Thursday, August 23, 2007

Miscellaneous - Spiders, Pigeons,whatever


Twice this week, brief evening rain showers evaporated in minutes and we are grateful for the few clouds that shielded us from the blistering sun for a little while. Our hardships don’t come close to those in States who are experiencing floods. I wish for them to experience some of our drought and sunshine.

There are a few ideas for posts floating around in my head but I don’t have the energy to put it all together tonight or for the next few nights. Here, I will “show and tell” what I’ve seen during the past week. We’re all hidden inside where the air conditioning blows so I’ve had little time with my camera. Only before sunset am I outdoors to tend to the birds and flowers. Within seven days we expect some relief from the one-hundred degrees and might receive some rain. Oh, happy day! I’ll take my shoes off and run through a downpour!



A harmless Black & Yellow Garden Spider, argiope aurantia. I don’t like spiders near me but I love watching them weave their traps every morning. This female measures about one and three quarter inches. I used zoom because I was too timid to get close. On the ground below the spider there is ivy covering a 2-foot black snake. The snake didn't worry me, but the spider made me shiver.


An Eastern Tiger Swallowtail is large and fast-moving. I had one shot at it and was lucky. The pitiful, near death butterfly bush that I bought for $5 served its purpose because I’ve been force-feeding drinks on it. We don’t spend a lot of money on plants and flowers now because we have lost so much. Lessons learned.



The pond colors are pleasing me every day!

The water is crystal clear but there is work to do. I see some string algae in places. No harm, really.


The Koi are hidden under plants and haven’t been fed in several weeks. I want to feed them because that’s when I check their health and behavior. They're swimming in a hot tub now and I’m worried about it. It’s been too long since I’ve had a good look at them. When the weather cools, I’ll remove many plants and offer them some food.

There were two pigeons. Then there were eight pigeons. Now there are twenty pigeons. I remember my two pigeon porn posts… What shall I do???


Call the dogs on them? They’re ground feeders and don’t cause problems. I like to hear their gurgling voices, but…

I'm concered about the poop. Will my neighbors attack me and my feeders?



Here’s lookin’ back at ya, pooper!

This post is done. Sigh...

In hopes of some excitement soon...

I need a giggle this evening. Here’s Michael Vick’s jury:



Anonymous said...

Mary, I love your wonderful whimsical images - today, esp the pond flowers. They are so regal looking and seem to shrug at the hot temps.

cat59 said...

That's quite a striking spider. I know there may be snakes in or near our yard, but I just hope I never see one (unless of course, it is a poisonous one, in which case I hope I see it in time to run the other way). BTW, that doggy jury is way too nice looking for that Vick character.

cat59 said...

P.S.--What's the difference between a pigeon and a morning dove? Any?

Anonymous said...

I have read that one of the reasons that spiders do the zig zagging is so that birds don't fly through them! I really wish I could remember where I had read that!

JeanMac said...

Wayne loved your pics tonight - he's "getting into blogs":)

RuthieJ said...

I sure hope you get a cool-down and some good soaking rain soon Mary.

Sorry, I don't have any solution to your pigeon problem. They certainly know how to spread the word about where the good eatin' is.

Michael Vick's jury--I hope they send him to the dog pound!

Susan Gets Native said...

Pigeons and mourning doves both belong to the Columbidae family of birds. The two names are sometimes used interchangeably, but generally, "pigeon" is used for the larger species and "dove" for the smaller.
Know why pigeons do so well? (And doves, too for that matter)...they can reproduce all year round...and they produce "Pigeon milk" from their crops to feed their young. And from what you have ascertained, Mary...they like to get BUSY!

entoto said...

What a gorgeous spider shot. And I love the cartoon. I'm not sure I have ever seen so many indignant dogs in one place!

Cathy said...

That SPIDER! Yipes! I'd sure hate to accidentally walk into that. But it sure is purty. And I love Mon@rch's explanation for the zigzag.

Now that snake - doesn't he make you a little nervous? I mean you know where the spider is, but snakes . . .well - they slither.

Mary, your pictures are wonderful - I'll try not to worry about your koi or those fertile pigeons. (My hubby told me tonight that pigeon poop may be responsible for weakening the cement under the bridge that collapsed in Minnesota. -something about it being acidic)

LostRoses said...

Mary, if I get a pigeon invasion I take my feeders down till they move on. I hate them like Julie hates house sparrows. Now mourning doves are a different story. Love them.

Ewww on your spider. Shivers are getting me!

Alyssa said...

