Sunday, October 15, 2006

Halloween Prep & Pumpkins

Halloween has never been on the top of my list of traditional holiday events, but I enjoy decorating pumpkins. For the past decade, I've painted pumpkins with cariacature images of our pets on them, just for the experience and to have a good laugh, and to hone in on my limited art ability. I don't do it every year since painting a pumpkin, for me, is something I do when the mood is right. But being a complete, nutso, blog driven maniac now, the mood struck after dinner. I wisked away those darn dishes and went outside and brought two large pumpkins inside the house before the cold set in. Knowing the daylight hours are burning fast lately, I sat down, drew a pencil sketch, and looked for my paints. I found them! What a surprise...

I took photos of these before the paint was dry and tomorrow, I'll do some touch-ups and use a finishing spray. If you know Chloe and Bella at all, you will know who these pumpkins resemble right away!

Chloe. Adjectives: wicked, cunning, evil, witchy, nasty, gremlin, devious, ewok. Not nice, huh? But Chloe is the reason we have another Boston Terrier. Chloe IS sweet and has never met another person or dog she didn't like. With those bulbous, googly eyes, she certainly looks like trouble but she's a good friend... Except to veterinarians, but that's another show.

Bella. Without googly Boston Terrier eyes, her face has a look of complete sweetness. No agendas are being composed in her little brain! That's why I thought of her as an angel with wings. Mischevious at times, but predictable for the most part. Noteworthy: Bella has very audible and frequent flatulence - a skill to be proud of!

Above: Shorty (on the right) and Stinky (on the left).

This was taken in 2003, a month before Bella joined us. Chloe has had encounters with spiders that put her under for a few days with a swollen face to the point of eyes sealed shut and hives. I still keep Benedryl on hand for her.

Today, enjoying a sunny spot outside on a cool day and sporting their "Charlie Brown" Halloween Neckerchiefs.

I was going to talk about our lizards but I need to postpone that for another day. It's been a hectic weekend and tonight I need to get at least 8 hours of snooze. I'm getting dim & sleepy now and it's time to wrap it up. Energetic posts will follow, I HOPE!

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