Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Brief and Mellow Wednesday

Another Wednesday. Ho, Hum. Hump Day. The good thing about this incredibly ordinary day is that I’m alive to enjoy the minutes that go by. I wanted to make the most of it because I wonder how many Wednesdays I have left. Sounds kind of morbid, I know. Sometimes I wonder too much.


I kidnapped Mr. Biggins from his apartment because he needed to exercise with Bella and Chloe for a while. He wondered why I turned the car around and stopped.


“What is that, Grandma?” (in his Scooby Doo voice)


The raptors have been working overtime, constantly surveying their next meal. I should have gotten out of my car to photo a Black Vulture’s wing span but I thought I’d let the “Bad Boy” enjoy his meal.


Let the party begin! (I forgot I had an action mode.)


We took the party outside.

Bella usually wins but Mr. Biggins is a very good sport.

Chloe participates like this. She gets rolled over but she’s a tough older lady.

Within two minutes, they miss me. When they have each other, it’s all good, but they always need to know where I am.

Here I am! They follow me to the bathroom every time. Can I have one minute of solitude? No. Under the bathroom door, I hear two enormous nostrils and four tiny ones being “nosey”…

While they played outdoors and sniffed and dug a few little holes, I noticed a few things.


In my neighbor’s maple, Mr. Bluebird was ready to deliver carry-out to his family. I’d love to know where his brood lives…


It’s Japanese Beetle season. I flicked them off and two of them landed on my bangs. Without hesitation, I swatted the heck out of them and called them nasty names. Ok, I cursed!


Please curb that appetite and go away! One second after I took this photo, a large brown dog plowed into me. Mr. Biggins needs his brakes adjusted. Ok, I cursed!


Ahhh. Smiling at me.

It’s been a long day. Am I right, Chloe?

I need to pull energy from my reserve to think about realizing there is something good to see every day, no matter how tired I am or how little time there is. I need to want it and to look for it. If I can do this every day, I’m blessed. I try. (Did that make a bit of sense? I’m ready for a nap.) And I just pulled my cell phone out of my pocket to verify that today is WEDNESDAY. Geez.


nina at Nature Remains. said...

It always amazes how much you see! No wonder you're exhausted--it sounds like you're many things to many people!
But the beauty around you must be your refreshment.

Anonymous said...

The girls must have loved having Mr. Biggins along for the day! Looks like they had a blast together! Just love your shot of the black vulture! We don't get to see them around here much!

KGMom said...

What fun to hear the dog tales--I bet Mr. Biggins is grateful that you stop by so he can have a play date. I love the look in his eyes as he tugs with Bella.
Good for you for not avoiding the reality shot of the crow eating the dead squirrel. As unlovely as that may seem to us, think where we would be without opportunistic raptors.

KGMom said...

Oops on the bird--I looked at the photo again (and at your labels). I should have said vultures.
But crows do the same work.

Cathy said...

"Ho Hum" ? I think NOT. Now how the heck do you end up with black vulture shots on a neighborhood sidewalk?!

The photo of those eyes watching you through the window! Awwwww. They luv you, Mary and I'll bet you wouldn't trade those faces for all the bathroom privacy in the world :0)

Susan Gets Native said...

Jeez...those dogs are like kids. "Mom? When are you comin' out?"
Yay on the black vulture! (And that you KNEW it was a black vulture!)
Vultures....the Garbage Men of the natural world.
Quick correction: Vultures are no longer placed in the raptor category. DNA studies have shown that they are related to storks and cranes, not hawks and eagles.

Alyssa said...

Mary, Really excellent pictures, again!! The vulture is my favorite. What an odd thing to see on the sidewalk - it's almost as if you'd staged it. (Do you know that vulture???) We have a family of vultures (10 of them) that live in the abandoned limestore quarry near our house. They are wonderful to watch swirling up and up in the hot air.

The children look like they had a wonderful play date. Those rolling eyes are so funny.

Our little Thea follows me all over - and yes into the bathroom. I don't make a move without her.

Some times the bulk of our lives seem to be filled with boring stuff. And there are only tiny snatches of time that are fulfilling.

Have a good one,

Susie said...

Like Mr Bluebird,but Mr Vulture: not so much!
Your photos are amazing as usual..

