Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hot Wednesday


Summer evening. Of the four seasons, summer has always been my first choice. My “Color Me Beautiful” seasonal shade is “Summer”. Does anyone remember “Color Me Beautiful”? Probably not, because I’m an older chick. During a demonstration party at my home with men and women as guests, our skin tones were matched with a season of shades that compliment your natural beauty. I still find myself choosing the cool summer shades that were prescribed for me many, many years ago. Enough of that!

My glorious summer has been challenging me lately... The days are longer and that suits me just fine but the heat (can I curse this unbearable heat?), humidity, and electrical storms are giving me grief. How did we ever survive without AIR CONDITIONING decades ago? My hours outdoors are limited and the evenings, lately, have halted my instinctive desire to be outdoors to observe and smile. The threatening skies and low lights keep me indoors.

Along the way today, I was able to see a few things that interested me. I’ll do this quickly because I hear thunder rumbling in the distance and I might need to shut down soon. I had less than two hours outdoors but I was determined to make the most of it and took a few photos.


Dove is wondering how they do it. Dove wants some suet, too, but Dove doesn’t have acrobatic skills to get there…


The drought (yes, we are still dry) is causing brown edges and crispy leaves but roses are strong.


I appreciated this fly-by when I was in a hurry.


A willow tree succumbed to the heat two days ago and the leaves suddenly turned brown. Sigh…


I slowly moved in closer. This photo made me feel better.


I did it again. At 7am, I pulled over quickly to see the most beautiful STOP sign of my life. It's my favorite photo of the day.

I guess it wasn’t a bad day, after all.


entoto said...

That is a great stop sign! What is that on it and how did it get there?

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Gotta love that trumpet vine--it'll cover anything if you turn your back a minute!
Could be worse, i guess. Could be kudzu.
And, I remember color me beautiful--it bolted me out of drabs and into colors--I've gone drab again, I'm afraid.

LauraHinNJ said...

It's good to *STOP* and enjoy life's little gifts! Did you see any hummers visiting those flowers?


KGMom said...

I love that summer sky with the big thunder clouds rearing up.
Oh yes, I remember Color Me Beautiful--I am an Autumn, thank you. Shades of burnt orange, peaches, moss greens etc. So, what do I wear? Red, pink!
Before AC, we sat on our front porches, sipped iced tea, & talked to our neighbors!
I love your dragonfly shot.

Anonymous said...

WOW, doves, Lady's, darners, flowers, you took pictures of just about everything! LOL< that is a cool sign!

Susan Gets Native said...

You're making the most of it, Mary. That's what counts.
I would love to have trumpet vine cover the entire fence here. The hummingbirds would adore me for it.

Alyssa said...

Mary - You have a way of always finding something very neat to brighten our day. There seems to be a plus side to everything. The storm clouds are teriffic and I just want to hold that sleek, soft dove. We have trumpet vines growing up onto our roof - but have never seen a hummer go to them. They like phlox better......

Jayne said...

Hot, hot, hot here too Mary. Heck, the pool water is almost 88 degrees now. I can't imagine life without air conditioning either. Thanks for the lovely images.

Ruth said...

Every picture is beautiful, Mary!

kate said...

I adore trumpet vines - probably because they cannot be grown here and seem so exotic. Their blooms are so cheerful that I smile when I see them.

Oh my Mary, I hadn't though of Colour Me Beautiful for ages. I think I was spring. Those were fun times -

I can't relate at all to your heat and humidity ... which sounds as if it might be a good thing. It sounds brutal ... although it is chilly and cool here, and I would love to feel some heat. I hate wearing sweaters over summer clothing and still feeling chilly.

Your pics are beautiful!

Susie said...

I remember Color me Beautiful too! I was autumn. Don't think that would work these days. I love your dragonfly. Such a different color from the one I posted this week!
(do you get the orange ones there?)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I also remember Color Me
Beautiful...only it's been so long I can't remember what season I was LOL. I do love your stop sign photo. I have tried to get Trumpet vines to grow here but guess I have a brown thumb 'cause after trying twice I finally gave up. Maybe I'll try again next year. They are so pretty and the colors would go so well with my other flowers.

Dorothy said...

The butterfly on the pink zinnia, and the dragonfly shots are my favorites Mary. You sure are a wonder with your camera..even when it's hot out you find something magical to show us. :o)

possumlady said...

Ah yes, Color Me Beautiful. I do remember that, had a copy actually. I never did find a perfect fit for my coloring but the closest season for me was, like kgmom, Autumn.

Trumpet vines are treated like weeds here in Takoma Park. I'm constantly pulling them out of my azaleas. But their blossoms do bring out the hummers. Sometimes it seems like they grow a foot a week!

Mark said...

