Friday, June 15, 2007

Carolina Gray Skies

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Yesterday afternoon I had a meeting at the uptown campus. I wasn’t prepared for downpours, lightning and thunder on the interstate. Without an umbrella during my walk from the car, I arrived at the meeting with raindrops dripping from my bangs onto my eyeglasses. My professional look flew right out the window! I was a hideous mess but it was alright since everyone else looked like me. We laughed hard, as we aren’t accustomed to rain in North Carolina. The “Blue Skies” are gone. My daughter works in the Wachovia headquarters building at the left of the photo.

It’s still dark and dreary today – jacket weather. We are taking a sigh of relief and a break from the intense sun until tomorrow or Sunday.


Charlotte was approaching “severe” drought conditions until three inches of pain pounded the area within two hours yesterday. The Japanese Willow is looking perky now.


Now we are only four inches of rainfall below normal for the year and in the “moderate drought” category. (The dark speck in the background is a male Cardinal making a lot of noise.)


The pond overflowed and the ground fault tripped, turning the pump off for a few hours. The Koi never escape, even during hurricanes.


Tiny toads were flooded from their seats and misplaced.


The lilies on the pads were pounded.

The pollen was washed away and the air is brisk and clean. The leaves on the trees are shining again. We are so refreshed today but also tired since it's Friday!


I could use a little sunshine now. And, when it arrives, I’ll complain about its burning effects. Will we ever be completely happy with weather? I should just accept whatever we get, lather with sunscreen and put an umbrella in the car!

Gina and Billy are making their final move into their house tonight and tomorrow. I have Mr. Biggins tonight so I need to put some sheets on the bed in the back bedroom. He’ll be sleeping with “Grandma” in that bed. It’s too bad for me that he doesn’t understand the meaning of “Move over, Mr. Biggins.” Poor me - lucky him. We’re having a “pend da night party”!

My yawning is out of control tonight. I’ll be dreaming of all the things I need to do this weekend:



Ruth said...

Glad you finally got your rain! We need it here too. Love your toad! Have a great weekend.

Beth said...

Just like I feel, Mary. School ended at noon today and I found myself home with the kids, trying to focus on being home. All I could do is read and nap.
And dream of all the things I ought to be doing.


(((glad you got some rain)))

KGMom said...

Oh good--you got rain. We finally did too. On Tues I got energetic, washed both cars and then in the afternoon--it POURED. My neighbor asked me to wash the cars again, as we still need rain.
How much of the 3 inches actually soaked in?

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
We need some rain here again. Temps have been near 90 all week and that dries up everything fast. I won't even have to mow lawn this week. The birds sure appreciate all the birdbaths and my tiny pond.

Yea! for Gina and Billy getting into their new house and for Mr. Biggins having such a nice "grandma" and "cousins" to sleep over with.

dmmgmfm said...

We had a bit of a rainstorm here at dad's yesterday. It is so lush and green right now.

When I went over to my aunts house this afternoon to visit and take her a photo album I'd made, it was in the high 80's. When I left to come home, it was really chilly outside. I just love the mountains!

Hugs Mary, have a great time lying around the house (as if).

Jayne said...

I am envious Mary. We are getting just scattered pop up storms in the afternoons that plop some fat raindrops and then move on. We are over 14" below normal for rain. Parched, dry, brown, crunchy... ugh.

NatureWoman said...

Glad you got some much needed rain Mary! It always feels good to have the air cleared, doesn't it? Hopefully we'll get some here, too (next week, not on the weekend)! I love the photo of raindrops hanging on the black metal thing. I also love the bug on your bright yellow flower! OMG and you crack me up with that comic! She's a riot!

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Yes, I love the rain on the black iron, too.
How beautiful several droplets of water can be, right?
I, too pray for rain, and at the same time, fear that when we finally get some (they're predicting MAYBE Tuesday?) the storms will be violent. It's been so long since one of those cleansing rains.
I don't want my Tanagers, precariously nesting on a thin branch, to be blown to the next county!

smilnsigh said...

Rain drops dripping from your bangs onto your eyeglasses! Oh sigh. I can appreciate how that felt. Not good. Glad you all laughed at the shared precicament though. :-)


smilnsigh said...

Ohh and I love that Maxine pic. Of course, I love allllll Maxine! :-)


sonia a. mascaro said...

Love the lilies photos! And the pollen's pic are superb! I am looking forward to see photos of Mr.Biggins in “Grandma” bed! (LOL)

I wish a good luck to Gina and Billy in the new home! Cheers!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Rain, real rain too. Thank goodness. I am sure you almost forgot how it sounded!
Great toady! I love them...
I bet you will be busy with doggies and moving! Fun busy.
Blessings on their new home.

Anonymous said...

WOW, how wonderful! Always love seeing what has been going on with you Keep up the great work!

Dorothy said...

I shook and shook and shook my rainstick while chanting...Mary needs rain in NC.....rain for Mary in NC...And it worked!

Lucky Mr. wishes to Gina and Billy!!! Relax this weekend Mary. You deserve it!

Elaine Cougler Author said...

Lovely photos once again, Mary. I have visited Charlotte NC and think it a wonderful city. I really liked the tall buildings pic--great tones.

Larry said...

I like it when it rains so I don't have to water the garden-or fill the birdbath.

Susan Gets Native said...

It rained today for exactly 30 seconds...just enough to raise the humidity to about 1000%.

dguzman said...

Great rain pics. I love rain!

Luckily, we've had the occasional t-storm here in Central PA, but we could still use more. The crops in the fields are looking a little droopy.

Reading and napping--my two favorite things to do at home....

Anonymous said...

Of course I always love your photo's but have to tell you the "Maxine" cartoon gave me a good laugh, especially since I just sent you a new batch of Maxine jokes before reading your blog this morning! What can I say...we share the same funny bone!

kate said...

So true ... it's hard to be satisfied with the weather. We have had rain, more rain and yet again more rain today... it's cold and windy and everyone is complaining. Most years, we are glad for the rain ... I am glad that you got some. I wonder why I get so tired when it's raining and then raring to go when the sun is shining.

I hope your 'pend a night was fun and Gina and Billy are all organised now!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get all caught up on your rain soon. We had a hot humid day yesterday, but are back to blue skies and sunshine. Our problem, lately, has been too much rain!

Take that Maxine cartoon to heart. Get yourself more rest!

Susie said...

You must be so relieved to get that much needed rain. I think it is human nature to never be content with the weather though. Your pictures are all beautiful..