Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fine Sunday


This photo of a Carolina Chickadee isn’t the only reason it’s a fine Sunday. We had some rain last night. Tropical Storm Barry sprinkled us for a while – just enough to clean the outdoors and give a feeling of freshness. He didn’t help our water deficit much but it was good. The sun is just now breaking through the clouds.

Gina and Billy will be homeowners tomorrow! We’ve already treated them to a lawn mower, weed whacker, garden hose, and various other necessities. Today we all piled into my car and headed for Lowe’s Home Store and bought them a garage door opener. It’s so exciting but overwhelming for them, too. We've all been there. After we treated them to lunch at the clubhouse, we wished them a good night’s sleep and a smooth settlement tomorrow.

I thought I’d make a list of the birds I’ve been seeing here lately. Everyone told me Spring would be interesting and they’re right. I don’t see exotic birds like most of my blog friends do, but I enjoy what I have.


Two nights ago, just before dark, I was throwing golf balls and hula hoops for the dogs and noticed this dove-sized bird. It’s a poor photo so I’m not going to try to ID the bird. I’ll take suggestions and if you think it's a mocker, I don't want to hear it! LOL! It...Just...Doesn' (Well, not quite.)

I’m seeing loads of Chickadees, Tufted Titmice, Chipping and Song Sparrows, Cardinals, Mourning Doves, Goldfinches, House Finches, Mockingbirds, Red-Bellied Woodpeckers, Horny Pidgeons, Brown Headed Nuthatches (missing the suet), Brown Thrashers (not lately since the suet is gone), Common Grackles, Starlings (the latter two have decreased in numbers), Bluebirds, Red-Winged Blackbirds, Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds in larger numbers, and the Cooper’s are always supervising.


Our pond is going to have some major reconstruction in about two weeks so I haven’t added any flowers or foliage. I’ll wait until the work is done.


I learned that if I stand in my bathtub long enough, I can get a shot of a hummingbird through the window! The male hummers visit this one. Oooo, I can’t wait! I'll be spending a lot of time in the tub from now on, but I won't be soapy.


Squirrels, Doves, and Pidgeons. They have hefty appetites. I am not going to fuss anymore and will just keep buying the safflower seed. I ran out of it this weekend and gave them what they wanted – a nice songbird mix.


It’s song isn’t very soothing but they remind me of Delaware when they would arrive in huge flocks. I like them.






Lady Cardinal is having a bad hair day, just like me. My hair sucks today.


NEST NEWS: The nest I made with my own little hands is occupied and not by a Barn Swallow, but by a Housefinch again. It was intended for my sweet swallows. Sigh... At least I know what I made is worthy of a brood.


Good job, guy! We need to keep populating the feeders with MORE housefinches. Yes, I'm being sarcastic.


I just learned that Dale passed away early this morning. My heart is broken for Laurie at Don’t Make Me Get My Flying Monkeys. I went out back and took this picture for her. Stop by and visit her. I think she'd like that.



KGMom said...

Oh Mary--on the news about Dale. We just got back from a weekend in NYC (our daughter & her boyfriend/ partner are moving to London in 3 wks!) so I have been out of blog touch. I will stop by Laurie's blog.
As for your daughter & Billy being homeowners--oh yes, we've been there. Bought dining room table & chairs, drapes, etc for our son & his then girlfriend now wife when they had their first place!

Anonymous said...

Mary, I so love that you are still seeing so many wonderful birds at your feeders! Keep up on your wonderful bird photography and can't wait to see what else pops up their!

LauraHinNJ said...

Congrats to the new homeowner's! Will they be nice and close to invite you for dinner?


Thanks for the heads up on Dale. Just went to express my condolences. Wonder if we might be able to scare up an addy to send cards to Laurie?

Anonymous said...

