Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Four Dogs


Ooops. Bella is behind the right side curtain panel. Our family has grown to 160 pounds of dog.

I made Maryland crab cakes for dinner on Sunday. Gina, Billy, and their dogs squeezed into Gina’s 2-door Toyota Scion to come for dinner and to let their new dog visit Gramma’s house for the first time. Billy is six foot-five and the dogs are both large so it took a while for everyone to unfold through two doors. Our new granddog arrived to meet the girls.


“I don’t know where I am but I am here. Snort.”

Old girl Chloe is always the "meet and greet" committee while spooky Bella hangs back. She’s always been at ease and confident with new dogs. After the first few minutes of sniffing and introductions, we unhooked their leads. Mr. Biggins wanted to be the first to jump on Gramma and I protected my camera very well! Then, off they went!


He shall be named Bam Bam, “Bammy”, or more often,

“Bamma lamma ding dong”.

He'll keep his original name although it isn't very dignified. A four year old girl named him Bam Bam. It's OK.


Chloe: “Hold still. I need to sniff your stop. What are you?”

Bella was more interested in his jewels. Her Pooh’s Piglet voice: “Hey, c-c-come here! Let me ch-ch-check your ID. Where did you g-get those? Woo Hoo.” It could be the last time she will be able to marvel at those hummdingers…


Bam Bam made himself at home right away and found his way to the water dish on the deck without help. I was concerned about him being around the pond because English Bulldogs need a rescue in three feet of water. He didn’t show interest in it this time, thankfully. It was hot enough for all of them to enjoy the baby pool. Maybe next time. Surprisingly, the wide boy can run! He has trouble braking and tripped on the deck steps a few times, unaffected.

Dr. Mark said he is perfect. His blood work was good and the best news is that he has lost four pounds since Gina has had him. Bam Bam walks and plays in his new home, unlike before. He’s a loving hunk of joy and during their first week together, he and Mr. Biggins have become good playmates. They rarely battle anymore.


Chloe, the snob: “Well? What’s the deal, Mother? Don’t tell me he’s staying. Please. His face is too sloppy.”


Neighbor Dan couldn’t resist a visit. I wanted to offer him paper towels as he was slimed by all four of them after he came inside the gate.


Bella, sweet Bel Bel, is the most insecure and sensitive dog of all. She made it her business to make sure that no one was allowed in her Daddy’s chair.

She and Mr. Biggins always play intensely with lots of harmless teeth gnashing and neck munching. Bella tends to get carried away sometimes, and when Bam Bam wanted a piece of the action, I could sense a brawl might happen between the three so I used my deep and dark Darth Vader voice, twice, which put them at attention. Very cool! Good dogs.

When Gina, Billy, Mr. Biggins, and Bam Bam packed themselves into the little car, we waved good-bye. Mr. Biggins kept his eyes on me as they drove away and I know his look didn’t mean anything, really, but I felt a little sadness and a knot in my throat. To me, this visit was different. I showed him affection, for sure, and told him how wonderful he is, but not like other times. Of course, they are all just dogs but I think when worried Mr. Biggins comes to visit again, I will want to hold him and talk to him more often. He knows things have changed, he looks worried more often, and I understand it, too. I wish I weren’t so sentimental about every little thing…I just can't forget his eyes on me when leaving.


All four at the door. I can’t hide - but everything is alright.
I had just... windexed... that... door!!!


possumlady said...

There's a WHOLE LOTTA Dog lovin going on at your house!! I'm in love with Bam Bam, but I would have caught the look on Mr. Biggins face too. He just needs to know he is still gamma's special boy. I just know you will make sure he knows too.

KGMom said...

You are a hoot, Mary. Actually, when I saw that first photo of all the dogs lined up, I thought maybe it was the jury pool for Michael Vick!

Anonymous said...

This is soo funny to see all four of these guys together like this! Thanks for the smiles Mary!

Mary said...

possumlady, oh, he'll be ok. He's happy... I'm the sentimental one. But I did detect his slightly dejected feelings. Geeezzz.

Donna, no dogs on the jury pool for Michael Vick - let ME handle the idiot! LOL!

Monarch - never a dull moment with four of them, for sure!