Hi Mary,
Great pictures, we are having the opposite problem from you at the minute , loads of floods everywhere and more to come this weekend.
I particually like the butterfly and yes of course the dragonfly.If you like that sign you would like my signal box,as well as all the wildflowers either side of the track i have added hanging baskets, several large pots and a trough around the box.
How is the planting coming on at your work place?

Cheers mark

cat59 said...

Wow; what an incredible photo of a dragonfly!! I can't believe you were outside for 2 hours in this heat. It is suffocating. Both yesterday and today when my husband and I left the house around 7:00 a.m. to walk the dogs, we thought is was rather pleasant, but by the time we made it around the block, we were dripping with sweat! I was outside briefly yesterday evening trying to photograph our turtle and a mosquito landed on the back of my hand. I smacked it and the blood oozed (sorry for this graphic image), but I hate the mosquitos that bite me every time I leave the house, even for a few minutes! So, I applaud your dedication and determination to get out there and share your wonderful photos with us.

Anonymous said...

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NatureWoman said...

Wow! Mary - your photos are awesome! How did you get so close to the dragonfly. I'm always scaring them off. My Mom and I went through "Color Me Beautiful" and I'm a fall - and I still pick my clothes colors this way!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
Your pictures are so wonderful even when everything else is 'giving you grief.' The dragonfly was beautiful.

Like you, I am a summer. Your post prompted me to get out my little color swatches and review them again!

Hope you get a cool-off soon.

Deb said...

Hi Mary
Yes, I remember "Colour Me Beautiful" ... I was Winter:-}
You captured so many "everyday beauties" starting with my favourite bird-the Dove! & I've never seen a prettier 'STOP' sign :-}

Anonymous said...

I remember Color Me Beautiful too. I was also a summer. And I do tend to go for bright clear shads as well. :)

Q said...

Dear Mary,
You are amazing! In two hours??? It takes me all day.
Zip-zap-zip you go!
Darner is a grand bug!
Red Admiral on the zinna is perfect!
I am watching a red sunset tonight after 2 inches of rain. Hope some of the rain goes to you and some to Jayne and Canada needs rain.
We need a better rain to dry program. seems as if some folks are getting too much and others not enough.
I was a Winter. LOL!! I do remember.
Glad to know strange bird came to you. It will have food and water.
How are the Hummers holding up? It seems very hot for them too.

Susan Gets Native said...


Cathy said...

Mary! These photos are awesome.

Yes, I'd say that was a pretty good day. Roses, dramatic clouds, butterflies, dragonflies, a flowery request to 'STOP'. (One complaint: where are the pup pictures? :0)

And I always wanted to be a summer colors gal. Waaaaahhh. I'm winter. Bah.

Mary said...

Trixie, the trumpet vines are taking over North Carolina!

Nina, I've gone drab also on most days.

Laura, no hummers - there was too much traffic speeding by.

Donna, redheads are always spring or autumm. Yes, we sat outside in the evenings and waited for the house to cool down by using window fans.

Mon@rch, all Stop signs should be as lovely.

Susan, if I had time I would have dug some up but my husband always reminds me it's State property.

Alyssa, it's better to sweat a little than to look out the window, I guess.

Jayne, throw a bar of soap in the pool then you won't need to shower later.

Ruth, thanks.

Kate, I don't care for chilly summers, either. I hope it warms up for you.

Susie, I haven't seen orange ones. I hope I will, though.

Jane, oh, you must have a green thumb. You grow everything else so well, like little black and white puppehs.


Possumlady, they are growing like weeds right now. Too pretty to be called a weed, though!

Mark, I saw your wildflowers next to the tracks. We'll begin planting in the fall since anything new would burn up right now. Hope things dry out soon.

Cathie, I didn't spend two straight hours out there - two hours in very small increments! Those mosquitoes like me, too, but I'm allergic to their bites (they leave scars). Arrrrgh.

Pam, when approaching a dragonfly, I move in slow motion. No quick movements - no sound.

Ruthie, I looked for my CMB swatches but I can't find them!

Deb, if you need any Doves, I can spare about two dozen... :o)

Liza, after a few years, I got tired of clear and cool pastels. Now I'm enjoying them again.

Sherry, sounds like you are having perfect summer weather! My hummingbirds are feeding like crazy and I'm happy about it.

Susan, love Spam :o(

Cathy, we're never happy with ourselves. I always wanted to be winter. Stay tuned for dog faces - they're bound to pop up soon.

LostRoses said...

Duh, Mary, of course I remember Color Me Beautiful. All of us in the babysitting co-op thought it would work! I think I was an autumn but I never believed it because I liked the other colors too.

Your rose may have brown and crispy edges but that photo looks like a painting -- gorgeous photography! And the STOP sign says it all.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Beautiful photos, Mary, principally the dragonfly!