Hello, sweet Mary! I remember the days when I had such a great variety at the feeder; today a house finch is positively welcome. Ciy birds are birds of a different feather altogether. I do have three of the most brilliant yellow goldfinches I have EVER seen coming each morning. Here we can only use thistle and tiny bits of shelled sunflower in a top floor balcony feeder- down in the courtyard we would worry about attracting, um, (rats). shhhh.

For a fountain that hasn't had a Spring spruce up- it's still looking quite grand. I trust you'll rescue those pretty lilies...

Q said...

Hi Mary,
thanks for letting me know about Dale.
I enjoy keeping a monthly list of birds too. I do butterflies as well.
Purple Finches and the House Finches do add much activity.
Lovely Hummingbird feeders! My husband and I watch three male this evening come and go from our feeders. I did not see the females this evening.
You will get your photo of the male hummer glittering in the sun soon.

LauraHinNJ said...

Meant to say how glad I am to see the mockers enjoying your grapes! Will have to try that - I know that catbirds appreciate some fruit, but I've never had luck attracting the mockingbirds.

Naturegirl said...

I enjoyed this view of your pond and the all the bird feeders with their guests! Loved the hummers feeder! Thank you for posting and sharing! :)NG

Alyssa said...

Hi Mary, Excellent pictures. I like red winged black birds too. They remind me of my childhood. I think pidgeons are neat and would be thrilled to see some at our feeders. Great news about the human-made nest! This could be a new career opportunity opening up for you. Actually, it's very impressive and the finches would thank you if they could. What a wonderful time for your daughter and Billy - so exciting. I got on my blog tonight, so pay me a visit. Bye, Alyssa

Jayne said...

Mary, I can't imagine what major renovation your pond needs... I drool with envy every time I see a photo of your magical creation!

Congrats to Gina and Billy!

dguzman said...

On the mystery bird--some sort of flycatcher? Hard to tell (especially for a beginner like me) when he's all puffed out like that!

Congrats to Gina and Billy, and thanks for your great photos! Beautiful!

Cathy said...

Mary - I have a hole in my heart regarding Dale. Laurie did such a wonderful thing when she bravely took us on that journey and shared sweet Dale's struggle and her determination to help him in every way possible. It was so inspirational to see that kind of love and loyalty.

Hmmm. So is that a 'baby' mocker? You are so lucky, lucky, lucky. You even get birds from your bathtub!

I'd say there's going to be a lot of happiness and hard work getting Gina and Billy ensconced in their new digs. Your heart must be singing.

Melsie14 said...

Can't wait to see the changes to our fish pond!! It's so beautiful already, so I'm excited to see the end results!!

Looking forward to some pictures from your bathtub!! I love hummingbirds and finally saw my first one in this area!! I was so excited and am now thinking of investing in a feeder for them.

Chrissie said...

Hello Mary. I think you pond is just great but I am interested in your reconstruction! My husband wants to make ours bigger and I am a bit put off my the mess it will make in the meantime! Also what will you do with your fish while the work is being done? Really looking forward to watching your project and your tips before we start ours :-)

Mark said...

Hi Mary,
Looks like you go through the same amount of bird food as i do, great picture of the lizard and butterfly.

I've added your link, are you happy to exchange?

Cheers Mark

NatureWoman said...

Cool bewd post Mary! Congratulations to your daughter & boyfriend on their new home!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got some rain, Mary. Didn't know that Barry got that far north. I wonder if that is where all the rain we are getting today came from???

Mary said...

Cheers Mark,

Thanks! When I have time, I'm adding a few more including you! You are on my list. I'll definitely learn about butterflies from you...

kate said...

Your pond looks great to me - at least it has some water in it!!

I love your bird pictures - maybe one of these days, some of the names will stick and I'll be able to identify the birds here.

It is great that you are helping out Gina and Billy - having support with getting organised in a new house is wonderful!

Love the bad hair day pic!

Larry said...

I like your captions with the birds at the grapes and the bad hair day cardinal--You have a nice sense of humor.