Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thirty Minutes of This Morning


It’s been almost three months. There are several dozen photographs waiting for show and tell and at least eight stories to write. I haven’t had enough time to compose and share any of it here. Poor, poor Mary’s View. I wasn't planning on being here today, either.

This morning, early, before drink, food, toothbrush, cleanser on my face or a comb through my hair, a story was written in my mind as it happened. Not an adventure, not exciting. Simple and fun for me. It only took thirty minutes outside to know it was time to nudge this blog and I also knew this post would jump ahead in line before the rest.

The sunrise was searing hot and the humidity kept everything wet from overnight rain. Ignoring all that, I browsed near the pond and surveyed the work that still needed to be done. Man, it’s been too damned hot to drip sweat so furiously as I have for so long.

In the privacy of my back yard, I had a conversation.


I heard a hum near my head, turned to the right, and there he was.

“Hello. Where have you been? You’re late! Stay. Please. I need to find my camera and its battery…”

For a few months, I wondered if I would ever see an adult female. There were plenty of males defending but I rarely saw a female.

Obviously now, two weeks late, I see the ladies and gents have been getting it on.

Without our cameras and lenses, how would we see the emerald green, ruby red, and all of the tiny details?


“May I take one step closer to you or maybe two?”


“You’re already sleepy. Is that mean old man wearing you out?



He has claimed this branch of the Wax Crepe Myrtle where he has a clear view of all feeders. It’s his throne where he spends most of his awake time.


I wonder how these baby birds learn to get their protein and sugar


and I wonder how they learn the benefits of spider webs and lichen.


Who shows them where the bugs are?




He wore me out.

Cicadas, hot, no breeze.

Only 8 in the morning.

More sweat.

Chloe and Bella found shade.


Amazing. I'll never lose interest or become bored with these little gems.

Since I wasn't expecting a crowd this year, I'm so glad to hear the bickering.


Back to his branch for a minute of preening.

I could have reached out and touched him.

I wouldn’t dare!


He needs to beware.


“Did someone stab you in the back?

Did that mean old man get you?”


Tiny bastardly thing

and very cute!