Friday, August 03, 2007

An interruption in service...Ya!

I’m posting from work.

Time Warner Cable is pushing me right over the edge because I haven’t had e-mail or internet connection at home since Wednesday night. Even our phone service disconnects during a ten-minute phone call.

Last night, on the phone with TW:

Me: “My e-mail and internet connection is lost since Wednesday evening. I’ve been having this sort of trouble all summer.”

TW rep: “Ya!”

(I think, what in the hell does YA mean?)

TW rep: “You are in the Charlotte area where there are a lot of interruptions in service for the past few days.”

Me: “No. It’s been happening all summer long! One clap of thunder is all it takes. This time, there's no weather factor.”

TW rep: “Ya!”

Me: “When will the connection be restored?”

TW rep: “They’re working on your area now.”

Me: (speaking kindly with jaw clenched) “Before I change providers, can you give me any details about what TW is doing to prevent these problems from happening in the future?”

TW rep: “Ya! New underground cabling in certain areas of Charlotte is needed. Over a few years. No need to change providers.”

Me: “Ok, thank you.”
(thinking: Stick it up your ass, buddy.)

Thanks for your nice comments the other day. If you don’t hear from me, this is why.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mary,
Time to change your provider???

YAAAAA! I would miss your photos too much!

Mary said...


I've HAD IT! A Direct TV truck was in my neighbor's driveway last week. They have the right idea! Ya! (LOL)

KGMom said...

What is going on--it's everywhere. I am still connected (our connection is through our cable service) BUT as I write, the Verizon guys are outside digging tunnels in the lawns, laying fiber optic lines. Let me tell you, if one line gets cut, I am going to be out there and ALL over them! And it won't be pretty.

Laura Stamps said...

Poor Time Warner cable! And I thought it was bad here in Columbia for Roadrunner. The TW TV cable is good but last year my husband was told by his company he needed a faster connection, so everyone said get Roadrunner, and that is Time Warner. In the meantime his company got rid of the AOL software in his laptop. No web access. And TW said he would have to wait 2 weeks for the guy to come out and hook up Roadrunner. Not bad, really. With my husband not screaming at his computer every night I had him doing all those cleaning jobs he said he never had tme to do (grin).

Two weeks later the guy misses the appointment. A no show. My husband calls and screams at TW, and they find the guy, and he agrees to come out the next day. His clothes were falling off, his shoes were untied, he seemed zonked on something. And he was 2 hours late. Then he said he can't do it then, because my husband needs a cable run through the attic into the room with his computer, but he didn't have the equipment to do it with him in his truck. However he could come back on the weekend and do it. I wasn't crazy about this guy being up in my's too easy to fall through the ceiling in his shape. Fortunately, on the weekend he was a no show again, and we figured he got fired. So my husband called and cancelled and got DSL from the Southern Bell.

The SB guy came out a few days later on time and took 10 minutes to hook him up, and my husband loves it. Myabe your TW company hired our TW guy that was a no show? Yikes! Maybe you should think about DSL? :)

Anonymous said...

Don't you think they would have some kind of back up service for when your provider is down? Ugg, Sorry you have been internet less! Probably nice having a break though! Have a good weekend Mary !

NatureWoman said...

Ya! From that Ya! I can guess how old that kid was. 20. Ya! I get that crap and more all of the time at work. Not all 20 year olds, but some. . .
Oh, I would sooo change my ISP fast. I don't like TW anyway. Roadrunner is sooo not lightning fast. My friend is using roadrunner and he complains all of the time about how slow it is.

Mary said...


Thanks for your comments :o)

I am back and I am exhausted. I talked with the TW rep for 30 minutes. He blamed it on Dell. Dell spent *three hours* on the phone with me to find no hardware problems. At one point, I had Dell on one ear and TW on the other. I almost cried (no, I did cry very well, silently) but the bitch in me decided to get mad. I got connected tonight with my Dell rep but my cell phone died near the end and we didn't have time to discuss the cause. I'm losing my connection through the provider, Time Warner, I think. I've e-mailed my Dell rep for further input. We turned off my firewall during our diagnostic and I'm so damned tired that I don't remember how to turn it back ON! I'm not real stupid about computers but the stuff I went through tonight is tough. I'm spent, mad, and downright fed up. I hope to be in business tomorrow...

dmmgmfm said...

Ack, Mary. It sounds like a nightmare.

My internet service has been sketchy lately too, so I can relate. I keep having to reset the cable modem, then the router, then unplug the modem, then the router all in the proper order while standing on my left foot and making circles in the air with my right foot.

I swear to god the tech (ha) support people are filming us. Then they take the tapes home and show them to their friends who all sit around and laugh at us.

It's just a theory, but I think that's what's happening!!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I become very frustrated when my internet is down. I figured out how much it costs me per minute and as soon as I have trouble I call and report. Than I keep track of how many minutes they owe me! Once my service is back I call and thank them and tell them how much discount they will be giving me for the time I was not able to enjoy my service. I did this four different times and each time I did get my discount. I have not had trouble for over a year now.
Time Warner is not the only game in town!
I am so sorry this aggravation has happened again for you.
I am sending happy internet connections and rain.
Sherry, who could turn those terrible TW folks into frogs but than where would you be? Plus you already have plenty of frogs.

