Sunday, September 26, 2010

When the grass was green


we commented on how lush and beautiful the gardens were. Late spring was perfectly peachy.



We had grass then. Since, the grass turned to dust and the weeds died and I’m not kidding. The native flowers and plants perished.

As I type away here, I’m thankful for a perfect day. It’s raining. It’s cloudy. Have you ever watched a hummingbird raise its little head to the heavens and flutter its wings in sheer delight of being showered with fresh rain?

The temperature dropped thirty degrees today and the windows are open. There is Italian food simmering on the stove. It hasn’t rained since before my last post on August 9 and those ninety degree days were damned relentless. Just three days ago, the thermometer in my car read 97 at five in the afternoon passing through Concord, North Carolina.

There’s more good stuff about today at the end of this post. Real good stuff.


For now, I want to record and share only a small bit of what I’ve seen.


I have so much to show and tell.


Finding time to be here is my issue. I’m alright, just busier than the bumbles.


I get lost. Fanny in the dirt, I sit.


Bumbles don’t mind if I’m eye level with them.




Here’s lookin’ atcha.

The birds have turned on me and it’s my fault.


Robin doesn’t care if I stopped feeding.

I had to close the feeding stations for many weeks.


Lately, I scrubbed the feeders and filled them all with the best I can offer. If you know me, you know I offer an abundance of the best food.

I’ve lost four very expensive feeders this summer. The raccoons and squirrels are on my last nerve. Feeders were carried away or rolled down a hill into prickly raspberry, never to be seen again. Black iron hangers were bent 180 degrees.

Fat-assed pigeons deserve a swinging broom, too. ( is over)


The grace of summer. I tend to them daily. My crowd of ten at the nectar feeders has diminished to only two and I pout.


The hours I worked on the overgrown pond in the scorching heat did not make a difference. The weather and excessive algae


on the pond beat me so I called my expert for help. I love my pond guys.


Butterflies. Oh my, oh my!


Silver-spotted Skippers and Tiger Swallowtails ruled this summer. The butterflies of NA held their convention here. Their abundance and beauty will require a few more posts. Perhaps I’ll save one of them for February when my Midwestern and Northeastern friends need some color on their monitors.

I have Licker Sisters stories to tell.

Bella has a new love.


The clouds, the rain, the relief.

It started to rain on my way to the mall today. Wet feet and flip flops a flippin’ and a floppin’ - I was on a mission.

I splurged for no particular reason. Subconsciously celebratory, I guess.

You see, I was overdue for a date with indulgence.


While I fumbled to organize my car keys and umbrella, the beautiful L’Occitane sales representative began wrapping my purchase in pretty boxes and I commented, “Oh, don’t bother wrapping. They’re only for me…”

She paused, our eyes met briefly, and she seemed puzzled.

I understood immediately and continued,

“On second thought. Yes. Please wrap them.”