Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Body Fat, and The View Outback

Those Lay’s KC Masterpiece barbeque potato chips are addicting. That’s what I had for lunch today – not my protein-packed usual. No, protein is not my usual type of lunch anymore. I’ll be honest. I’ve lately convinced myself that six, small, mild chicken wings are a protein lunch. I’ve ignored the fat calories in those tasty skins.

The success I had with the Weight Watchers program after joining last November was short-lived and I have myself to blame. After the holidays, I maintained my weight very well for a few months, but lately, my unhealthy, bad habits returned and I have found myself standing in front of the vending machines again. This whole situation is disgusting to me, especially when I stand in my closet at 6:30 a.m. wondering what might fit around me today.


I check my home e-mail during my lunch hour. Potato chip in left hand, mouse in the other, I opened the message. I’m supposed to be counting points and I’ve lost count of the number potato chips I downed in thirty minutes! Ughhhh. I grabbed a napkin and wiped the salt and barbeque seasoning from my mouth and hands, took a long drink of water, and closed the bag of chips. I’m going back on Saturday with dear daughter. Ten or fifteen pounds isn't much to lose unless you are a petite woman.

Good-bye potato chips. Hello tasteless, fat-free everything. I will adapt to the change and like it. :o/


The skies have been altering light and dark with breaks of sun, then threatening rain again. The effects of the tropical storm “Andrea” off the North Carolina coast is heading westward. Nothing compared to Kansas and California. Big sigh…

After work yesterday, I made a list of things to accomplish in the evening. At the top of the list was “quit the full-time job and find a part-time job”! I know that won’t happen in the near future. To do anything else but sit on my fanny was a chore. The job/weight factors in here.


I picked myself up and headed to the back of our property to see what has grown around the culvert. Yes, Susan, we have a large natural area in the back of our manicured, green lawn! You’d love it.


There was a field of these. I called them “Buttercups” as a child.


I saw loads of these pretty bells, too. So fragile.

The girls waited for me as I slid down the hill on pine straw. I sat in the grass with them and we played while the sun brightened us, then retreated behind dark, heavy clouds.


Bella is very possessive of her hula hoops. Chloe doesn’t bother with them and prefers retrieving golf balls and eating dirt and bunny droppings.


After nearly 11 years, Chloe won't stop digging. She’s having a dinner of dirt, bunny droppings, and whatever she finds.


Coughing up her dinner. Serves her right! Oh, I love her anyway.


After fifty hula hoop retrievals, she’s had it. My spoon-tongue Bella is so energetic and sweet. I need to keep up with both of them!


I turned around to see the Chickadee liking the orange suet! My bird friends have me wrapped around their little fingers. I’ll be out shopping for them again soon. It’s hard to ease up on feeding but I’m doing well with it.

When the girls needed a drink, I left them and headed to the front of the house where the sun was shining.



LauraHinNJ said...

That last pic just took my breath away - perfect!

Care to send Chloe my way? Plenty of bunny droppings around here.

Ruth said...

Mary, you should be thin as can be with all the running around you do with your camera. Lettuce does taste better in hot weather though ;-)

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Gidget likes to eat bunny pooties too- it's a dog thing!
Laura's right- that last pic of the sunny bee is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Bella means business! She must love her hoops!

KGMom said...

Mary--I agree with Laura--that last photo is prize winning.
On the losing weight thing--I don't know if this is good or bad news: yesterday's NYTimes said fat cells just want to be fat. So we lose weight, and it finds us again. Discouraging, yes; but an explanation. I lost weight when I had to cut back on carbs because of pre-diabetes.
You do enough running that should offset those chips today!

Mary said...

Laura, Chloe would take care of it - no trouble there. She's a real dog.

Ruth, I love romaine and spinach but I've been using too many full of fat salad dressings, too. I know what to do. Blech!

Lynne, LOL! Chloe not only eats it, she ROLLS in it! You're right, it's a dog thing.

Mon@rch - she'd rather have her hoop than anything else in the world, except for hugs and kisses from us. Cats crave the attention, too, but won't let you know it.

Donna, Michael is pre-diabetes as suggested by a blood test in 2005. We eliminated bread, and all sugary carbs and both of us lost a lot of weight as a result. We are getting back onto the sugar-free diet again - real soon. And WW for me.

Mary said...
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Susan Gets Native said...

To Do List for Today:
1. Yell at Mary for not having a natural area in her yard.

Thank goodness Nellie doesn't eat bunny droppings. But she does eat kitty crunchies and rolls in raccoon poop. Can she still be part of the club?

And somewhere there is an award for Bee Photography and it has YOUR name on it.

Unknown said...

Great pics. Good luck with the return to WW. And, I have to say, that bee picture is amazing! Good capture!

Beth said...

You have some wonderful photos on your blog - I love the one of Bella with the hula hoop! I'll stop by again. :-)

Annie in Austin said...

The NY Times article is very thought-provoking. Along with your other readers, I think all the dog chasing, hula hoop throwing and various acrobatics used for photography should keep you flexible, at least, if not thin!

You have a culvert? And a wild area? Dang.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Jayne said...

Chips have been my downslide lately too Mary. Sometimes that crunchy/salty is just what you want!

Beautiful chickadee you caught perfectly!!

Mark said...

Hi Mary,
The last picture is a stunner, the blue is amazing and the bee just makes it.

Cheers Mark

Dorothy said...

Breathtaking photo of the bee Mary!
Your camera skills are enviable!
Love the pictures of your pups too.

This week I'm bogged down with my blogging..I've got to get back at it. You're inspiring me again!

Chrissie said...

Really enjoyed looking at your pics again, Mary :-) We called the little yellow flowers 'buttercups' too!

Anonymous said...

Mary,is it too hot already to plan a brisk walk at lunch hour? I have to have exercise along with diet to keep my weight off.

Good luck with your program!

Mary said...

Sandy, I hadn't walked in a week during lunch hour but I went out today. Yes, it was warm and humid so I just slowed the pace a bit. I'm not sure I'll be able to talk my mid-day walks when the temps reach 98.

Cathy said...

I was swinging along with this post and like Laura got to the last photo and gasped. Holy cow! What a beautiful picture.

Hope that storm doesn't create any trouble for your backyard denizens.

(Potato chips and chocolate milk - my bedtime snack)

sonia a. mascaro said...

First of all, sure, the last photo is stunning, gorgeous, a really National Geographic's picture!

Bella and Chloe looks always adorable!

About lose weight, I must to cut back carbs and to say good-bye to potato chips, too. And chocolate! I love both! Oh My!

kate said...

Hi Mary,

I think the yellow buttercups are Marsh Marigolds - and the white flowers look like Penstemon... the last photo is breathtaking - the flowers with the bee are beautiful.

Chloe and Bella are adorable ... my big brown dog wouldn't be able to keep up with them!!

Enjoy the weekend and don't get too down on yourself about your weight... it sounds as if you have an active lifestyle!