Wednesday, October 25, 2006

About Posting on Your Blog

As a novice blogger, I am learning that you need to have your posting tools close at hand and in good working condition. The most critical tool I have is my mind and it's always ready and composing...stewing up a post whether I'm chopping a salad, showering, or walking to the mailbox. My camera is charged, too, although it's not always with me if I don't have pockets.

There are other tools that I don't have. What's missing? Time. Only an hour a day to get my thoughts in order to compose something coherent. There are days when I don't have an hour. For instance, today I wanted to save some time and grab a text file from my archives...a very nice tribute I wrote a few years ago about the sport of competitive swimming and the wonderful people in it, highlighting Gina, of course. Swimming was a gigantic part of Gina's life, i.e. ours, for more than eleven years. With a few clicks on the mouse, I could publish in minutes! But this post would need photos, no doubt. Where are they? Several hundred of them are stored on an old Gateway CPU (vintage '96) sitting in one of our spare bedrooms. Been collecting dust for three years. Monitor's in the attic, of course.

At 4:30 p.m. I had a bright idea! I have Kodak photos (pre-digital) and we have a fairly new HP multi-function printer with a scanner. I spent 30 minutes trying to scan a photo and received a communication error. This is when I start grinding my teeth because there are two loads of laundry waiting for me...dogs that are attention deprived and need it RIGHT NOW! Heck, I don't even know if I can scan a photo and convert it to a format Blogger would accept!

So here I sit. With nothing. If I try to extract those photos and load them onto this Dell and lose them...oh, heavens...I can't bear the thought...the wailing...

Agenda Item: Call techie and schedule housecall.


Anonymous said...

ary, I also have a HP all in one with a Dell computer and am forever having trouble getting the two to get along. Let me know what your techie says. I just don't think they are compatible!

Jess Riley said...

Sometimes I get all ambitious and plan a post involving lots of old photos, which are currently in albums all over the house.

Then I think, "Nah. That would take time and effort I could devote to important things like spying on the neighbors, watching television, and worrying."

(Thanks for the kind words on my last blog post!)