Monday, May 14, 2007

Me? A Thinking Blogger?

Dear Laurie at Don’t Make Me Get My Flying Monkeys nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award. I was so surprised that I nearly fell off my chair. I do think, now and then, and sometimes deeply, too. Rambling is what I do best on the keyboard, then I think about it later.

Laurie doesn’t think she thinks, either, but she does. You just can’t come up with the variety of emotions she shares if you don’t think. She’s a combination of seriousness and slaphappiness. If you don’t know Laurie, visit. Her blog is a treat.

Receiving a Thinking Blogger award creates more thinking. I need to choose five other bloggers who I think is deserving of the same award and let me tell you, that’s hard to do. There is a special person behind each blog you see listed on my sidebar and there are others that I haven’t even had the time to add yet. Each one offers a different personality, insight, and style. Some have already received the award! How can I possibly narrow my list to five? I love them all. So I had to narrow it down to ones who wake up my brain and cause all sorts off commotion inside my head…

thinkingbloggerpf8 goes to:

Donna at KGMom Mumblings is an exceptional thinker. She’s a teacher of language and literature and shares her gift. Animals and nature are close to her heart and the words she attaches to her photos are exquisite. Donna experienced culture and lifestyles that are foreign to most of us as she lived her first fifteen years in Africa. I love hearing about her life and times in a country I’ll probably never visit. Check out her “Saturday Soups” for some delicious recipes, too! She’s a remarkable woman.

Julie Zickefoose’s blog is the first one I read and visited last fall. It was our love of Boston Terriers that first drew me to her. She’s all about loving nature and science and is a great wife, Mom, artist, published author, photographer, and NPR commentator, all rolled into one incredible lady. Julie graciously offers her talent for us to savor and enjoy in our own homes. I never miss her posts that usually make me laugh and cry… And, even though she is so accomplished and admired, she is real! She makes my day.

Ruth at Body, Soul, and Spirit must lie awake at night thinking about her next ten posts. She loves historical subjects and has an attachment to Mexico. I learn something new from her every day. Ruth is a nature lover and environmentalist and nothing stops her from discovering. Her expertise lies in health care, particularly for seniors, and her heart will always remain with them. Ruth has a strong desire for photography, learning, and researching, but now and then, she gets a bit whimsical, too! Ruth graces us with "Friday Flowers" every week. Glorious color!

Sherry at Q’s Corner is a bit of heaven. She posts throughout the day and I find great pleasure and relaxation to see what she’s been doing during my workday at the office. Sherry calms me when I need it. Her heart oozes caring, “Walking in Beauty”, and love. Her relationship with birds “Please Indulge Me” , flowers, insects and all nature has to offer is so refreshing. I imagine her with a camera lens the length of a baseball bat to capture everything beautiful at any time of the year. Her words are few but carry much weight.

Vicki at A Mark on My Wall - after reading one of her posts, I’m usually left speechless for commenting. This lady has pizzazz! Vicki’s a Zoo Guru and a woman full of life and adventure who lives between Illinois and Florida, alternately throughout the year. Her humor keeps me gasping for air between hee-haws! She finds humor in the most serious and sensitive days of our lives. Isn’t that how we can get through it all? She’s a real thinker, no doubt, and her photography skills are out of this world.

So, please accept my commendations? You can pick up your award here. If you don’t care to name your “thinking five” and participate, that’s OK with me. We are all very busy now. It was my pleasure to honor you today, that’s all.

Thanks again, Laurie, and to those of you who remove the cobwebs from my brain!


Q said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you. Right now would be the time I would post a picture of the beautiful butterfly that floated past my window. It means to me that a beautiful lady (you) has honoured me.
I am pleased you enjoy the essays. Heaven on Earth is in your backyard too.
I look forward to your journal entries and appriciate your comments on mine.
May your days be filled with bird songs and your nights shimmer with star dust.

Anonymous said...

