Thursday, May 10, 2007

Unexpected Pleasures


Deer have crossed the road in front of me but I’ve never seen five horses gallop in front of me on my drive to work. I braked quickly as did others. Not surprisingly, I was the only one to pull over onto a grassy shoulder. It would have been dangerous for me to get out of my car, so I sat in the driver seat and enjoyed the view. After their charge across the road, they stopped to graze.


Someone left the gate open. While they enjoyed their freedom, I was awestruck and a little worried. Will they make it home? There is a horse farm near them and I was hoping they wouldn’t try to cross the road again.

I wished that I wasn't in such a hurry to get to work and had instead taken time to photo them at their best angles.


Unbridled joy!
Or, maybe they were frightened. I don't think so.


Romping and heading home. I envied their freedom, in a way…

On the way to the bank today, I saw a brown bird on the ground next to an interstate exit ramp. It resembled a Brown Thrasher but was deeper in color. It didn't walk, but hopped straight up and down without wing movement. I didn't have time to get a shot because the light turned green.
While waiting for my vehicle to be serviced, I opted to walk around the back of the dealership instead of sitting in one of those waiting rooms. It was cloudy then and threatening rain but I just couldn't sit there for an hour.

I found a sediment pond and a lifer. It’s good to venture out! I need help with this ID.


It was so dark that my whole series of photos turned out to be trash. It looks like a Solitary Sandpiper but they don’t belong here. Anybody?


If you can click and can enlarge this photo, there is a small insect on this flower and it looks like a tiny Praying Mantis. I'm certain it's a mis-ID! I didn’t realize I had captured an insect, too.

Unexpected pleasures are so special.
They keep me alive and going.


KGMom said...

Mary--Donna, here, the non-bird expert. I think it looks like a piper of some kind. That's all I can do on bird IDing.
The horses are wonderful--were they running loose? Crossing roads? Wouldn't they get hit?
Now I am going to worry.

Mary said...

Donna, yes, they were loose and free! They stuck together. I've NEVER seen horses galloping and causing cars to brake so fast. It was beautiful but I was scared for them. I'm sure they are back on their farm by now.

nina at Nature Remains. said...

It looks just like what I've been calling a solitary sandpiper, too. I wonder if they could still be migrating north? Mine have been here for about 2 weeks now--a pair.
p.s. If you hear otherwise, please let me know.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Sure, Mary, unexpected pleasures are very special and are a gift too!

The horses's photos are great! You did a good job! I love specially the white with black patch. And all them looks so vigorous!

The tiny insect on that flower is so delicate, too!

Cuppa said...

Unbridled Joy for sure! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing the joy with us too.

Susan Gets Native said...

I think I see an eyering on the peep. Sandpipers are hard. Maybe a Solitary.

Mary, why on Earth didn't you grab one of those horses, leap up and herd the rest on down the road??? If you were wearing panty hose, they could have made a good bridle.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
You must have been thrilled to see the horses! How exciting. Wonderful photos.
I also think your darling bird behind the dealership is a Solitary Sandpiper. So incredible. Outside is where the beauty is! You find it it too.
Tiny sweet bug!
I like bugs.
A flower and her bug.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Shorebirds make my eyes twirl almost a bad as fall warblers! Sorry, no help from me. Kudos to you though for venturing out instead of waiting in a stuffy room.

Larry said...

I think I see the eye ring too and think its a solitar (I'm an ameture though).-If you want me to post your photo on a bird i.d. website, I can get a more definitive answer.

Larry said...
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kate said...

I am amazed by the things you see on your way to or at work. The horses look as if they are having the best time ...I can't help you with bird identifcation... but I think you are right about the praying mantis ... just a baby.

Wonderful pics...

Unknown said...

Cool day, Mary! I love it when we venture out and find wonderful things and love it even more when it charges across the road in front of us!

Have a great weekend!

Annie in Austin said...

Horses running free! What a sight to catch, you lucky woman! You were fast enough to catch some great photos.

Your insect photo doesn't get appreciably larger when I click, Mary, just shows up on Flicker instead of Blogger. But I don't think it's a baby mantis. I've had them hatch out here, and had a new one walk on my arm. Even in miniature, the triangular head shape, the way the head is attached, and the upright posture is discernable and unmistakable.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Dorothy said...

Mary you seem to have the best "unexpected pleasurable moments" and how wonderful you had your camera with you to catch it!!!
And we are the lucky ones to be able to view your bounty!!!
What a sight those horses are!

Unexpected pleasures for sure!!

Mary said...

Nina, it seems it is, but I think Larry might grab my photo and have it checked.

Sonia, they were having a wonderful time!

Cuppa, you are welcome!

Susan, yeah, smark aleck. Dare me next time?

Sherry, you and I are buggy people.

Lynne, all of the birds make my eyes "twirl" - you forgot LBJs.

Larry, feel free to grab the photos for a check but don't you have a full weekend?

Kate, I think Annie is right. When I looked closely, I didn't see a triangular head. But it was a cutie, right?

Liza, we all need to get out more often! LOL!

Annie, you are right! The bright green body threw me off. I've been wondering what happens when people click on my photos. If it take you to Flickr, can you see the photo and enlarge it?

Dorothy, that is why you should always take a friend out with you. Your camera.

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Mary, I added a better close-up of mine if that helps. I've added a contents link for it, too. Eyering and all--except legs underwater, of course!!

Larry said...

Seems like you have your bird.-The posts of trips I listed were not all for me.-I usually just choose just one of those trips per weekend.

Susie said...

Hi Mary,
Those horses are really something to see! That bird looks similar to some I've seen at the ocean. He looks like a solitary sandpiper from what I can see.

Mary said...

Larry, I thought you'd be living in a tent somewhere over the weekend! I'd like to just have ONE of those trips. Good luck on the one you choose!

Susie, you've seen it at the ocean and that's what stumped me. Although we have Lake Norman near, I didn't think I see this one. The "wild" horses were great to see.

Cathy said...

'Unbridled pleasure'. That's perfect Mary. I paid a decent amount for a print of horses that conveys those same high spirits that you captured in a few moments of womder. You are so right - serendipity provides some of our sweetest joys. (Sure wish you'd had time to capture that thrasher-like hopping bird:0)