Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where It All Happens

A big hug and thanks to everyone who sent me a photo of your Blogitat! I had a great time receiving them and planning this post. Every day, we share our thoughts and our personalities here and unfortunately most of us will never meet face to face. Now, whenever I read one of your posts, I’ll have a mental picture of you tapping away in your creative space. I hope you enjoy the views. Here we are...



Laura at Somewhere in NJ - During the nice weather I like to spend computer time on my screened patio - from this spot I can see and hear the pond straight ahead. Just out of view to the left are my birdfeeders - full at the moment with bright goldfinches, house finches, chickadees and tufted titmice. The outside of the patio has a small garden with iris, peonies, and the biggest bleeding heart bush in the world! The patio also houses my houseplants which are outdoors for their summer vacation, and also at the moment a few of our tropical plants that were over wintered in the basement. They're not ready for full sun yet, so they hang with me in the shade.



Pam at Nature Woman - This is my laptop where I do all of my blogging, flickr-ing, etc. The photo of me on the right was taken by Tom (Mon@rch) on May 26, 2007 in front of a 200 year old sugar maple located at Allegany State Park. At the moment I'm working on uploading my Allegany State Park photos taken on May 26, 2007 to Flickr which I leave private until I label them and blog about them. Then I make them viewable by my friends and/or family. And on the left is the start of my blog posting about the awesome day I spent with Tom (Mon@rch) at Allegany State Park. The little desk that you see my laptop sitting on can move around - it was built special for me to use on the sofa in my living room and it only has legs on one side so I can lounge with my legs spread out on the sofa and work with the laptop right in front of me. In case you're wondering, I cloned out the piles of photo albums, etc. that I'm working on scanning in a little at a time! My room usually is neat, but you know when you inherit some stuff, you have to somehow absorb it into your home space. Before I do that, they're getting scanned in for my family. Hence the big mess that I didn't want everyone to see!


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Tom at Monarch Nature Blog - This means that I am stuck behind the computer all day at work and not allowed to get out of the office to do nature things! I’m from Western New York and spend most of my time here in Allegany State Park.


Lynne at Hasty Brook

Lynne at Hasty Brook - Welcome to my corner! Really- it's a corner that's my spot for just me. My corner is in our bedroom, upstairs, overlooking the backyard. Starting on the right you can see my camera case and my Handheld Birds. These two pieces of electronics are nearly always with me. On the window ledge are some of the rocks I brought back from Phoenix- you can't have too many rocks. No desk for me, I do my blogging in that old stripey chair with my feet up and my lap-top on my lap(top). My binoculars are always at the ready. I keep my favorite field guides in that white basket on the shelf. Right beneath my lap-top is my Bose. I really love my Bose- there is music on most of the time.


Cathy's Place

Cathy at Looking Up - It's the couch. That's were it all happens. I sit here in the evenings with my hubby ensconced beside me. Between his clicking the dual remotes and my tapping away at the keyboard - we get our money's worth out of our cable connection. I don't know what I was doing with my time before this blogging thing took over. Hmmm. Better not think about that too much;0)
(Yikes! Looking at the pix - I see my part needs some color. Well I just don't have time - gotta keep blogging:0)


Susan GN

Susan at Susan Gets Native - What is there to say about my little blogging corner? I have Cheetos, Euro the dove, my rats and hardly any decoration. Ho and hum. :)



Trixie at Trixie’s View - Here is a picture of my area. There is the Our Lady of Perpetual Help. She hangs around, because I need all the help I can get. Then there is my jumble of knitting needles and neglected watercolor brushes. You may see a bowl of yarn and a picture of my girls. The window faces west/northwest. There are times I cannot sit here because the sun is streaming in. And yes, there is chaos in the background. The ugly pink ceramic box is what a co-worker gave me for Christmas. It was such a sweet gesture. And, the bobbing head turtles at the very top…see them? I do have to police kid mess here, too. YIKES!



Donna at KGMom Mumblings - I have a laptop computer that has its docking station in our family room. That is where the photo is taken. BUT, I also use the laptop on our sun porch, with ceiling to floor windows and pet beds. Frequently, I sit there, looking out the windows at my flower pots (remember--the ones I planted like a crazy person recently) and with my dog Tipper and two cats--Cassidy and Allie. It makes blogging fun.

The real THINKING for my blog occurs many places and times--while I am falling asleep, while I shower (instead of singing), while I walk the dog. I have a blank page note book that I called Musings where I do some of my first writing. I jot down ideas, phrases, sequence of content, etc. Then when I write the blog itself. I first sit down at the computer, compose the blog in a Word document, spell and grammar check it (it wouldn't do for an English prof to make a mistake, now, would it?) then copy it into Blogger. Of course, then I add photos, and hit PUBLISH!