I liked all your pictures so much. Yes, I could use some of your sun and dryness now - everything is soggy and damp. Hopefully this weekend the rain will end.

Can you put some colder water from the hose into the pond? I do that with mine when it's really hot. I like having some algae in the pond - I was told it means that it's a very healthy pond.

Great spider picture - I'm a big spider fan so if you see any more try to capture it (on film, that is).

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I loved this post! Cool spider! I sure do hope you get your rain and cooler temps.

Jayne said...

Michael Vick's punishment should be to finance the building of many, many shelters and to be the chief pooper scooper for some time to come.

I'm with you on the heat Mary. It was 103 here yesterday. Too hot to even move outdoors.

Ruth said...

You deserve a break from your persistent heat. Hope it comes very soon. I'll take your spider in a minute, but I could never walk in my yard if I knew a snake was in the ivy.

The Quacks of Life said...

lovely photos MAry

may I ask what camera?

Mary said...

Pete - Kodak EasyShare Z612. Easy to use - uncomplicated.

possumlady said...

Mary, I too had a problem with pigeons for a while. One or two showed up and I thought "oh, what harm can two pigeons do" within 3 weeks I had over a dozen and a neighbor did ask me to stop feeding them as their poop was getting all over her car! I did have to pull up the feeders for a while. But, they eventually did move on.

Great cartoon! I'm sooo disgusted with Michael Vick and the folks that are coming out to defend him. The NAACP for crying out loud!! The latest story in the Washington Post has his father saying he grew up loving dogs and thinks that's why he got into the "sport"

WHAT'S NORMAL? said...

Mary. I, too, have a "pet" writing spider. Their webs are perfect and one time I tossed a teeny stick into his web. He immediately removed the stick. While holding onto the web he leaned way out and tossed it back out. I loved it. Your website it great. Since we've moved country I've seen deer, coons, snakes, lizards, and even some coyotes. Hey, they were here first.

dguzman said...

Wow, that's a scary spider. I'll take your word for it that it's "harmless." Eek. And knowing a snake is there but still walking near it? You're far braver than I.

I loved that cartoon--only I'm with cat59: they're not nearly hostile enough.

Mary said...

oh I really love loking at your photos I hope you get some cooler weather real soon now Mary

NatureWoman said...

Beautiful photos once again Mary!! The spider looks scary, but if you say it's not, I'll believe you! I love how you captured its web. And your beautiful flowers!
I love that cartoon!

smilnsigh said...

A wonderful camera you have, to take those pics from afar. She is certainly an interestingly colored spider. Don't think we have such interesting colors on them, up here.

I'm so glad you will get rain. But your flowers are still beautiful.

Love that cartoon. He SHOULD have that kind of an jury!!!!!!!!


sonia a. mascaro said...

Wonderful photos as always, Mary! The spider looks like a jewel! You did not took a photo of the snake?

So beautiful your neighbor's house. Or is it your house?

Have a nice weekend!

Beth said...

I don't much like spiders but those are some awesome pictures.

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos Mary
Spiders don't bother me but they do my husband. They can be so colorful and interesting.
Wish i could send some of our rain to you. I've had enough for awhile.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for your visiting and nice comment!

Love the architecture of your neighbor's house! Just beautiful your garden, too!

We have a little boat, but I don't like so much little boats.

Have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love that Dog cartoon!!!!! Thanks for sharing a laugh.

Jess Riley said...

Gorgeous shots, as always. Yesterday I discovered a GIANT spider in her web in my perennial garden, feasting on a poor bumblebee. I moved her to the lilacs and tried to rescue the bee (which was still alive), but I think he was all webbed-up. Ah, nature can be so cruel...

smilnsigh said...

In my Photos-City-Mine blog, you commented:
"I can't comment on Smile n Sigh! The ability comes and goes..."

Oh no! The dreaded "can't comment" bug has hit my Smilnsigh again! -sighhhhhhhhhh-


Dawn said...

Mary, I hope you get a well earned respite from the heat and drought. I'd send you some of our rain if I could. I love your photos of the spider, butterfly and pigeons. No doubt the pigeons love your bird feeders and pond. I just saw a story about pigeons on Sunday Morning on CBS. They said that pigeons are not as harmful as most people paint them. So, long live the pigeons! :-)

BTW, I have nominated you for a "Bloggers for Positive Global Change Award".
You definitely deserve it!

Take care,

Cathy said...

Hey! I don't mean to complain, but I haven't had a Bella/Chloe fix in 5 days!

Chrissie said...

Great pics, Mary. I just hate spiders, so pleased that one was harmless :-)