Saturday, October 14, 2006

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend - Boston Style

Due to the fact that Saturdays usually force me to make lists, run errands, and clean the house, there's not much to elaborate on today. Everyone already knows that stripping beds, scrubbing toilets, and cleaning spots off the carpet are what they are: something you do mechanically and care not to think about. It's like writing a check for the mortgage, insurance, or automobile. You grin and bear it because it NEVER GOES AWAY.

Michael is on the golf course here with Joe and John today and this morning at 9am I wish I had my camera with me. Not for my picture to be taken, of course, as I was still sporting hair cowlicks, right out of bed, but those silly men were causing me to HEE HAW before I was ready, being the morning grouch I can be. Tonight is the big 500 race in Concord, too. I'm not going (sorry, Jane). At least 280,000 NASCAR fans are clogging the interstates and surrounding areas and roads, over-filling the hotels, malls, and restaurants. I thought Dover, DE races were bad enough, but this is something I'd rather see on TV than to be pressed against cars and crowds of "NASCAR fans...". I'm going to read Julie's book, instead.

Charlotte weather announced a record low of 33 last night! This morning I watched poor Bella and Chloe, unbeknownst to them that the steps off the deck were iced over, perform ice capades down those steps and I'm glad they didn't get hurt. Steam rose off the pond and a white frost covered areas all around, on rooftops and flower beds. I can almost see the steam in this picture:

News Flash! Bella and Chloe have new collars. Collars they deserve! Being the shiny and sparkly lover of things I am, I couldn't resist rhinestones, although I lied and told Chloe and Bella they deserve a brand new diamond collar!

Oh, Bella. Ain't she sweet?

Chloe can't keep her nose out of anything, even hornets' nests.

Is Bella TOO FAT? Are her nails too long? Yes, she's due for a manicure. She's a very thick female brutette with no-neck and no-waistline, for sure. But I see a roll of fat... Pictures don't lie. What am I to do? One thin Boston and one thick Boston in the same house poses a real challenge for me. Bella exercises all day long - twice as much as Chloe - but I need to wash her back end because she can't reach it. Ahem.

The water clarity in the pond hasn't been this clear since last winter and it happened overnight. I'll still add clay once a week, anyway, and continue with the live bacteria. The cooler temps are inhibiting the floating algae growth now. A bloom of string algae that happened two months ago choked and killed most of the plants, so now I need to find plants that will withstand below freezing nights, other than the little parrot feather I have left. The herons haven't visited us yet, but I want to provide somewhere for these beautiful fish to hide...I don't want to lose them because in their few months living here, they know and trust me! I have named fish in the past... Here? Not yet.

Last note:

"Bostons behind bars." "Gotcha!"

Now I'm off to dust. Drats!


Julie Zickefoose said...

Love your taste in koifish. I adore koi. But my 200 gal. pond just won't accommodate them. I really envy your pond. For clarity, have you tried barley bales? They work SO well for me. I always have one in there,rotting away.
Bella's pleasingly plump and both are adorable.

Mary said...


I've used both the "rotting" barley bales and the liquid extract and neither of them prevent the string algae blooms which are probably weather related, I think. The algae destroyer chemicals I've used inhibit plant growth, so I'm screwed. What doesn't help matters, either, is that my pond isn't shaded yet and endures full sun during daylight hours. The Carolina sun is harsh. This pond is under a year old and we've planted trees for shade. Next Spring, I'll focus on plant fertilization and shade, and hope for the best.

Thanks for your note! I love hearing from you!

And, Bella is TOO FAT, although I can still feel some ribs. According to Bella, "I'm not fat, I'm just big-boned...gimme a cookie!" LOL!


Anonymous said...

Belle is not fat. She is pleasingly plump and there is just more of her to love. Being rubenesque was once a sign of that case she and I are both pin up gals.
By the way I loved that race last night! Could only love it more had I been there rather than here. You just don't know how lucky you are!

LauraHinNJ said...

Not sure what your set-up is, but a UV light works wonders for keeping our pond clear.

You might also try a large diameter PVC pipe sunk in the pond bottom for the fish to hide in. Not pretty, but it works for us over the winter when there are no plants for cover.

Mary said...


We use a UV light in warm weather and it does work well. But I never thought of a PVC pipe sunk at the bottom...great suggestion for a hiding place! Thanks!