Friday, February 16, 2007

Heavy Eyelids, and Kudos

Due to Chloe’s condition, I stayed home from work today. Last night her mouth bled as well as the incision on her back, so I thought it best that I watch her closely today. She’s perky and doing very well! I’m exhausted, though, because of last night’s events.

11pm: I escorted Bella into the bedroom to sleep with Michael and I set up camp in the family room with Chloe. Oh, joy. When it was time to turn off the lights, she was planted in the middle of the sofa, snug as a bug in a rug, so I didn’t bother her. I found a small spot on the end of the sofa and slid my legs around her, pulled up the covers, and laid there on my back (not in my favorite fetal position) with my eyes wide open for a long time, unable to move.

Midnight: I must have dozed and was awakened by her hair raising, high soprano whine, each lasting about ten seconds. It then switched to a baritone, equally as long in length. She sat in the middle of the floor and performed for longer than I could stand. There was nothing I could do, as she had pee’d outside, drank and ate. She later settled back on the sofa with me, covered by a blanket.

3am: I heard the bedroom door open and Michael, along with Bella, noisily trudged through the family room. By then, one of my legs was hanging off the sofa but at least I had been sleeping! Michael, “She’s coughing! She won’t stop coughing!” I am always amazed at the sounds that bellow from Bella. She hacked and coughed and hacked some more. In his Fruit of the Looms, he was desperate for sleep, but let Bella outside. Meanwhile, Chloe was snoring and I opened one eye to say, “Michael, go to bed when Bella comes inside. Let her stay out here with us.” Happy with my suggestion, he bends over to give Chloe a pat on the back and, in turn, she gave him a sincere warning growl and snap. Michael, “All I did was pet her!” I said, “Oh, just go to bed”, but thinking, “She just had surgery on her back, dumbo… duh…”

With Bella back inside the house, still hacking in my ear, I was determined to close my eyes even though there was still no room for my left leg on the sofa. I heard Michael’s annoyed mumblings and exclamations in the bedroom and a few bumps and thuds. I didn’t even care. Just let me sleep. Bella quieted down.

6am: The house was silent. I heard Michael’s keys. Then I heard him pour his bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Karuuunch. Karuuunch. Karuuunch. For at least five minutes, I could hear the hollowness in his head with each karuuunch, over and over and over again. I listened with wide eyes and contempt. The sound seemed to be amplified in the silence of the house and I was only seconds from asking him to take that damned bowl down the hall and finish it.

Later this morning, I learned that Bella had thrown up an eight inch wide pile of vomit in the middle of bed. That’s one other reason I stayed home today and the reason for Michael’s little temper tantrum in the middle of the night.

I can’t stop yawning.

Took a trip to Lowe’s home store for some thistle today and here’s what I found in the parking lot.


It’s Cedar Waxwing Week here. Say that ten times fast after a glass of wine.

There was lots of action at the feeders today and I am so happy to report that I saw a red-bellied woodpecker! I was stepping outside with the dogs and, unfortunately, he heard our sounds and made a u-turn and fled. Immediate happy dance! I hope he returns… The suet feeder is finally getting some visitors.

Here’s another mocker showing off. Camera hogs, they are.



I like how you can spot a house finch from afar.


The Chickadees are visiting regularly and after at least twenty shots, this is the best I could get.

If you want to see super photos of Chickadees, check out Tom, Laura at Natural Notes, and Sandy at Gardenpath. They showed great Chickadees this week!

Icicles were a hot item this week as shown by Sandy at Gardenpath, Cathy at Looking Up, and Donna at KGMom Mumblings.

My blogroll is loaded with talent. Every day I look forward to visiting poets, writers, historians, photographers, artists, soul searchers, and others who have something distinct and personal to offer. Some are wacky and some are serious. All of these great people have their own style but I think we all share a few things in common – curiosity and a love for the simple things in life that often go unnoticed.

This week, Trixie from way up north, photographed some birds we probably won’t see at our feeders. And Lynne at Hasty Brook photographed a hawk/crow combo on her way to Target!
I'd highlight something from everyone’s blog tonight if my eyelids weren’t so heavy…I appreciate all of you.


entoto said...

