Sunday, May 27, 2007

Love 'em all!

The weekend has been very busy! There’s not much time for words lately but I always find time to record what I see through photographs. I am making time to share a few things I saw over the weekend before I mix the potato salad.

All God’s Creatures,




and small.


I Love Them All...


They test my picture-taking ability and


challenge my patience (an Untufted titmouse). I try harder.


They think and cause me to wonder.


They think some more and


ignore my requests


until they have success. I’m the one who’s baffled!


Some trust me too much. I’m not always very nice!


During quiet times, I sit in the grass. The rays of a sunset mesmerize me and illuminate the smallest detail.


They light up the vulture’s face


and the Chickadee in the shadows.


I sit, watch, and listen for the hummmm… The sun exposes it from where I sit.


It’s a Good Earth. I hope you have found time to watch and to connect with our extended family :o)


And Remember. Have a Happy Memorial Day!


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I love your photo montage Mary. Sometimes words aren't needed to tell the story. The overly sunny picture with the glowing hummingbird wings is my favorite! Hope you enjoy your weekend too.

Dorothy said...

Hi Mary...Just popping in for a bit, taking a break from all the outside work to peek at your blog. I'm happy to see, that in spite of your busy day, you had a chance to treat us to more photos.
As Lynne said, I love the sunshiney glow on the hummingbird too!
Sure hope you get a chance to relax a bit tomorrow. Wishing a
Happy Memorial Day to you and yours.

Susie said...

Your photos are always such a bright spot in blogland! Your squirrel is cute! Glad he's in your yard and not mine :)
(I have plenty thankyouverymuch)
Have a wonderful weekend.

Unknown said...

Fantastic, Mary!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, Mary! I love that you have a flag to remember the day, too.

I like your hummers and your persistent squirrel and I'm happy you keep coming to see me even when I'm not at home. Thanks, Mary. Have a great rest of the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Catching up, the post below...feels like no time has passed at all, yes? I'm sorry you have that motherless child ache; I'm moved by your post and your realization that your loss was simultaneously her release.

Ruth said...

Wonderful photo essay! Have a great Memorial Day holiday.

Larry said...

All God's creature Great and Small-
I love them all too-Happy Memorial day to you also-

LauraHinNJ said...

Thanks for a smile today, Mary! You always manage to make me do that.

NatureWoman said...

Mary, I love your photos today, especially the sun on the flowers and the hummingbird. Happy Memorial Day to you, too.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that photos can be just a wonderful as words! Mary, but when someone does both perfectly well (write and take photo) how could not be inspired from your post! Enjoy the Memorial Day!

RuthieJ said...

A beautiful post, Mary. Thanks for sharing with us and the reminder that beauty is all around us, we just have to slow down and enjoy it.
Have a happy Memorial Day.

Alyssa said...

Hi Mary, What fantastic pictures. The sun back lighting the flowers is so unique. Very enjoyable. Have a good holiday. Alyssa

LostRoses said...

Lovely tribute to Memorial Day, Mary. We were out at Ft. Logan National Cemetery this morning and it was so peaceful and moving with the flags decorating every grave. The new section with the Iraqi War soldiers' graves was especially sad to see. Your post reminds me to be especially grateful for the beauty we enjoy every day.

Susan Gets Native said...

I viewed your post earlier on the lap top with Isabelle, and you have received the highest compliment on the planet.
Isabelle said, and I QUOTE:
"Oh! I do SO LOVE Mary's blog!"

KGMom said...

I love all creatures great & small ( and loved the TV series when it was on!).
Thanks for the photo celebration.
Those squirrel's bright eyes--wonderful!

dmmgmfm said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Mary. I can't even pick a favorite this time. They are all wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Your photos "Wow" me! I love the koi photo. I can't catch mine.

Jayne said...

And a happy Memorial Day to you too Mary. I love to soak in the joy of your photos and comments. It makes me smile broadly and makes me wish we were neighbors. Love and hugs to you this day.

thailandchani said...

Aaaaaah. Soaking it in!



Annie in Austin said...

It's totally amazing how you can get so close to all the creatures to take such photos, Mary. The trusting squirrel closeup is quite touching.

Annie at the Tranpslantable Rose

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Wonderful pics!
You are being so artsy.
Happy Memorial Day.

Cathy said...

"I'm the one who's baffled" - No kidding! How do they get on those feeders?

Mary, I love the back-lit flowers. The Sun's late and early slant rays create effects that take our breath away.

I've seen maybe 4 hummingbirds all Spring and only for moments. You are blessed.

Hope your potato salad was yummy and your day beautiful.

Mary said...


I hope you enjoyed your long weekend (if you had the day off). I know not everyone has that luxury, i.e. health care, and public service and safety.

I need to acknowledge Isabelle's comment...Thanks, Isabelle! Enjoy all the creatures and learn a lot from your MOM!

Deb said...

Hello Mary
I found your blog through my friend Chris (notes from a somerset garden). Your blog & photos are wonderful! I look forward to returning.

dguzman said...