Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Please don't take my good stuff away?

Here I am at work again. It’s been five long days since I lost my internet connection at home. It was a real gift to see it return for about four hours since then and I was thrilled to post on Sunday!

Here's the story:

Time Warner insists that my network adapter is malfunctioning and sometimes it’s missing. (All of this started after a violent storm late June.) After a three-hour diagnostic session with Dell on Friday night and a brief session with them on Sunday night, I finally got fed up and five minutes into our conversation I said,

“Listen. Don’t make me go through another three-hour test again. I’ve done this several times before. Put me in touch with your supervisor – NOW, because I want a technician at my house to fix this problem.”

And, that’s what I’m getting this week (so they say…)! He’ll replace the network card on the motherboard and see what happens. During all of these diagnostic sessions I took copious notes so I’ll be supervising the technician that makes my house call!

At one point on Friday evening, I had TW on one ear and Dell on the other. Is that crazy? How much is too much?

Dammit. When I like something, I really like it. Losing my internet connection is like losing an old friend.

Since I’m not spending my evenings posting and visiting other blogs, I found some real mind blowing and exciting things to do instead! Make sure you are sitting down before you read on.

Bought a new WBU thistle feeder and cleaned the others.

Emptied my wallet of trash and two pounds of coins.

Replaced burned out light bulbs around the house.

Finally made an appointment for an eye exam.

Cleaned the bottom drawer of the frig that collects funky stuff.

Tossed out hosiery with runs and holes and old socks. Did the same with old underwear.

Took some good photos.

Put some posts on a slow simmer.

Went to bed at a decent hour.

I’m trying to smile often while I’m missing y’all.



Mary said...

Hope you get it sorted soon and we get some more of your great pictures Mary

The Quacks of Life said...

keep smiling

great picture btw!!

Susie said...

Miss all your wonderful posts and pictures. Being without internet is no fun!!

JeanMac said...

I feel for you - some can be pretty condescending in tone. Your list was awesome, though. You captured a great pic.

Mary said...

Mary - my hopes are high!

Pete - Thanks. Comuters - you love them or hate them :o)

Susie, the days are long and I try to visit a little at work - but I have work to do! HA!

Jean, I took that photo a few months ago. It's a favorite of mine. I had to take charge of the Dell man to keep my sanity. :o)

Hi All,

I'll be visiting your blog whenever I can during the work day but I'll be very far behind until I'm up and running at home. Thanks for stopping by...

Dorothy said...

Mary, megathanks for all your help with Flickr. By jove, I do believe I've got it now!!! Stand back world, I'm probably going to evolve into a blogging ninny.
Speaking of ninnys,I hope the nincompoop Dell nerd comes to your house SOON to fix your computer. I for one am very thankful you have a computer at work. (wink)

Q said...

Dear Mary,
You will be back running smoothly soon.
I miss your posts but I know you are planning some fun ones.
Hope your techno person is nice and knows what to do. I do understand, I am internet dependant! Here is where all my friends are.

KGMom said...

Mary--sorry for your troubles, but thank goodness no one has disconnected your sense of humor!
Oh, stop--you are making me positively jealous with all your exciting things to do! Woo hooo--throwing out panty hose. Be still my heart!
(love the puppy and the bubble!)

Unknown said...

Tech problems stink! Hope it's taken care of and back online soon. But, really glad to know your sock drawer is in order now. Wish you lived near me -- my whole house needs a good going through! :) -llm.

NatureWoman said...

I sure hope that technician knows his stuff and gets you going once again. I know what it's like to spend hours on the phone with the ISP, very frustrating for sure!

Anonymous said...

Mary, I can't believe you are still having so many problems like this ! Ugg! We miss you also but once you get back on, you know where we are at!

Cathy said...

Ya know? That boring list of things you got done. You've inspired me! I've got burned out bulbs over the sink, in the mud room and today one of the garage lights went out. I kept thinking if I just waited long enough - hubby would do it. Right.

Sure hope that technician gets you squared away. If you've got more Chloe/Bella pictures - I want you to be able to get 'em up and out with a minimum of hassle:0)

Love that little bubble chasing pup? I've got a 50/50 chance. Is it Bella?

Anonymous said...

All good moves. I hate telecommunications companies. Period.
Speaking of, in honor of my surgery, I'm getting ALL new underwear. Wait. I guess that's TMI. Sorry. The og eats bubbles, huh?

RuthieJ said...

Hey Mary, I miss you too. But you got your bird feeders cleaned out and all those other chores done that are too easy to procrastinate over. So when you get your network back you can just sit down and blog away! woo-hoo!

Susan Gets Native said...

So glad I was sitting down. You and your action-packed life.

Hey, you can use old nylons as thistle feeders!

Alyssa said...

You know Mary in a few weeks you'll be laughing about this.....

Well, maybe not.

Just keep taking those neat pics. I love the one of your sweetie jumping at the bubble. Great shot.

Try reading a book for a while - it'll keep you mind off of things.

thailandchani said...

Ugh! I can't stand the times when Comcast goes out.. and their technicians are just as frustrating. They don't want to really take the time to fix the problem.

Such horror stories from last summer. They ended up having to replace the cable from the house out to the pole.

But, oh, they said... there was no problem.

Ba! :)



sonia a. mascaro said...

Hope you get your fast internet soon!

I must went to bed at a decent hour, too! LOL!

Love the photo, it's make me smile!

dguzman said...

Great pic!

Boy, those are some extreme activities--especially the light bulbs.

And I can't wait until those simmering posts are done and posted! I'll try not to watch the cooking pots, however....