(blushing) You flatter me with such fine company. And now I'm into 3 blogs I haven't read before- so thank you for that, too! I'm fairly sure I'm not worthy- mostly it's a motley assortment of mediocre ramblings- but thank you!

And the post below? Sweet Mary-you know I'm in tune with that one. Same amount of time and some days I miss her more rather than less. I love that your mother had such good and ordinary taste in flowers.

Ruth said...

Mary...thank you for the kind things you wrote about me. I wish I could write things in the amusing way you do. It is always a treat to read your posts and you are deserving of the award. And you also deserve an award as the social queen of the blogosphere!
I assure you, I am asleep 2 seconds after my head hits the pillow at night. I enjoy visiting my blogging friends and look forward to reading the blogs of the new people you mentioned.

KGMom said...

Another awardee weighing in here. Thanks Mary--the bad thing about you including me among your nominees is that I can't nominate you! Which I would have done.
It is always fun to read new blogs that trusted bloggers have recommended, so I will be reading two new blogs.
And thinking--thinking of who I can nominate, now that Mary has already been nominated.

Mary said...

Sherry, you brighten my day. You are gifted and deserve a compliment or 100 of them.

Vicki, You are worthy! You pack so much thought into post that exudes emotion and thought! What I love most is your sense of humor. You rock!

Ruth, well, actually I do believe you crash at the end of the day - your mind is always running full speed, for sure. I don't intend to be social queen, LOL! I just ramble about nothing much... I look forward to visiting you every day.

Donna, there are so many talented writers out are one of my favs. Believe it or not, I aced literature in high school and was an avid reader for many years. I miss it! You encourage and inspire me.

Jess Riley said...

Excellent--new blogs to discover!

dmmgmfm said...

I've gone to all of your blogs and have to say, well done, Mary! I've bookmarked them all and I'll be BACH... ;-)

Susan Gets Native said...

I know that this award will never come to me, and that's okay. I am more of a feeler, than a thinker.
At least, I think so.

You were right on in your choices, Mary.

Alyssa said...

Congratulations on your nomination Mary. Now I'll have even more blogs catch up on! Alyssa

Unknown said...

Fun, Mary! And, congrats! I read many of the same blogs you do and will visit the others! Cheers, -llm.

Naturegirl said...

Mary congratulations! It's always a great compliment and inspiring when others think of your blog when giving awards! I am very much familiar with Q's corner and I agree with you in saying it is ~a bit of heaven!~ I will visit the other sites you mention. Thank you for sharing.
hugs NG

Mary said...

Jess, enjoy them. I know you already read at least one of them ;O)

Laurie, thanks again.

Susan, there is an award for you that I think you deserve. It would have to do with uninhibited FUN! You are always one of my first stops :o)

Alyssa, you will enjoy all of them!

Liza, I think all of our blog buddies are the best!

Naturegirl, it was nice to receive the compliment and it's something I think we all need now and then. Thanks for stopping by!

kate said...

Congratulations, Mary! I think it is a well-deserved award ... you are constantly thinking. I enjoy reading your blog for that reason ... and for the pics too!!

LauraHinNJ said...

Congrats to you and I'm glad to read that you enjoy many of the same blogs as I do!

thailandchani said...

Wow.. they're all new blogs for me to check out. I love it! :) If you recommend them, I know they'll be good.



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Cathy said...

Mary - It's all about the connections and the new paths discovered along the way to familiar and favorite blogs. I'll enjoy these new signposts.

P.S. If I can find my down-load cord I hope to get my 'blogging pix' off to you. Waaaaa. I have to go check the laundry basket.

Julie Zickefoose said...

I'll second the Social Queen of the Blogosphere vote. Maybe also Gets Most Comments the Fastest. I'm in awe. Thank you. I really appreciate your nomination and the cool, thoughtful people you'll send my way by doing so.
You're a doll, a human Boston terrier. You know what high praise that is!!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Congratulations, Mary, on your nomination! Your blog is just great and you deserve this award!
I will follow those links!