Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunday Rain and Shopping with Men


It rained on Sunday evening! This morning a patchy fog covered areas. This is the driving range I see on my way out to work. As I type this, it’s 90. A cool spell.


After the summer we have had, seeing raindrops is a major event. We sat on the porch quietly for a while and listened. It didn’t last long. The soft rain soaked in a bit then ended in an hour. It was enough to calm our hot, dry selves.


I stood in the soft rain and let it cool me. The bathing hummingbirds were celebrating, I think.


The whole community of them, maybe twelve or fifteen strong, mesmerized me. They shared dinner and chatted for a while.


Earlier in the day…

Quite often, I’ll witness Michael doing something odd that makes me roll my eyes. He’ll reply back to me, “Put THAT in your blog!” HA! OK...

On Sunday afternoon we visited the Black Lion store where you browse with wide eyes over 150 vendor rooms full of framed art and antiques, upscale gifts, home accessories, Christmas decorations, and furniture. We’ve spent the last two years decorating our home and are still not finished. I just realized that today is our two-year anniversary as homeowners in North Carolina!

First let me talk about the ride to Black Lion. He has a new Tundra in which he loaded six CDs but didn’t learn how to play them because that would have required reading the manual. I wonder why some people can push buttons and drive and some can’t? After he nearly took out two mailboxes which made me squeal and suggest, “just drive the truck”, he decided to fasten his seat belt while zigzagging into merging traffic. I’d rather not hear Mob Hits, the Beach Boys, or Scottish bagpipes, anyway. I hold on, close my eyes, and hope for the best. This is they way he drives. Passengers with him feel the shifts and turns like a ride on the Tilt a Whirl. Ok in an amusement park – not on country roads.

We arrive at the store and I watch him scan fifty Yankee candles in record time. While I’m taking my time and still reading the labels of Eucalyptus, Sage, Fresh Linen, Sea Mist, Fresh Cut Roses, Willow Breeze…he’s on the other side uncapping the fruity scents. Clickety-clack, clickety-clack – fifty sniffs, DONE. “This one is too orangey.” I reply, “Uh hum. Put it down.”

Then, off to look for decorative pieces for the fireplace mantle and shelves in the family room. This is what he fondles:


He has a fruit fetish. Loves coconuts. This isn’t what he saw on Sunday but it’s a typical example of what intrigues him.


He loves pineapple art. I watch his size 15 fingers rotate a work of art like this close to his eyes. “Hey, Mare? It’s only fifteen dollars!” Mare isn’t there. She’s already around the corner laughing uncontrollably and wondering what in the world it is!


This is NOT something I would display. “You can’t be serious, Michael.”

In all fairness, he does have good taste in art on some occasions. We have both agreed on some items we proudly display. His interest in fruity art, however, makes me wild. We purchased a few things on Sunday but the best thing we brought home was a new back brush for the shower from Bed, Bath & Beyond!

In the mood for a late lunch, we decided to try something new. Fast food sickens me and for a decade, the smell of a Burger King Whopper made me nauseous. This is where we landed for a burger treat we seldom enjoy.

steak n shake

Eating inside a fast food restaurant with dozens of children and adults having their last fast food celebration before the beginning of school didn’t make for the cleanest place…my menu was soaked in chocolate shake. Blech!

When our steak burger order arrived, we both looked at each other and said, “Where’s the damned BEEF?” Zero stars.

On the way home, we arrived at an intersection and he wondered where the road would take us if we turned left instead of right. I wasn’t in the mood to be lost for an hour and said, “Oh, just turn right.” I had birds and dogs to feed. Not a bad day, really. I laughed until I cried.


thailandchani said...

:) Good one! For some reason, that one picture reminded me of how good the cheeseburgers and milkshakes are in that part of the world.

And rain? I'm so desperate, I've taken to stepping outside in the dark while the automatic sprinkler system is running. At least it kind of sounds like rain. :)



Cathy said...

Mary - I think our husband's have a missing twin and I think we're married to him :0D Particularly that part about buckling up after the vehicle is in motion.

Yep- those hummers were dancing.

But where were the pups while the drips dripped?

possumlady said...

I've been chuckling through your shopping. I have to say that pineapple thing is a tad obscene and I had the biggest laugh over it! What was the purpose of it, did you ever find out??

