Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Doorbell's Ringin'

It's a Happy and Noisy Halloween at Mary's house! What a great night for trick-or-treating...around 65 degrees, dry, and slightly breezy. I'm giving handfuls of candy to each visitor since my driveway is so steep and the steps leading onto the front porch cause athletes to pant. Michael is in Charleston, SC this week so I am the lone greeter and treater tonight, along with my nervous Boston Terriers and they really know how to shake things up.

"Roooooooooo Roo-Roo Roo Roo!", almost in unison, is what I hear when the doorbell rings. My barking BTs scare people but not often. Tonight, one little toddler saw them at the door and disappeared but I caught up with her and treated her royally.

Freak Out!

Chloe faces the bizarre creatures face to face! Bella is spooky and "Rooooo Roo-Roo Roo Rooooos!" while backing up. She's our "back-up alert dog".

And here I am, wearing my favorite mask. Took the picture myself. One of these days I'll muster enough courage to put the real me out there, which, I think, will be a slight improvement!


The Swami said...

I really don't want to worry you unnecessarily, but I would suggest getting those eyes checked first thing in the morning.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Too darn cute. The pumpkins are adorable. Your dad's story is heart-wrenching. I have an uncle in the same place; saw him in September. He didn't know me, but that was OK. It's my aunt who breaks my heart.

Jess Riley said...

That costume is hilarious! Our dog Daisy really enjoyed the trick-or-treaters last night. I think it's her new favorite day of the year. :)

Anonymous said...

Those dogs, and you in the costume!!! Too cute! it was nice here also, i even had adults at the door!!


Anonymous said...

I live out in the country and back a long lane and saw not one trick or treater at my door last night. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed Julie and your blogs this morning. Now that my boys are grown and have no little ones of their own yet I really miss out on this my favorite holiday! Perhaps I'll dress my Boston's up next year and go door to door in costume with them to all the dog lovers I know. Who knows maybe a bag of milk bones would be better for my physic than candy!!!Can I borrow your mask?