEEKS before nature is that optimistic here in Ohio. Enjoy - be well. (If my feet weren't so big - I'd be going for the crocs too. In day-glo orange:0)

Anonymous said...

Did I see 72? Heck ya I would take the day off! Love that your Bluebird article was published! Hope they used some of your photos also! Keep those wonderful reminders that spring is coming!

Anonymous said...

72 degrees F - sounds wonderful!! Congrats on having your bluebird article published and that you're part of the committee to work on campus nature!
Michael is so nice to buy you the chimes! He's a keeper Mary, right!
I've heard those crocs are comfy - I haven't gone and bought a pair yet though. I didn't know about the whole plastic shoe thing. I guess I'll have to try them!
Love the fluffy finch butts!
And your soul sistas - so sweet!
I hope you enjoy Am. Idol tonight!

Ruth said...

Congratulations on making a difference at your campus! Most of the nurses at our hospital wear Crocs. We encourage our patients with swollen and sore feet to get them too. I haven't tried the yet though.

Susan Gets Native said...

Yeah, yeah...rub it in about 72 degrees...

I have pins and screws in my foot! We should swap battle stories.

Awesome about the habitats! You will have so much fun with that!

dmmgmfm said...

Crocs are awesome. I love your bird pictures and your post is lovely. Glad your hubby is moving away from the dark side.

Jayne said...

I haven't tried the Crocs either as I am still such a Dansko girl, but people swear by them. Congrats on getting the bluebird story published! Loved the link stories for the chickadees and may have to try that peanut butter trick myself! Have a great weekend Mary.

Anonymous said...

Mary (aka) ABW....

Congratulations on the publication of your Blue Bird article in the college newspaper. I am most proud of you! I also want to congratulate the college for choosing you to co-chair the "Bird Sanctuary" committee. They chose wisely. "You go girl!" -- Lizard

PS: Love the crocs!

Unknown said...

Mary -- great picture of your crocs. I've been meaning to get a pair for my daughter and for myself too (of course, my daughter is 8!) I have bad feet too. I would, of course, have gotten pink ones! :) I live in a place where ugly but comfortable shoes are OKAY! (Especially since we're teachers and on our feet all the time). At my school, Danskos closed-back clogs rule and Birkenstocks come in second. Crocs will fit in nicely! :)

Congrats on the article and on being tagged for the co-chair gig. That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great about the bluebird story. I was so happy to have 41º until I read about your 72º!!
The chimes are pretty, I like the sound the ceramic ones make.
Enjoy your heat>

Anonymous said...

ya- what are you doing with hardware in your foot? That doesn't sound good...but the crocs are old news. I have friends who swear by them but my idea of a good shoe is one that stays in the closet. Barefoot is my MO; cozy fleece socks and a pair of Merrills if necessary.

I like your chimes! And habitats will be fascinating so post pictures as you go along.

Those dogs. I still say they look goofy. Have a wonderful weekend!

Cuppa said...

So glad you enjoyed the Chickadee pics. We were thrilled by the experience to say the least. It was totally awesome to have them get so close to us.

What amazing little creatures they are.