Cathy said...

Oh Mary - This is so so sweet. You are the most tender hearted grandma ever and you brought tears to my eyes. Sneak a little extra hug for me to Mr. Biggins on his next trip.

Those door shots are gems. Those captions! The look on Bel Bel's face on Dad's chair!

Unknown said...

MY goodness you have a house full Mary. Never dull heh.
The door shots are adorable.

Susan Gets Native said...

You know my stance on pets, Mary...the more, the merrier!

Bring on the slimies.

JeanMac said...

Gave me my smile for the evening - we love dogs.Wayne loved the pics, also.

Unknown said...

Love, love, love your dogs. My goodness. I'm sure Mr Biggins will adjust -- it's hard when a new baby joins the family. It's why I'm glad I had my kids so close together -- Ruthie never had a chance -- she was only 18 mos when Gage came so she didn't know to be jealous or worry about the change! Mr Biggins will soon see that things will be okay with the new kid! :)

Alyssa said...

Looks like everyone is going to get along just fine. I was wondering when I would see a post of Bam Bam (the name does fit, some how) and how he was getting along. I'm sure Mr.Biggins was just watching you out the window 'cause he loves you. You can read a lot of things into dogs staring that really aren't there. I always think Garm is sad but I can't imagine how he can be! I think you are all in for a whole lot of fun! Now Gramma has to buy more and more treats! Great pictures - keep them coming.

P.S. I get second crack (literally!) at that SOB Vick!!

Jayne said...

What a crew Mary! Cute!

Mary said...

I thought windex was a made up name for window cleaner after I saw "My big fat Greek wedding" but it obviously isn't The dogs must hate the hot weather you are having Today here has been suuny but not warm cold wind.

Naturegirl said...

You gotta love these four legged friends! I love it when I visit folks with multiple pets in the house..afer all they are just little four legged people to me!! I say when you visit me and love me you love my pets!
This post was a hoot to read you are hillarious Mary and that's why I love stopping by! You always manage to put the biggest smile on my face and today I needed that!! hugging you NG

Julie Zickefoose said...

This is a party I wish Chet Baker could have attended. There can never be enough smashy-faced dogs in the world. What a feast!

Gretchen said...

Such sweet dogs!

RuthieJ said...

Oh Mary, you're posts are the best! I love your narrative and that eye of Mr Biggins right in the camera--priceless! I'm glad they all got along.

NatureWoman said...

Oh Mary, this made me LOL for sure! All of those dogs are so cool! And your words are the best! Mr. Biggins will be okay.

kate said...

I'd love to hear that Darth Vader voice - you should record it for us!!

What a cute group of dogs - Bella and Chloe had fun with their company. Bam Bam looks like fun... Lytton, my lab, would have been terrified with so many small dogs running about and would have hidden behind Mr Biggins.

thailandchani said...

Whose feet in the picture by the fence? :)



cat59 said...

Oh my gosh. This is too much! I LOVE the photos of the dogs and your narration. I just love a happy, healthy, loved group of dogs!

Annie in Austin said...

You're just lucky your daughter is also a dog person .... I'd hate to see what would happen if she brought over a couple of cats for you to babysit, Mary!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Larry said...

Mary-I think you would make a great cartoon writer-very funny stuff!-BTW-Wear gloves and store carefully if you pick Pokeberries-they can definitely blister your skin!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

HA! Windex- phooey! I just think your Bella is the most expressive doggy face on the planet. I sent her a smooch (the rest of the doggy gang too!) That Bam Bam sure is a package. (well hung too!) I'm sure Mr. Biggins will get lots of special attention from you.

Yes, May, I was a "creature of the niight shift"!

WHAT'S NORMAL? said...

Yes, I have a 10 month old baby. She is my answer to mid-life crisis. I'd always had cats and thought cats ruled and dogs drooled. Now Della (Delta Queen) has my heart. Also Mary, on a different note go to Fincher Adventure. My neice is pregnant and about to give birth to a baby with spina bifida. He will also require surgery a day after birth. This is their first child and my brothers first grandchild.

sonia a. mascaro said...

LOVE, LOVE this post, Mary! I wish I could be there with you and the four companions! Great photos!