Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Things that Fly, and Spring!

Yahoo’s Flickr might be my photo source of choice. I joined the ranks today and I’m hoping for the best by the time I click "publish". It’s quick and easy, unlike uploading photos with Blogger, while my palms sweat and I hold my breath, waiting and waiting, hoping to get that one last photo in place. My fingers are crossed for a fast post. After loading my pictures and outlining them, the writing is a breeze, in Word. It’s the uploading of photos that makes my blood pressure rise.

It’s typical for me to go through an entire day without an idea for a post. But somehow, on the drive home or cleaning up the kitchen in preparation for dinner, the light bulb casts a glow. Strange. Here are the events of my day which was a hurried one at work and very tiring.


I’ve been asked to photograph the cadets during their training towards providing a slide show at the graduation ceremonies. The group has dwindled from twenty five to eighteen, nearly half-way through their training. The male in the forefront looks as if he is thinking, “Sir, you want me to do what, Sir?” I’m honored to do this. Also, I’ve been encouraged to submit an article to the college “Communicator” news about the Bluebird rescue we accomplished last week. This tickles me pink.


After my walk on the trail this afternoon, this is the only photo worth showing. Well, it’s not really worth showing since I didn't have time to zoom, but it’s the best I could do. I saw two potential lifers out there and missed the shots. A tiny, very yellow bird teased me. And a warbler, too. I know they were laughing at me behind my back as I didn’t have binocs… I’ll get them sooner or later!


Back at home this evening, here is a beginning of a Daytona 500 race in the house. Chloe is doing great after a week of drugs for her knee. Gotta love the action around here!


For my best photo of the day, this is the best I can offer. How can the temperatures here climb from 15 degrees to 61 degrees in 36 hours??? The bugs were out. If anyone who reads this feels liking throwing rocks at me, I’m sorry, but today was a t-shirt day later in the afternoon. I worked on the pond tonight, adding bacteria and clay, and taking advantage of unfrozen garden hoses. The temps will be below freezing again soon…
Before I took this shot, I missed two very small birds (potential lifers) sitting in a pansy basket on my front porch. Arrrrgh.


Good night. American Idol is on the horizon! (By the way, Flickr was a breeze!) I love sunsets and this one I saw tonight is GRAND!


Anonymous said...

O-M-G your sunset is drop dead gorgeous. I'm in complete awe! Wow!

Congratulations on being asked to photograph the cadets, and to write the bluebird article! That's awesome! It seems that if people see you have a camera, and know you can write, all of a sudden these types of opportunities come around.
It's great seeing your dog action!
I'm glad you had fine weather today Mary! At least one of us did! Yay!

Mary said...

Pam, thanks. But was I nuts to post a photo of a FLY????????????

Anonymous said...

I love the sunset too! I will have to post my picture of a house spider, taken just before my daughter smushed it.

Annie in Austin said...

First you corner the bluebird segment of blogger photography, now you're moving into houseflies and sunsets? They're all fine photos!

About that next-to-last one - When you play the piano do the dogs sit in the chair and listen?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

KGMom said...

Add me to the growing chorus of the "sunset is gorgeous" exclamations!
It really is. And how wonderful that you got it, since the light can fade very quickly.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Pam took the words right out of my mouth- that sunset it so lovely!
Glad Chloe is feeling so much beter. Congrats on the bluebird article!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, love your sunset photo! WOW! Welcome to Flickr and if you ever have any questions on how things work in there, please feel free to ask! Just send me an email through flickr!

LauraHinNJ said...

Hey - I like the fly pic!

How nice that the people you work with appreciate your photo and writing skills.

Wish I could say the same. My coworkers show up once in a blue moon to leave snarky anonymous comements. Oh well.

Hope your Idol show was fun. I read that there's two local girls who made it to Hollywood - keep an eye on them for me, okay? Let me know if they're any good?

Susan Gets Native said...

***virtual rocks pinging off your monitor***

Waa waa waa...poor Mary, having to deal with above-freezing temperatures. Someone get me a hankie.

I like the fly. I posted a photo of a stink bug once.

And that sunset!
***more virtual rocks pinging off your monitor***

dmmgmfm said...

That is an incredible sunset picture! Completely amazing! And hey, the fly photo is cool too.

Jayne said...

WOW... what a sunset! Glorious!

Beth said...

Amazing sunset photo. Get that one enlarged and framed, and hang it about the piano...

Cuppa said...

You gotta hand it to those amazing houseflies. They sleep like the dead all winter and then miraculously are all a-buzz and dancing at the first whiff of spring. How do they do that?

At Riverwood - our old farmhouse/cottage, lots of flies get trapped between the ancient windows and look deader than dead all winter. You know, sprawled out on their backs, feet in the air - the whole nine yards. But, once the sunshine hits the window, we soon hear buzzing and thwaping against the glass. Never ceases to amaze me.

Thanks for the great pictures. They lift my spirits and make me smile. Viewing your blog is such a nice way to start my day.

Mary said...

Pam - thanks for your awe. We talked about this before - I like to write but when someone *asks* me to write, my brain freezes.

Ruth - no spiders, please. Hate'em.

Annie - the piano has many memories attached. It's my Dad's. No one in my house plays so when someone visits who *can* play, it's a joy.

kgmom - You are right, 2 minutes later that lovely site was so muted and nearly gone.

Lynne - Chloe is feeling great and I'm glad because this time next week she'll be having surgery - poor thing...

Mon@rch - Thanks for offering to be my Flickr coach. You'll be hearing from me.

Laura - No one at my office has access to my blog. I'd rather keep it that way, in case I have something cynical to say...

Susan - I knew you would be the rock-thrower!!! :o)

Laurie - That fly was the only flying critter that posed for me so I went for it.

Jayne - don't see many sunsets like that, do we?

Beth - I had the same thought.

Cuppa - I curse the flies all summer long but today it was a welcome sight!

Unknown said...

Mary . . . that sunset picture. Uh, wow! Welcome to Flickr -- I'll befriend you there! And, have fun writing your article and doing your slideshow of the cadets. Too cool!

Anonymous said...

Wish I was there, i have truly never been so cold!!!
Congrats to your new 'writing assignment'.
to you and all your friends into the Birds, i have just taken photos of an owl in my backyard, he has been seen off and on since we moved in, who says nothing exciting happens in Maryland, he is the only warm body i saw in all this wind!!


Anonymous said...

No Mary, you're not nuts to post a photo of a fly! I haven't seen a fly in a very long time - well since last fall anyways.