Glad you got even a small amount of rain. Just think, in less than a month it will officially be Autumn!!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I'm glad you got some relief from the heat and drought- even if it was only down to 90 degrees.
You are the hummingbird queen in my book! Your photos are fantastic!
What is it about men and directions? I hate to make sweeping generalizations, BUT, Art would never dream of checking out the CD player directions either!
I nearly busted a gut laughing about the carved coconut thingy! When Johnny was little he spotted a carved coconut made to look like a football player at a garage sale. The garage sale lady laughed us all the way down the driveway as we walked away with that stupid coconut head tucked under Johnny's arm. Johnny is 13 and that creepy head is still one of his prized posessions!
And that pineapple thing!! I could tell you what I think it looks like but it would change your blog rating!!

Mary said...

Cathy, I PROMISE to send pics of the Licker Sisters soon. My back is out (for two weeks) - after this post tonight I can't sit. More on that tomorrow.

Chani, you, too? I stood in a sprinkler last week. Heaven.

Possumlady, that one is obscene - something he would examine...LOL! It is an example of such - I didn't have my camera with me while shopping. I soooo wish I did...

NatureWoman said...

Ugh, we have a Red Robin burger joint here and I haven't been in almost a year, for the same reason, kids and noise and the table and menu felt really sticky.
Soooo glad it rained for you!! It looks so nice and relatively cooler.
OMG I swear it has to be the Italian in these guys that they like this type of stuff. You *know* what I'm thinking about that pineapple deal!

RuthieJ said...

Oh Mary, I just sat and laughed out loud when I read this post--especially the part where Michael says "put that in your blog" like it's some sort of a challenge. I hear the same thing here.
But seriously, I'm so glad you got some rain and your hummingbird pictures are wonderful.
I hope your feeling better soon

Sherry said...

Great post Mary. I laughed throughout reading about your shopping trip with your husband. Sounds like my husband too - lol.

I'm glad you finally got some rain, even if only a little. Loved your photos, as always.

I'm sorry to hear you're having back problems and hope you feel better soon!

Naturegirl said...

Well Mary a hoot to read are too funny! My natureboy never shops with me he sits and reads a paper while I do all the touching and looking! Loved your lunch..a sip of that shake and I'll sneak a few fries!!Thanks!

We also got a good rain so the garden is so happy and me too because I don't have to use the watering can!
hugs NG

Anonymous said...

I was randomly reading through blogs and happened upon yours. I am enjoying the quality of your photographs. Do you mind sharing what kind of camera you have? I would like to invest in a better one at some point and have no idea how much to upgrade or to what. You can leave me a message on my blog attached to my user name. Thanks so much!

JeanMac said...

Ah,sweet, Mary.

Carol Michel said...

So glad you kept your sense of humor throughout the day. Perhaps you should let him buy his fruit collection... for the garage.

And the rain looks so... wet and cool and refreshing.

dmmgmfm said...

You make me laugh, girl.

I still think I've got you beat on the bad art though...if you'll recall the photos I sent I think you'll agree.


Unknown said...

wonderful post you had me laughing.
Glad you got a little rain. cooler weather is on its way.

Alyssa said...

Very funny post Mary. Shopping is one thing Steve and I Don't do together. He doesn't do it for enjoyment or browsing - it's in and out in record time! It sounds like you had a pretty good time. Too bad your cheeseburgers didn't taste as good as the picture looks. Have a shopping trip with your daughter and REALLY enjoy yourself!

Chrissie said...

Shopping with men is always a trial LOL. And manuals! What are they :-) Really great pics, Mary.

Jayne said...

LOL Mary! At least he'll GO home decor shopping with you. But, um, nope... no coconut monkeys for me My hubby will also now and again spurt out, "That'll blog" which is so funny to me as he's never read anything on my blog. Thinks it's somehow my "private words" or something.

Love your pretty hummers. Sadly found a dead one in my garage last night. Must have flown in and could not get out. I never saw him in there or you know I'd have somehow made sure he got out... :c(

dguzman said...

OMG, my dad had one of those coconut people, until my mom "accidentally" threw it away while packing for a move. And what's with the (ahem) phallic pineapple thing? And he really owns that "Mob Hits" CD!? That's a riot. Your guy is priceless.

KGMom said...

So many things ripe for comment--and others have.
The phallic pineapple (sounds like a good name for a band, huh?)
The "put that in your blog"--is that an updated version of "put that in your pipe & smoke it"?
The wondrous photos of hummingbirds.
The rain--at last, at last.
You covered a lot of material in this one!