Beth at Look What Love Has Done - Alrighty, girl - here you go. However - I have to admit to some cheating. I just rearranged my room today, moved furniture around and set this stuff up. Truth be told, I have NEVER posted from this place...yet....

The truth of my blogging is found when I'm curled up on my bed or lying on the couch with the laptop balanced on my tummy. We have a pc downstairs, and occasionally I'll work from there…but it is the kids' domain (though the monitor is honking HUGE and much preferable to work on!) I work there at times, but get frustrated dodging the Cheeto crumbs and empty milk glasses.

As I type this email to you, I am in my new 'workspace', so I guess that counts for something. And that IS my yard out the (dirty) window....perhaps this neat desk is wishful thinking. Whatever. It IS in my bedroom...


LostRosesMay 005_resize

Mary at Lost Roses - First let me say I haven't dusted this area since Christmas, (editor’s note: all Marys hate to dust.) I may do it again sometime soon, but not today. This is probably the most cluttered room in my house and that's saying something! I call it the computer room, but it also holds old photo albums, loose pictures, CDs filled with who knows what, newspaper clippings, a filing cabinet, my bills, wrapping paper, a spotting scope on a tripod, bird books, and anything else that doesn't have a home elsewhere. This is my workspace but blogging isn't work, it's my R&R!


RuthieJhome workspace

Ruthie at Nature Knitter – Here’s a pic of my blogging habitat. Field guides on the first shelf to my right (within easy reach) and the ones I'm currently using are laying on the desk. This workstation is in my dining room and if I turn in my chair a little to the right, I can look out the big bay window to my yard. This is especially handy for taking pictures when I hear a new bird singing outside or hear something splashing around in the birdbath.



Alyssa at My Examined Life - Here is a picture of where I always do my blogging and everything else on the computer. It's very comfortable for me and the pugs think so, too. Thea lays on the back of the couch with her head on my shoulder and Garm snuggles up very close to me and snores! Our house is very small - one bedroom - so a laptop was my only alternative. I've got no room for a desk or work area. I don't mind at all 'cause I can be in the living room with Steve while he watches some goofy show, but I don't have to pay attention to it. You know what I mean? Obviously, I have a wireless system and my printer is set up in the basement on Steve's work bench. It works out very nicely. I just push the computer under the couch when I'm not on it.



Cuppa at Brown Betty Brew - Due to a back injury I suffered whilst roller blading a couple of years ago, I can't sit at a desk for more than ten minutes without having to jump up and run screaming for the nearest easy chair for some relief. I discovered that if I sit in a high back chair with my back and arms completely supported and my laptop on my laptop I am quite comfortable to write for hours. So I set up this writing nook in a corner of the master bedroom and it is where I spend many happy hours writing, blogging, emailing, reading, and... just plain wool-gathering. I have a view of the trees outside the bedroom window from this comfy spot and that really helps during the wool-gathering episodes.



Julie at Julie Zickefoose - Windows let in breeze and birdsong. The photos behind the computer are of an impossibly hot Bill w/ basketball, and me and my dad when I was 12 and he was 58. We're looking at Audubon prints.



Chet Baker at Julie Zickefoose - Are you sure you want people to see this, Mether? It is very messy.



Dorothy from Woods View – The room where I blog is just a small room, a combination art studio and computer room. But it is my little chapel. The flowers on my table were gifted to me from Laura, my daughter, for Mother's Day. She lives in California and I can't remember the last time we spent Mother's Day together.

In the summertime, this window overlooking my "woods view" will have flowers peeking in at me from a hayrack windowbox.



Chris at Notes from a Somerset Garden - Looking at my work area has made me rethink! I have had to put up the cafe style curtains as I usually blog in the evenings and now the sun later it sets right in my eyes :-) I can't see a thing! I have made up my mind to change direction and rooms! There is a corner of the dining room I could occupy without too much upheaval and in the summer I could have the french doors open onto the garden! It’s on my list of things to do :-)



Susie at Susie’s Space - Attached is a photo of where I do my bloggy thing. Remodeling of the office has been on the "to do" list since I posted this on Feb 27. Bill says it's going to happen by summer, but he doesn't say what summer ;)


SherryOne year 599

Sherry at Q’s Corner - When I look at my work space I like to see a beautiful area. I need a candle and a flower and I am working on living curtains so my ivy is slowly growing to be my office curtain. I am tidy by nature. I also like to see outside when I cannot be outside. I am thinking about going wireless so I can download photos and post while on the deck.

I lead a contemplative life in the busy atmosphere of the city. I like it, different. It is easier to be quiet in the quiet. It takes some awareness to be quiet in the noise. Also the UPS guy can bring my stuff without any trouble.

Thank you for asking for our photos. I think it is nice to see where the "muse" lives. For me, I am inspired by the subtle ways of Nature. I learn a bit more everyday about joy and beauty. Thank you for walking this journey with me.