Bless your heart, Mary. Close those lovely eyes and sleep like an angel. I hope your girls are doing well.

Annie in Austin said...

It's amazing that you could tell this story and post the photos after such a night... the waxwing photo was great.
Hope everyone sleeps well tonight.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

LauraHinNJ said...

Oh those waxwings!

I hope you'll have a more restful night tonight and that Chloe is feeling better.

I stay home in this type of situation too - just being able to see the pet that I'm worrying over makes me feel so much better! Often there's not much for me to do to make them feel better, but I like to be able to be home to fuss, you know?

Anonymous said...

I hope you sleep well tonight Mary. For some reason my previous comment isn't showing up here. Sometimes blogger doesn't like me - wah! And of course I don't remember everything I said.

Anyways - I love the tons of cedarwaxwings you captured in one photo. It does pay to bring the camera, doesn't it!

Mary said...

Pam - here I've copied and pasted your comment from my e-mail:

"Oh Mary! ROFL! I'm reading through your blog entry and get to "In his Fruit of the Looms, he was desperate for sleep. . ." and I totally started cracking up. OMG! I'm so tired I'm silly. Okay, I'll continue reading now.
Oh my Mary - the cedarwaxwings photo is amazing!!!! Wow - it really does pay to bring your camera with your everywhere!"

You have a restful night, too! You really need it!

Anonymous said...

Those puppies are soo lucky to have you two! What a long night you had! The love we have for our pets! I sure hope you had a chance for a great nap this afternoon!

That waxwing photo is stunning! WOW how amazing!! I am speechless!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mary for retrieving my comment.
I would love to see a bunch of cedarwaxwings together like you did - how cool!
Sleep well all of you!

Ruth said...

Mary, I think you are in the birding capital of North America. Such abundance and variety. I am glad you carry your camera everywhere! A good night to all of you.

entoto said...

Oh and I forgot to tell you how AMAZING your cedar waxwing photo is! I think I counted 27 birds in that shot. SHeesh! Good work!

Susan Gets Native said...

Mary! You made Mon@rch speechless!

Dog barf, dog blood, no sleep.
Rest, dear girl.
And I am impressed that you pulled it together long enough to post about it. You hard ass.

KGMom said...

Mary--I am a day behind on reading your blog, so I missed the Chloe to the vet story. Poor baby.
BTW, I quite agree on getting pet teeth cleaned, but so far we have been foiled on doing that for Tipper because of her low platelet count which means she could start bleeding and not stop.
Then no sleep for you, then the circle of cedar waxwings and your lovely shot of them. TOO MUCH.
Hope you get caught up on sleep and rest.
Thanks for the mention of my icicle on your blog.

Jayne said...

Oh my Mary... I do hope everyone (including you) got more rest last night. Poor Bella and Chloe. Just like our babies, aren't they?

Magnificent photo of the cedar waxwings!!!!! You definitely need to join the birding carnival "I and the Bird," for your offerings and observations are just splendid!

Hope today is wonderful!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Rest up today Mary. I hope things all settle down. I love the mockingbird picture. It looks like he's doing a cha-chi dance!

dmmgmfm said...

The bird photos are wonderful, as always. Love the waxwings. just beautiful.

I'm sorry Chloe was hurting and that you didn't get any rest. Hopefully she is on the mend now!

Anonymous said...

Great bird photos!
I'll bet the dogs are snoozing today, while you are dragging around doing Saturday errands.
Why is it that women can deal with all this stuff so much better than men?

Cathy said...

Mary - I felt like a yo yo reading your post. I was alternately sighing and chuckling. I can't tell you how this post resonated with me. The leg off the side of the couch thing - the exhausted irritation with hubby's chewing sounds. Bless you!

Sure hope things are improving for your Chloe and Bella. That you can write like this with sleep deprivation is just amazing. So is that pix of Cedar Waxwings. Don't go to my post - just a bad pix of sparrows:0)