Mary C said...

Those Japanese beetles! They really know how to feast. :) Don't they last through September or October? They ruin everything they can get their choppers on! A lot like what snails do here in California.

Jayne said...

So cute to see them all out there looking in for you!

Haven't seen the beetles here yet...maybe we'll luck out? Nah, but a girl can wish.

Beth said...

Wonderful, wonderful photos; and great illustrations for your insight into the beauty around us. It's always there - it's OUR eyes that need to open and see it.

Attitude of gratitude.

Thanks for brightening my morning!

Julie Zickefoose said...

I love Mr. Biggins' lips.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

COOL black vulture!!! That would be a lifer for me. Was it really in the neighborhood? I probably would have pulled up a chair to watch it.
Funny about the dogs and the bathroom door! If I don't latch the door our old dog Gidget walks right in and sits down. I've even had our bunny Buddy scratch his way in!

Dorothy said...

Your sweet pups and Mr. B remind me of our cats...they follow me all around too...paws under the bathroom door..noses pressed against the front door to watch me when I go outside.
I just marvel at your photos Mary. How did you get up so close to the bluebird? And your sunporch is so pretty! Thanks for brightening my day!

possumlady said...

Not to take anything away from your two adorable pups...but...I LOVE Mr. Biggins! I know you've said he was a boxer mix. I wonder if he has any Sharpei mixed in? I've never seen a dog that can look so worried and happy at the same time!

Oh, and I love your sunporch too. I had one built in 2002 and I've done what I swear I would never has turned into a storage area. You've given me inspiration to start cleaning it out so I can actually sit in it.

RuthieJ said...

Oh Mary, you always make me laugh.
Excellent vulture picture. Even more excellent doggy pictures.

I'm glad you are able to see the beauty and humor in each day. I know it usually doesn't happen at work, but it's nice to know there's good things waiting at home (even while you're in the bathroom!) LOL

dguzman said...

Mary, as usual your photos are amazing. So that's what a black vulture looks like! Beautiful bluebird pic.

Use BAG-A-BUG for those Japanese beetles -- and hurry, or they'll strip your roses and plants down to stems!

I'd spend a "ho-hum" day with you any day!

smilnsigh said...

I saw your nice comment in Dear 'Q's Corner' and came over to see you. It {comment} was on her flying 'Old Glory' on Flag Day. With which you agreed, that it didn't have to be a political statement.

As I said to her;
"'Oh Glory' need never be a political statement. For me, it says that I love my country and I value it. Whether it's *cool* to do so now, or not." :-)

And I wanted to come over and say, we are three. :-)

Hugs to you and your cute doggies. But you don't have to worry about me... I fully understand the _need_ to say very,very un-lady-like things, at times. Especially to Japanese Beetles!

I'll share a secret with you... Shushhhhh, don't tell!!! >,-) But I just learned yesterday, in Dear Cory's 'Tongue In Cheek' blog... that 'merde' can mean 'shit' {in English}. -giggles- I love it! 'Cause it can take way too much time to remember to say 'excrumentum!' when I get ... upset. -more giggles-


NatureWoman said...

I love reading about your day, Mary, and seeing your wonderful photos! Argh, Japanese beetles. I hate it when I see them doing it. I kill them mid-stroke (or whatever it is they do) I so can't stand them.
I know about animals and the bathroom. I used to have cats that did the same thing, that is, if they didn't sneak in while I was going into the bathroom.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
My goodness, fiddlesticks on Japanese Beetles! Oh dear!
I get squash bugs and they eat all my summer squash every year.
Black! very cool. I like the vultures. Oh, Mr. Blue Bird! Seeing the chicks would be nice. Were those meal worms in his beak?
With your doggies loving you so very much, you never can be alone!
They are fun and you make them even funnier.

sonia a. mascaro said...

It always a pleasure reading and seeing your dogs adventures, Mary! What a great pictures! You really is a good photographer!

Climenheise said...

Wonderful pictures, letting me see what a part of the country I don't live in looks like. I enjoy your pets: we have a dachshund -- long haired, who mimics my moods. When I'm creaky, he's the same. But not much frolicking for either of us any more.

LostRoses said...

I never saw a Japanese beetle before. They look like shiny jewels, but don't send any my way!