Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Few Words Wednesday

Summer rushes in.
Home from work later than usual.
Ninety minutes on the phone with Dell, blah blah, blah.
Some chores to do.
Then the rush to see...


"I promise, Gardenias, to relieve you of this horrible drought. I'm falling behind. Forgive me."


"Please resist your urge to burst open until tomorrow? Wait for me? I'm too hot and sweaty right now. I need a cold drink."


"I know you are hungry. Give me a few minutes, lovely Koi. I'm rushing to you and I know it's late."


"You are new, blue you! Do you like it here?"
There are too many new visitors. My head is spinning.


"I saw your male friend but it's getting dark already. Where is he now?"


I think it's going to be an exciting summer
I need to step up to the plate and meet the challenge.
The fragrant summer breezes
inspire me. Ahhhhhh...


Susie said...

Lovely photos, but sounds like you need a rest! The sunset is gorgeous

Susan Gets Native said...

I'm there too, Mary.
Between the recently arrived hummingbirds, the baby chickadees and the drama between the tree swallows and the purple martins, I don't know where to point my camera!
One thing at a time, dearie.

KGMom said...

Never enough hours in the day, are there?
Right now, I am grading term papers, and tomorrow my husband has taken off so we can open our pool. Flower planting? what flower planting.

Cathy said...

"Wait for me?" As the beauty here in Ohio is leaning over every lawn and from every woodlot and along every stream and path - my mantra as I race through the day is "Wait for me . . "
So much beauty and so little time.

We can rest during summer's lull. Meanwhile - major sleep deprivation.

Unknown said...

We are all feeling the pressures, Mary! Hang in there.

Your hummer picture was FAB! Hope your flowers wait until you are more rested.

dmmgmfm said...

Loved the last photo! Well they were all great, but that last one, wow!!

Larry said...

After looking at this series of photos, I feel like laying in a hammock in my back yard and skiiping all the yard chores.-very calming effect.

Jayne said...

And it all rushes in! Everything seems to be moving in accelerated motion doesn't it? Wonderful images Mary. Esp. love the sunset. :c)

Beth said...

The hummingbird and the sunset - AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Beautiful, mary. You have brightened my morning!

Anonymous said...

Mary I love your pictures. I wish our flowers were as far along as yours are. I put one day aside this week for flower gardens here in southeastern Pa. and am already enjoying a few new blooms. I am anxiously awaiting the hummingbirds that have already graced your feeder. I found bright red coral bells for my bed this spring and can't wait to see what the hummer's think of them! Just loved that last picture.

*Linnie* said...

Beautiful pictures and blog...enjoyed my visit!!

*Linnie* said...

Hey Mary...thanks for the visit! It's an Olympus SP550 and I've had it about 2 months. I like it but I have LOTS to learn as I haven't even ventured over to the manual settings. They scare me! *lol*

Jess Riley said...

I LOVE your latest posts! And how awesome are you to make the clay nest peace offering for your barn swallow? You are a truly wonderful person, Mary.

I just hung my hummingbird feeder, but alas, there are few flowers blooming around my yard to entice one to visit. This is what I get for neglecting to plant early spring bloomers...*sigh*

sonia a. mascaro said...

Beautiful photos as always, Mary!
I am so amazed with your birds photos! I bet they freeze to your camera! LOL!

Thanks for your visit and nice comment! Sure I have been enjoyed that bookshelf post!

Anonymous said...

Mary that is a spectacular sunset, and great bird shots. Rest!