Larry at The Brownstone Birding Blog - I decided not to clean up my area. It seems the whole point is to get an idea of what our area actually looks like.

The black case is a CD case at my disposal so that I can listen to music. The can is flavored seltzer, my favorite beverage. There is a discarded Butterfinger wrapper-(the Butterfinger is in my belly). There is a copy of Sibleys that is too big to carry around with me so I leave it here. There are two checklists from this weekend that I have not bothered to file yet. The whole desk is backed up against the living room stairs. There is a notebook and pen for doodling. A patriots mousepad (I'm a sports fan).


Sonia workplace

Sonia at Leaves of Grass - The place where I spend much of my time writing, reading and blogging!



Ruth at Body, Soul, and Spirit - I am a laptop and wireless person. I have attached a picture of my favourite office. When the weather is not as grand, my office may be on the sofa, recliner, or kitchen table. my toes in the picture. Our deck is sunny and warm, even on cooler days.

We went to wireless when we had 4 computers on the go all the time when my daughters were in university. The twins are gone, but I wouldn't go back to hardwire!



Jayne at Journey Through Grace - It's Saturday morning. This space is full of light and warmth for me and looks out over the front yard. We went iMac two years ago and will never go back! The index card on the computer stand is the "meta" prayer Susan at Visual-Voice has started. It says, "May you be safe... May you be happy... May you be healthy... May you live with ease" and I think of that as I read all my blog buddies and send loving-kindness their way. The chickadees are on my mousepad (of course) and I have Hem playing as I enjoy my second cup of Coffee Fool African Safari and contemplate getting in the shower (at some point). :c)



Me – I share a space with my husband. This is the den, located conveniently from everywhere in our ranch home and decorated in a golf theme which includes a lot of his memorabilia, plus a piano and a leather loveseat. But that’s OK because I own the spot 98% of the time. I just make sure his favorite pen is in its proper place. I keep it tidy but most of the time my blogging notes and field guides (including my new Sibley’s) are spread all over the place. When I look to my right, I have a view of the front of the house…



Chloe and Bella from Mary’s View -

Bella: “Chloe, is dat a b-b-bunny?”
Chloe: “It’s a cat, you moron.”


I just had to include some REALLY COOL DOGS!

I appreciate each one of you so much. I hope you enjoyed this as much I as enjoyed putting it together. Now, it’s time for a drink - of the wine variety.

Please shoot me an e-mail if I flubbed up or forgot someone? Sometimes I get carried away when I click "delete" on my incoming e-mail. I'll fix my error right away!


RuthieJ said...

Oh Mary, that was so much fun! Thanks for taking all our submissions and giving us a chance to snoop into each other's habitat.

Dorothy said...

Mary you outdid yourself!!! You did a great job - loved seeing everyone's spots and reading about where all do their blogging.
Many thanks for letting me have a view into your window and everyone elses' too.

Susie said...

You did an outstanding job on this. What a varied assortment of places to blog!!
Thanks for all your hard work in putting this together!

Ruth said...

This post is a "10", Mary! Nice to have a peek into the lives of so many blogging friends.

KGMom said...

Oh, Mary, I am laughing, giggling, smiling, bemused, entranced. . .what a great idea. Seeing the thinking, blogging, working, playing places of all these wonderful bloggers. Some are just a LOL (Mon@rch); some look way too comfy to actually be able to blog; and some have help.
I loved them all! Thanks again and again.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Mary- This is the best! What a wonderful idea and you put so much work into it. I absolutely loved seeing where everyone blogs. Thanks everyone for giving us all a peek!

Mary said...

I think all of these places are unique and some might definitely be worthy of special awards or recognition!

Cathy said...

Well that is just a hoot. We are all so wonderful and here we are (some a little more visible than others:-) Hey! I'm in good company. I notice the dogs and I are the only ones that got our feet in the pictures.

The pups stole the show, but I give Tom a close second:0)

Thanks for the smiles, sweet Mary.

Cathy said...

But wait! I see that Ruth got her toes in her picture, too!

Larry said...

This was a great idea!-I'm going to look this post over a few times before I'm done.-very entertaining-

Mary said...

Ok, glass #3 wine. I said to the dogs, "Go play. I need to thill the fistle seeder." HA! Excuse my comments tonight :o)

LauraHinNJ said...

Oooo - fun stuff, Mary!

Nice to see where everyone is coming from.

NatureWoman said...

This is so cool Mary! Thanks for putting this together for us!

Anonymous said...

OMG, this is so awesome Mary! You must have put a ton of time into getting this organized! BRAVO and glad I was a part of it!

Susan Gets Native said...

Crawling. Under. My. Desk. Right. Now.

Come on, you guys! You can't POSSIBLY be that clean!
My office needs a make-over. No wonder I am rarely inspired.

