Sunday, February 28, 2010

Through a window


Been spending time looking through windows this winter.

I remember happy times when I carried a tiny spiral notebook and a tiny pen in my pocket to jot down notes for stories to share on Mary’s View.

That was then.


I got nothin’. A few photos of birds and snow is what I have to offer.

Heck, this nothing post dangled in front of me for weeks on a canary legal pad before I had the gumption to do something about it. Tonight, I didn't remember how to create a post of words and photos... Pathetic, and I just renewed my flickr account.

A hockey game distracted me. Thanks to Canada and USA!


Here are nice sparrows.



It’s been cloudy and unusually cold for three months.


Then there are the Starlings. They need to eat, too. I'm patient with their poor manners until the ground thaws and bugs emerge.

Spring is near and it’ll charge me, at least that’s my wish. Spring Peepers entertain more often now and affect my mood in a good way. They make me want to sing out loud!

I’m tired of taking pictures through the window.

I want to get outside and wash them!


My Carolina Wrens are on a feeding schedule

and scream when I’m late with my delivery.



The Eastern Bluebirds are like the Wrens.


I love this photo. Bluebird, far away in a tall pine, watching me deliver his Zick dough and worms. Thought: “Come land on my thumb, will ya?”


Soon, I will wean all of the birds from their elaborate menus. I’ll need to do it slowly and gently.


Zick dough is like crack. Brown Thrasher is an addict. See the dough?


Down the hatch, Brown Thrasher. Enjoy!

Most of my suburban backyard birds are found on pages xviii-xxiv of the Stokes Field Guide to Birds, Eastern Region, Quick Guide to the Most Common Birds.

Well. I have had a few uncommon birds, including the Eastern Bluebirds. Not many, however.


I’ve had a Ruby-crowned Kinglet here for a year but haven't been able to grab a pic of her until a few weeks ago. You know how flighty they are.

I feel like I’ve made the Varsity team of backyard birds and I’m honored

but will always acknowledge my regulars who never wander.



I can feel it. There are a few good, urgent, and wordy posts on the way. They’re only distant thoughts right now and many of them won’t have much to do with birds or nature.

Human nature is quite interesting... Maybe I’ll vent or blow a fuse here. That’s always fun.

I’ve been following old Chloe and lonely Bella. There’s a story to tell for them, too.

It's been fun this evening, here on the keyboard with a Patchouli candle burning behind me. Love Patchouli.

Yep. For now, I got nothin’ except the desire to keep this blog alive.


Sunday, February 07, 2010

Fly Away, Killdeer!

11:55 a.m. on Sunday. The mall would open soon. Shoppers were filling the parking lot when a small something caught my attention. And, in turn, I do believe I caught the attention of Mall Security.

There was too much traffic. One of those immature joy-rider types in his beat up and rusted bucket of crap - you know, the one lookin’ like a fool with his pants on the ground, thought it would be fun to flatten a plover. Oh... did he fuel my fire. I went after him on foot.

Flatten me first, idiot. I dare ya.


Oh, no. Fly, little Killdeer!


This is not a good place for you.


But you walk, walk, walk, walk, walk. Stop it! You have wings, you know.


I kindly re-directed another vehicle. They smile and nod. At dinnertime they laugh about the crazy lady on the mall parking lot. I know that few people care about a dead bird.


Killdeer turned around and headed my way. I do have a knack for that.


If you must walk all around, you’re safe with me. Come closer.


Nice dance moves. Cha-cha?


We meet.

Don’t look so worried. I must tell you this…


Be gone from this ugly parking lot! I really need to get inside for my pedicure now so don’t make me worry. Scram!
I'd love to wear horizontal stripes and look so cute.