Mary said...

Lynne, what is it with men and coconuts? LOL!

Pam, he's fruity, that's all! Those Italian men think in terms of FOOD.

Ruthie - I accept it as a challenge, too! I don't blog about him much but when I do, it's a doozey.

Terra Incognita - glad you laughed and could relate! My lower back is a mess. I can lay flat or stand. Sitting is killing me.

Naturegirl - Like you, I'd love a rest from the garden hose and watering can... Won't happen for a while, though.

Jean - I didn't feel too sweet while writing this but I laughed my way through it.

Carol - that's a great idea! The garage! LOL

Laurie, you DEFINITELY have me beat on the most horrible art piece! Hands down!

Toni, I was laughing throughout writing this one. No rain in the forecast for another week.

Alyssa, shopping with my daughter is a pleasure! BUT trips with her take HOURS AND HOURS...

Chris, I guess I need to go knowing I won't get much done...

Jayne, oh, that's so sad! My worse fear is that a hummer will fly into the sunroom - I'm always checking the screen door!

Delia - oh, yeah. Mob Hits. Silliest stuff I ever heard.

Donna - exactly right! "Put that in your pipe and smoke it!" Exactly.

Cathy said...

Mary! What's going on with your back, sweetie? Is this new? Hope you've got good meds. They sure help my neck thing.

entoto said...

Fruit art? Heavens! That is so funny. Heeee heeeee. We have the more expensive guitar lust with the man in this house.

Mary said...


It's an old injury (in my 20's before giving childbirth). A strain in my lower back near the tailbone. Once in a while I'll exert too much and I'll be sore for a day or two. This has been almost three weeks! I pulled it while scrubbing a toilet. Now I'm bending at the knees. Could use a walker, too! Advil helps. It's a real pain in the BUTT! Thanks for your concern!

Annie in Austin said...

Oh Mary - you may be in pain, but reading your blog is theraputic for the rest of us as we laugh.

Maybe those people in the nineteen fifties and sixties were smarter than we thought - guys either had a den, a rec room with pooltable or a bar in the basement where they could put their pineapples on private display, and avoid art incompatibility.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Mary said...

I'm so glad you have had some rain. I love shopping with men they make me laugh.I actually love cold baked beans straight from the tin. Have to be a certain brand though. Not a great meat eater I would only miss bacon if I ever became a full veggie.

Mary said...

Its me again. Just read about your back hope it improves soon. Know about pain at the moment!I almost lost my sense of humour at the weekend!! Feel better soon Mary

smilnsigh said...

Tee hee hee... I love it! “Put THAT in your blog!” And you did!

Now how in the world can YOU, who can photograph birds, say my photos are amazing?!? But I'll relish the compliment for days!!! :-)

My camera is just a little 'starter' digital. A Kodak Easy Share CX7330. Very basic. Very.

And I don't do any 'fancy stuff' with my pics either. Never got one of those Picassa things to download. So all I do is change contrast and brightness sometimes. {I *lust* over soft, gauzy pics in blogs and the only way I can try to get this effect, is to make my pics LIGHTER. LOL}

But thank you, thank you, thank you for commenting in my Seasons Snapshots blog, that they are amazing.

I'm gonna' have a swelled head for days!!! :-)))


smilnsigh said...

And you can't comment in 'smilnsigh' blog either! Yish!!! I still don't know why some can and some can't.

But maybe karma is catching up with me! I now can't comment in some else's! I keep typing in the correct 'check box' and it never is happy and just keeps making me do it again, and again and again. Till I gave up.

Karma!!! lol.


NatureWoman said...

Mary - you're so right - it is all about the food with the Italian men! I'm always getting recipes in the from my Italian male friends.

BirdingMom said...

My husband avoids all forms of shopping besides the supermarket ~ until last week on vacation in Cape Cod, Mass - he actually TOLD me to buy something in a gift shop. Until I read your blog tonight it did not occur to me that that event alone IS something to blog!
I'll work on this tonight, thanks for the inspiration!

Susan Gets Native said...

Mary! See what happens when you do housework?????

Glad you got some rain. You know, next year's bug population is gonna suck. And that's gonna hurt the birds. Damn weather.

I don't understand what's wrong with the nice pineapple piece. I would totally put that proudly on the mantle.

Larry said...

Another Entertaining post- I can relate to his speed sniffing but I'm not saying a word about that pineapple-