Monday, February 26, 2007

Mama said there would be days like this.

I’ve heard the words of wisdom, “If you work hard, you will go far.” It’s a very true statement. In my case, however, I’m tired of working hard because the more hard work I contribute on the job, the more hard work I receive. This scenario has followed me for the past thirty-plus years and now I’m at a point in my life that I just want to do a good job without the stress and go home. I’m not focusing on career moves anymore because I’ve been there and done that. A year ago, I accepted this job in NC with a forty percent cut in pay from what I earned in Delaware. Because of that, I don’t want so much pressure in this low totem pole job I have. My character won’t let me slack off, though. It’s just in me to be dedicated to volumes of quality work.

Today, I just couldn’t take it. This afternoon I broke away for a short hike on the trail.


I thought I was looking at another Pine Warbler fifty feet up in a pine tree but it turned out to be a Titmouse! That was quite a surprise to see one in the wild.


Trying to hide from me, as usual. I’m getting better at having my head cranked back and looking up without falling backwards.


This bird looked foreign to me as I saw brown in the sunlight from where I was standing. I refuse to call it a mockingbird, because I'm sick of them and I’m irritable. I’m going to call it something like a Southeastern Overgrown Brown Phoebe Morph and be done with it.

At noon, I went to the Food Lion to get some lousy chicken strips for lunch. You don’t need to drive miles away from home to see birds. Just go to the grocery store with your camera.


I heard bird noise but the trees were bare. This is what I found in an “O” at Food Lion.


Another in the “A” at Huntersville Family Haircutters.


A pair of them on the parking lot.

As I was focusing my camera, cars stopped and people watched. My words to them were, “It’s OK, carry on.” “Oh, excuse me, I’m sorry, I’m in the fire lane, just ignore me.” In my mind I was thinking, “I’m just taking photos of the low-life scum of sparrowdom.” I’m glad the house sparrows are living in a grocery store parking lot and not at my house. What a thrilling LIFER.


Wow. Another scavenger.


A perfect ending – a blurry, but new visitor at the feeder.

I’m due for another exciting post I was able to share on February 14 - “Valentines Day and Cedar Waxwings”. I am dying for a thrill. Now, I guess I'll be off for a glass of wine or two or three and I’m calling it a day! Despite everything on this miserable account, I’m laughing. A sense of humor is a true blessing.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Oh Mary, you are such a dear! I'm sorry you had such a crummy day. Your ability to keep your sense of humor inspires me. It is so frustrating feeling like you're carrying more than your share of the workload. Keep your eyes on that Wildlife Habitat project. You will benefit from that project and the campus habitat will benefit from your caring and insight.

Ruth said...

Your workplace has all the makings of a sitcom, with you in centre stage. Sounds like you need to knot a few knickers. Love the pics. I can just imagine you taking those shots in the parking lot. Have a relaxing evening!

LauraHinNJ said...


I was thinking that this sounded like one of MY rants, but then it got funny!

Thank you for making me laugh tonight. I was cranky today myself, because my boss' greeting to me this morning was, "I may need to send you home." All because I had the nerve to wear jeans to work, after slushing through snow and rain to get to work on time!

I think you need to hook up with a local bird group and see something besides scavengers and the low-lifes of sparrowdom!


Anonymous said...

If you ever figure out this workload thing please let me know. The same thing happened to me at my engineer manager's job while the boy managers sat around giggling all day on the Internet. I kept taking on more and more because I like to be busy, but I was getting really torqued that they were doing nothing and getting almost the same raises. Sorry, I rant, and here it's your rant. I swear in my next job I am not going to be so dedicated (yeah, right).
I'm glad you took time for yourself and got out to see the birds and blue sky and get fresh air.
Southeastern Overgrown Brown Phoebe Morph - now that's good! I'll have to put that in my bird book!

dmmgmfm said...

You had me giggling like one of Naturewoman's "boy managers". You are a delight!

Southeastern Overgrown Brown Phoebe I've heard everything!!!

Cathy said...

Actually, Mary - you are just the lift I needed. I've had one of those days when I just can't get social traction with the people we're traveling with. I'm impatient with the conversation threads and wanting to go off alone but don't want to be antisocial. Then I read your very funny rant which helped me to remember to lighten up - for Pete's sake. The little Titmouse must have brightened your day. House sparrows are dusty, messy little comedians. I love the pixes you took of their very public humble dwellings. I can always count on them to visit my feeders. Yep. That's how desperate for company we get up North:0)

Susan Gets Native said...

That post was most definitely "Laura-esque".

House sparrows: BAD. BAD. BAD. It's legal to shoot them, you know. Any HOSP nest I see, I knock down. I know that they will just build another one, but maybe they will get exhausted and maybe not have as many young as they would have. HOSP and I go WAY back.

Chipmunks are good! They clean up spilled seed, and they are also pollinators! (And they are good raptor food)

LauraHinNJ said...

That Susan, she's so compassionate.

Annie in Austin said...

An occasional titmouse is seen here, too - but I'm not that competent with the camera so no one expects photos... Mary, it's the Competence-Thing you have to watch our for. You're too good at whatever you attempt.


Jayne said...

Yes indeed, Mama said there would be days like this, but I am so happy you have kept such a sense of humor about it all. My yesterday just plainly stunk and I was wondering why I'd ever thought I could go back there and work, but thankfully, today is a new day. Yes, hope those house sparrows just stay in the grocery store signs! Have a wonderful day today Mary. :c)

Mary said...

Lynne, I am looking to the project OUTSIDE :O)

Ruth, it's a free for all in this office and I'm the only one playing by the rules. That needs to change.

Laura, the nerve of your boss! I'd be more than cranky... I agree, I need to find birds elsewhere.

Pam, rant on! Those boy managers have a lot to learn.

Laurie, I giggled a lot while ranting away. It wasn't funny in the office, though :o(

Cathy, hope today is a better day in the group!

Susan, do you think I should take Sgt. Moore's 12-gauge to the Food Lion today and cause a riot? Oh, God, I'd be in the newspapers...

Annie, I'm going to try something new and be less competent. I think I can pull it off.

Jayne, I'm convinced there is no ideal workplace. We all suffer.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary,
Not only is having a sense of humor a blessing but sharing it with others is an even larger one. My day yesterday was spent in the Vet's office and today I have a 5 month old puppy in a leg splint. He has a dislocated growth plate due to a slide on ice. Oh, did I also tell you my son totaled his car on a telephone pole in the morning ice storm? What a day...thanks for the very needed giggle.

Cuppa said...

I remember getting my knickers in a knot about something a couple of years ago, and in a fit of frustration threw myself down in a lawn chair. With my head leaning against the back of the chair I gazed up at the sky. My eye caught sight of a hawk soaring leisurely above me and in an instant I knew what I needed to do.

My daughter sat quietly beside me, and I turned to her and said, "I need to stop getting in a flap about everything and start soaring above it all instead. I am going to copy that bird and relax, spread my wings and ride the winds instead of trying to fight them."

I still catch myself getting in a flap when those winds start to blow, but time after time have learned to follow the birds and use the winds to my advantage.

Your picture reminded me of that bird today. Thanks.

Ride those winds hunny and soar above it all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mary! Sometimes it is very helpful to get out and connect back with nature! Connecting with nature opens us up to many wonderful an new things on a daily basis! Pine Warblers would have been great but that cute Titmouse always brings a smile on my face! Hang on there my friend!

dguzman said...

Sorry your work situation stinks--mine does too. That's what happens to women when they're good at what they do: they just get more to do, with no additional reward or help. I'm surprised more women don't go postal.

All we need is birds; they always make my pain go away, even if only for a little while.