Jess Riley said...

I LOVE THIS! I love seeing where everybody creates. Fantastic!!! I've been meaning to post a pic of my own little writing nook on my blog one of these days...perhaps next week.

(In the meantime, I have caught up on your posts & photos--lovely, as usual!)

Alyssa said...

Hi Mary, This was really neat!! I loved reading the posts and seeing where others do their blogging. I like the fact that so many of us seem to have so much in common - the world is actually quite small. Wonderful job. Thanks, Alyssa

Chrissie said...

I really enjoyed this post, thanks, Mary. Now as I read blogs I will be able to imagine the writer sitting before their keyboard tapping away :-) Brilliant piece of work, well done!

Jayne said...

Oh, how fun Mary! This was so very enjoyable to read and see. You are just the most creative soul I know! Love and hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary,

"Where it all Happens", is worthy of some sort of award...Hum, maybe the Drizal Award! I do not know any of the bloggers but I must say that Tom's photo is a hoot! Thank for sharing! -- Lizard

thailandchani said...

Oh, I really like this! :) It was great to see all those spaces!

I hope you'll do this again one day.

Love it!



dmmgmfm said...

I'm sorry I wasn't able to send mine in. When I return home tomorrow, I'll try to get a photo to send, just for you.


Q said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you for this "event"!
Where bloogers blog is fun.
I want to come back and meet every journal! I know a few already and to "see" their space is such a blessing.
Now maybe all of us can send you a gift.
Maybe all of us can send you rain!
Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and your hard work.
Hugs and may you enjoy a wet summer evening,

Anonymous said...

This was a fun read, Mary! And that shot of the dogs is precious. The were wearing their "it wasn't me" faces.

LostRoses said...

Great job, Mary! That was a clever idea. Love the chain on Mon@rch, I'm still laughing. Some of these spots deserve to be in a decorating magazine, and I'm struck by the light and the views from most of the blogging places. It never occurred to me to take my photo during the day since I always blog at night!

Looks like laptops win the day. A few of us need to upgrade!

Unknown said...

That was awesome! I totally loved seeing everyone's spots!

I thought the Chet picture was priceless. If Chet thinks that Julie's desk is messy . . . he better never come to my house! Yikes! :)

dguzman said...

Wow, I wish I'd sent in one for my space! That was awesome!

Ziggywigs said...

Love your blog and love this post....very interesting to see how folk have their different set ups...had to chuckle at the chain pic!

Deb said...

Such a great idea & post. Fun to see where other people "post from home" :-}

possumlady said...

GREAT IDEA! So sorry I missed it. Inquiring minds want to know though.....where did mon@rch get those shackles??? Mary, you have the most clever ideas. Keeps us on our toes.

Mary said...

Gee - I am so happy you all enjoyed it. I took off a few hours from work to have "uninterrupted time" to get it done. It was labor intensive, but worth every minute!

Welcome to those new visitors! Stop back soon!

Julie Zickefoose said...

Thank you so much for this, Mary. I know how much work it was, or can guess. I just have to laugh as I smell whiffs of Endust coming over my computer...tell me your blogitats are always that neat! Please! I agonized over it and procrastinated and finally just said, Oh, the h-ll with it, I'll take the dang picture and get on with it, spaghetti cords, bits of scrap paper, stray machines and all. Baker was verra embarrassed. Thanks again for your hard work. I'd say you earned a whole bottle of wine, with a straw in it.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Wow! What a great post, Mary! I am sorry because just only now I see it! You did a great job! I love to see my photo here! Thanks so much! I will return soon to see all photos again!

Cuppa said...

Love this post Mary. Sorry I am so late getting to it. Things have been a tad busy around here and I have been spending more time with the new baby than here at home. Not much writing or reading has been indulged in. Sigh.

Besides helping Butterfly with Smudge, AC and I are getting house and garden ready to leave for a month. Yep, we are off to visit Lady Bug and Power Puff in Vancouver for a month. I love the idea of the trip, but oh the preparations that have to go on before hand to get us packed and other the door. Wears me out it does. I might have to sleep my first two days of my holiday away.

Anyway, we will try to post some travel blogs, so stay tuned.

Talk to you again soon.

Ewa said...

Hallo Mary,

Thank you for visiting me :) I feel sorry about the drought :(

I just discovered this lovely archive post - it is very creative, funny and precious.


A New England Life said...

Mary, this is a great post! How very interesting to see so many different areas and styles people use in their homes for blogging! Love it!

I myself sit at the kitchen table in a comfortable computer chair. Our main computer area is in the family room which we tend to keep on the cooler side. Not to mention I can't see the backyard. Plus being a mom I really try to stay in the hub of things, hence, the kitchen.

Jayne over at Journey Through Grace had a link to this post today or I would never have seen it : )