Tuesday, March 27, 2007

When you want to be heard, SPEAK.

One of the first things I do when I get home from work is to watch the feeders while letting Chloe and Bella out on their business trip. Today, what I saw was different from the normal activity I usually see. Where were the birds? Little food disappeared from the hopper. I wondered if the hawks are gearing up or if there is cat on patrol. A little later, I heard some squawking and I found a lifer. At my age and after years of watching the birds, it’s a shame I have never tried to name them and now I am calling a Common Grackle a lifer. I’ve missed too many years of fun, but I guess it’s never too late to start enjoying a bird’s characteristics and lifestyle.


This bird had an attitude and similar the one I could have had today. My unhappiness at work, described last week, isn’t a good thing for the mind or body and I drove to work on a mission. I needed to fix something, for my own sake. And I did. I'm glad I didn't sit and boil, wearing myself out.

Our temperatures are way above normal at 85 degrees today. It’s dry. We need rain to wash away the thick layer of pollen dust that’s causing people to sneeze and gag. The weeping willow is not mine but I enjoy its beauty. Well, guess what? I lost the photo, thanks to this damned stupid keyboard so to hell with it.


I examined the river birches last night and there were no leaves. Not one. Progress in less than 24 hours! This is where the hummers flitted and perched last summer!


Our builder planted these pretty evergreens on trellises and I don’t even know the name of them. Look at the color and softness of the new growth.

It’s hard to believe that just nine days ago we had two very damaging frosts. Spring is bursting like there's no tomorrow.


She’s wary of me. I don't even want to see more house finches this year and wish the barn swallows would return to claim their territory. Maybe but it’s possible as they nested here last June. I miss the swooping, trusting swallows. It was the first real relationship I had with bewds.

See? Even with this frikkin’ keyboard, I can’t be brief about it. This post was a nightmare. I’m still cussin. I'm wondering if I can deliver a wordless and pictureless Wednesday.
HA! I'm clicking "publish" right now without looking back!


entoto said...

Mary! You are so strong. Keep it up and do not look back (even on things that do not require your keyboard).

kate said...

Good for you - I loved reading that you were able to get the work hours that you wanted.

I think 'lifer' is a good name for a bird.

Your post was great ... darn that keyboard!

Beth said...

Ha. It worked, even after such language....

Way to go on being Ms. Assertive about work issues. I'm proud of you!

I love the little golfer guy by the flowers...cute...

Happy spring!


Anonymous said...

One thing I have learned is that when something causes you that much distress, it is far better to confront the demon, state your case and make your feelings known (in a professional manner that is). What you did at work today was precisely that, and what a satisfactory outcome! You go girl!
Use that extra hour to enjoy the birds and maybe you'll add another "lifer" to your list!

dmmgmfm said...

Good for you! I am so happy to hear you were able to keep your hours.

KGMom said...

You did it! You did it! You go, girl.
Now, no more stewing etc. Enjoy the dogs, enjoy the birds. And when the keyboard gets healed, enjoy the blogging 100% again

Anonymous said...

The post came out fine with great pictures- I love your little finch pirating the nest. Good for you for asking for what you want at work! Sometimes I think something is going to be far more difficult so I put it off and stew over it- then it turns to be not so hard.

Good luck with that keyboard situation. Dead mice stink.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Yay Mary!! I'm glad you stuck up for what you wanted!! Good for you on the lifer grackle too. I was excited about the new bird on the river last week. Ran home, enlarged the photo and looked it up- a pied-billed grebe! Then I saw that they're as common as dirt around here...oh well, still a lifer! What's the hot pink blooming shrub in your flower bed?

Susan Gets Native said...

Mary dear, may I say:
"Right on! and "Damn skippy!" and "WHOOT!"
I adore you for standing up for what you want. I am pulling out the Snoopy music just for you!

Aren't grackles pretty? Even if they are hellions to other birds' nests.
You go with your bad self, Mare.

Unknown said...

Congrats on standing up for yourself!

I was just thinking the other day about all the birds that I've SEEN but didn't record anywhere so that now when I do count them, they are lifers that don't feel like lifers! :) So, you aren't alone!

LostRoses said...

Good for you Mary! I'm so pleased the work hours issue is a thing of the past. And congratulations on your new life bird. Remember the old saying, "One person's trash bird is another's lifer"! Common Grackle, indeed!

Mary said...

Trixie, thanks. I still can't get past that keyboard, though :o)

Kate, I guess the post is alright considering I lost half of it. Arrrgh!

Beth, God Bless You!

Nancy, seems like the older I get the less I worry about rocking the boat.

Laurie, thanks. I'm glad it worked out, too.

Donna, there's nothing worse than stewing all day...

Vicki, I hate dead mice.

Lynne, I don't know what that hot pink shrub is...maybe someone else knows. The builder planted them.

Susan, I think the grackles are pretty, too. And, yes, I'm pleased with my bad self.

Liza, I have a wide range of potential lifers out there. It's fun to find one.

Lose Roses, I love that phrase, "One person's trash bird is another person's lifer." Good one!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Mary, I am so glad for you! Cheers!
Love the photos, too!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your lifer! It is wonderful finding new things and what a way to do so! My birds at the feeder have better things to do than vist me! But, I still look!

Annie in Austin said...

How inspiring, Mary - we all tend to stew instead of moving forward... I'm so glad for you.

As to the pink shrub - this is just a guess, but in the photo it looks like a Loropetalum chinensis... maybe Plum Delight. Other names are Fringe Flower, Chinese WitchHazel and Raspberry Razzle Dazzle. I have a small one, and think this could be what they look like in sun when established.

Here's a link with photo.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

PS We have Boat-tailed Grackles down here.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mary I am delighted for your victory over the time grinch at the salt mines! Way to go!
Re: the laptop problem....it may sound silly to some, but I have a separate keyboard and mouse that I plug into mine. It makes life so very much easier. Even when I use the wireless feature, I use that mouse and keyboard, or I would go plum nuts without it. Love your Spring pictures, even the 'lifer'.
Don't feel bad, I took a picture of a grackle at my window feeder. It had it's winter coat on, and I didn't recognize it. I thought I had discovered a new bird. :o) (Well it was, to me.)

Mary said...

Sonia, that's what I said, "Cheers!" while I poured a glass of wine.

Mon@rch, thanks. It's nice to see a lifer and actually ID it correctly ;o)

Annie, I was hoping you'd help out with this one. You are right on! I'll call it Chinese Witch Hazel. Thanks for the link!

Dorothy, I am so ready to plug in the mouse and keyboard but I'd have to go buy them. Maybe later... so you thought you'd discovered a new bird? LOL!

Holly Kennedy said...

Never look back!
Forward. Onward. Have fun with your posts, as you seem to, and everyone else will fall into them.
I WISH I had your weather here in Canada (very cold today; minus 8 degrees and lots of snow)

Anonymous said...

So glad that problem is settled, and that you took the bull by the horns. That should make you feel great!

Your yard is lovely, I can just imagine coming home to it.

Jess Riley said...

Dagnabbit, the computer just ate my comment. Anyway, I basically said "Congrats to you for achieving your work goals!" Also, "Great pictures!" :)

Mary said...

Holly, thanks for visiting! Posting is fun - only if you have a functioning keyboard and mouse :)

Sandy, the yard is starting to look quite nice but we have a lot of work to do...

Jess, thanks. See how mean spirited computers can be????