Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Game of Tag, Anyone?

Annie in Austin and Laurie of Don't Make Me Get My Flying Monkeys were tagged this week in a game that is fun and can be very revealing to those who are getting to know you! The rules are to list at least five things that most people don’t know about you, then name six people you want to tag. I’m not going to tag anyone but I’ll play the game anyway. Listing things about me that few people know was more difficult than I thought!

1. My great-great grandmother was a Squaw.

2. Regarding food, I tasted one brussel sprout in my life and quickly spit it out. I treat myself to baby beef liver and onions twice a year. I’m not too picky.

3. My least favorite household chore is dusting. I’d rather scrub a toilet. When I dust the house, I play my favorite music loudly to take my mind off the misery.

4. I have a natural talent for drawing. My art was displayed in public libraries during my school years. Artistic talent is God-given but it needs nurturing and work. I've wasted it but I hope to get it back one day.

5. I can wiggle my ears. I’m right-handed but use my left hand for dealing playing cards, vacuuming, and other things.

6. My first “official” kiss happened when I was thirteen years old at a boy-girl party in a psychedelic basement (parents upstairs) while playing Spin the Bottle. I wore fish-net stockings...ughh. We were probably listening to something like Iron Butterfly’s “Inagodadavida” and the little creep slipped me his tongue and I was so grossed out I could hardly sleep that night.

7. My typing speed is 75 wpm with 100% accuracy. Whoopee! I’m only that good during a test. I also take shorthand (I’m dating myself, I know…) but haven’t taken it since 2001 when I told my boss it was a waste of my time and his. That forced him to learn the keyboard.

8. I’m not a jock, by any means, but I’m a great fan and spectator of any sport. I can play Badminton, and basketball, though. Love it.

9. When I was in the fifth and sixth grade, I aspired to become a Catholic School Sister of Providence. I loved the smell of their starched habits as they walked passed my little desk and the mystery behind the headpiece. That dream was thwarted when I had my first “crush”.

10. I’ve never used an illegal drug, except for taking one drag of marijuana when I was 22. It was awful. Pot stinks.

11. I don’t have a college degree. There have been times during my life I’ve regretted entering the workforce after high school and not continuing my education. However, I have held some very fine and successful jobs along the way.

12. I LOVE TO DANCE (a lot of people already know it).

Would anyone like to join me in revealing a few things about yourself? There are a few items above that I never told anyone before and I didn't mind telling one bit!

The day wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t post a “bewd” picture.


A Carolina Wren loving the suet.


Anonymous said...

Mary - I enjoy learning more things about you. I may have to try this next week if/when I have nothing to blog about.

I'll dust if you do toilets. I absolutely hate doing toilets. I've blogged about it before, that's how much I hate it. I do it, but it grosses me to the max. The scrub brush can't have a long enough handle!

Drawing - cool, I look forward to artwork in your future.

Oh, I love to dance, too. Does Michael like to dance? I have a hard time finding any guys that likes to dance! Except at the clubs - yuck-o scum-o.

I love your bewd photo. Spring is coming, spring is coming. . . I have to keep telling myself that.

Mary said...

Pam, there's nothing better than to watch men dance and/or dancing with them! Michael does dance, but not as enthusiastically as I do. I don't like cleaning toilets, but dislike dusting more :) I hope you play the game soon!

dmmgmfm said...

I'll trade you toilet cleaning for dusting any day!

I love to play basketball.

I can type 75 words a minute, none of them correct!!! ha!

LauraHinNJ said...

How can you eat liver and onions and not like Brussels sprouts?

My husband likes dusting - maybe I can loan him to you?

This was fun - maybe I should play along - I'm having blogger's block lately!

Anonymous said...

Great learning about you! BTW: Love your wren photo! I sure wish they would come to my feeder !

Susan Gets Native said...

You just get more and more interesting.

I don't know if I could come up with 5 things that all of you don't know yet.

Jayne said...

I loved reading your "things we didn't know about Mary" and will have to also give this some thought and blog about it this week! Sweet wren!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Mary, I enjoy to know more things about you. Me,I hate to iron! I absolutely can make a single drawing! I love to watch other people dance!

Have a nice Sunday!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Too Fun!! Mmm, liver and onions and BACON! I hate toilets too. Yuck!! I can only draw stick people. I wanted to be a nun too!

Mary said...

Gee, I'm glad I have a few things in common with some of you :) Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

This was one of those posts where I bored myself to tears throughout the whole thing. I hope no one dozed off...