Susan Gets Native said...

1. Mary, you crack me up, even when you are pissed off. Well, especially when you are pissed off.
2. Sherry's comment...priceless. I say turn all of them into frogs. Even better, turn them all into the warts on frogs.
3. Sometimes technology sucks.
Hang in there, Mare. And change providers.

Jess Riley said...

Just caught up on your posts. I LOOOVE Your photos! And you know, we FINALLY have one, lonely female hummingbird hanging about. I am positively verklempt. She's so sweet!!!

And your doggies are too sweet. Hope they're stayin' cool in the hot dog days!

RuthieJ said...

Oh Mary, I can't even imagine how frustrated you must be. I have had high-speed through Qwest since March and just love it--no problems, no interruptions. It sounds as though I might be in the minority...
I hope you can get this situation resolved and if nothing else, you can kick some serious TW ass along the way! Go Girl!

Alyssa said...

Hi Mary - I agree Time Warner sucks. Unfortunately, they have RR and for me it's the fastest internet service around. We haven't had problems with internet and phone service but the cable tv is terrible.

Ever since they switched to high definition (we don't have an HD tv)here, the new menu keeps crapping out. A couple times a week we have to reboot the whole thing and sometimes we are unable to rent movies. We were told that Friday and Saturday nights are very busy for movies and lots of people have the same problem. Well, why don't they fix it???? Or as they told you, people in the area are having that problem. Is that an answer?

Also, there is never a person with any authority around. One time, just for grins, I was on hold for 45 minutes on a Saturday nite and never did talk to a human.!!! Their phone operators have a few pat answers and are very noncommittal. If there was another fast internet service, I would leave TW right away.

I'm sorry they are sticking it to you again. Let's just hope in a few years another cable system will be offered.

If it's any consolation, you aren't alone.


Mary C said...

Mary - I'm so sorry to hear of your dilemma - I sure hope it's fixed by now. As Laurie had said: "I keep having to reset the ... modem, then the router, then unplug ... all in the proper order..." We had the exact same problem with our DSL provider (Verizon) having to do the exact same thing several times a day. And we finally went to cable (which is faster for us) - with Comcast. We have DirecTV for television, but we have cable for internet access. Comcast offered us quite a deal to add our phone (VOIP) - but that turned out to be a fiasco - too long a story to tell here. Anyway, we do like our cable internet, but I take it you don't have much of a choice. It's either DSL with your phone company, or cable with (ONLY) TW, or DirecTV - which can be the most expensive connection. Yet, if they are the most reliable it may be worth it. And I LOVE what Sherry does - I'll have to try that if I should have a problem again!

thailandchani said...

Is there a way to change your provider? I have the same trouble here with Comcast. Calling the "help center" is like... well... not worth the time and energy to push the buttons on the phone keypad.

None of them are technically savvy enough to answer questions. They're given a set of sentences to repeat .. like monkeys.



LostRoses said...

Mary, the frustrations of dealing with nincompoop service reps is enough to send the calmest personality over the edge!

Thankfully, Qwest has given me no problems (knock on wood) but I gleefully remember the joy of actually losing my composure (screaming) at an AT&T rep years ago after 3 hours of phone hell. It seemed the appropriate response at the time.

I feel for yah!

Mary said...

I would be changing providers very quickly Is that easy to do or do you have to sign a contract with a company for a lenght of time. Hope you get it sorted soon

cat59 said...


Add my sympathies to the rest. True customer service seems to have become a thing of the past. We all get hooked on this technology and then when it goes down it's a real problem. We have the TW internet, phone, and cable package. I'm happy to say we've had few problems. I did have some trouble with the internet connection at our last house--also TW. They finally fixed it when they replaced the main cable to the house with a larger cable. Seems that with the number of houses using that cable, it was no longer capable of handling the load. I hope you get some resolution soon.

Cathy said...

Oh, Mary - Don't let the bastards get you down. It's been weird everywhere lately. My internet is slooooww - people are surly. Must be the heat.

Hang in there, Sweetie.

(I'm needing a Bella/Chloe fix, though ;0)

Anonymous said...

Mary, this is ridiculous! So have you picked a new provider?

Anonymous said...

This has been the best fifteen minutes of the whole week! As usual things are funny and lively over here. We're having crappy internet and phone service continuously this summer also- what's curious is "Ya!" apparently works for both TW AND RCN- he's our guy, too.

Your hummers are great, the dogs sublime and ridiculous and chickens in the parking lot! Oh- the other day I was sitting stationary at a red light and I got SLAMMED so hard the car was pushed well into the intersection. Honda Accord: the high headrest firmly braced my head with no neck issues, the bumper ate the shock with no visible damage except two thin deep slices where the other car's front license bracket cut into it- she hit that hard. You're going to love your Honda.