Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wordless Wednesday











KGMom said...

Who needs words when you have Mary's excellent photographic eye?

entoto said...

Amazing stuff! I love the eye peeking out of the nest and the light on the spider web. Thanks!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Happy Summer!
Hawk is very cool.
Spider web is very cool.
Doggy smelling flower is very cool.
Hope you are staying cool too.

Sometimes there are no words.
Hummers will be back. They are eating bugs.
No worries.

possumlady said...

Cool photos! That rabbit looks a bit demonic though....

Ruth said...

I am sure you had a lot of words to go with these great shots, but you have left the commentary to our imaginations!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Love it-
Love it-
Love it!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Amazing pictures, Mary! Love specially the one with your three lovely companions and the flower!

thailandchani said...

You have your nails painted! :)

beautiful pictures as always.

And in case I haven't said it, thanks so much for taking them and showing them to us.



Susan Gets Native said...

What kind of hawk is that, Mary?
You know this one.

I love your photos. You take pictures of stuff that people want to see.

Jayne said...

No words needed! Beautiful!

Mary said...

Donna, I love words but they aren't always necessary :o)

Trixie, I like that mockingbird with one eye on me, too.

Sherry, thank you. I'm worried about the hummers.

Possumlady, you are right! My flash went off in the low light.

Ruth, I agree - we all have good imaginations!

Lynne, love you, too :o)

Sonia, all three were intrigued by the flower (they wanted to taste it!).

Chani, my nails are always painted and they're due for a new color. And, you are welcome.

Susan, I KNEW you would ask that question! Adult Cooper's. So there!

Jayne, thanks. Didn't have time for words, anyway.

Mark said...

Hi Mary, great set of photos, you have guessed i like the dragonfly best, i havn't the foggiest what type it is but it looks like several species from here all mixed together.That beetle was impressive to. We are having the opposite problem to you.
It hasnt stopped raining fro over a week and on somedays we are getting a months worth in a few hours.It's causing allsorts of problems. Who said Global warming doesn't exist...

Cheers Mark

Mary said...

Mark, so much rain is as bad as no rain. I remember when I lived in Delaware one Spring, the sun didn't shine for 22 days straight and it rained most of the time. That was most depressing. We had a buggy summer and the allergies we had were terrible.

Dorothy said...

Love the photos Mary. Cool hawk!
The pups are so sweet..smelling the zinnia!

Anonymous said...

I agree, wordless or not, you still do stunning work!

Chrissie said...


NatureWoman said...

Great photos Mary - my favorite is the one where you caught the sunlight on the spider web! Great work!

RuthieJ said...

Great pictures Mary. Love the spider web--those are such difficult pictures for me to take.
The pups and zinnia are my favorite (and that's a good polish color too!)

Cathy said...

There you've done it again. You've got three of my favorite things in that picture. Pups, a zinnia and Mary - (well, at least Mary's hand :0)

I've missed keeping up with your posts - been crazy busy. Hope to catch up in the next week.

Ziggywigs said...

Fantastic the wee doggie smelling the flower put a real smile on my face. Great pics and great post...they say a picture is worth a thousand words.