Thursday, March 29, 2007

Various Subjects (a little weird) Post


The skies were gray today. Cold, wet, and dull. Despite the fact that I know we desperately need rain, I still wanted to view some vibrant color from yesterday.

Donna at KGMom Mumblings posted on a hot topic today relating to concerns of fuel conservation and consumption. We all agree that people in general have become lazy and should walk to their destinations more often, but I couldn’t help but address the automotive industry and what they could offer, too. It brought to my mind a photo I took about a month ago of an affordable alternative to gas guzzling machines we purchase.


Hey, it’s something to consider! I was thinking of Susan’s wish to drive a conservative vehicle and I wouldn’t mind scooting back and forth to work in something like this. If my husband reads this, I’ll be in trouble. He’d investigate this little buggy to save on our gasoline bill and we could certainly afford my protective gear, if that’s the case. I can’t help but laugh out loud at the mental picture of myself, with helmet, driving a battery-powered tricycle!


The sprinkler gave this mockingbird a thrill to its back end over the weekend. “Ah, oh, ah, yes!” I wish I had focused well enough to get the spray.


“Come closer. I smell sooo good.”


When the mothers of the world insist on a 9pm bedtime for their little pre-adolescent girls and tell them to GET OFF THE PHONE, Sanjaya will meet the end of his road. The producers of American Idol are eating this up as seen by Ryan Seacrest sporting a Mohawk on last night’s results show. Sanjaya will probably be singing (if that’s what you call it) for a few more weeks because the news media loves drama. This has to end. If Melinda Doolittle or Jordin Sparks aren’t in the final show, I will undoubtedly quit AI. There are some talented guys on the show who deserve more kudos than that little boy. Does anyone else agree with me?

If Tom at Monarch photographs Stinky Bugs, I can photograph bugs, too. On the concrete sidewalk at work, I saw a beetle. Knowing that I’d be cooped up inside due to weather with few photo opportunities, I thought about getting my camera. The beetle was lodged in a sidewalk crack so I thought I’d help it out. I just can’t get used to the feel of beetle legs pinching my fingers. Gives me the willies.


It’s out of the sidewalk crack and I’m on my knees, butt high, trying to focus on a better shot. Behind me, the police cadets arrived quickly and quietly from their four mile run. I only heard the huffing and puffing of their breath and their shoes on the parking lot as they grouped in formation within a few seconds. Did they need to see me in such a position? I wonder what they were thinking… My last shot:


Back in the crack. CLUNK. I thought, “You’re on your own. I’m outta here!”

I am sane. I am sane. Sure, I am sane.


LauraHinNJ said...

Keep telling yourself that, Mary!

That little battery-operated *car* is neat, but I wouldn't feel safe even with safety gear and a crash helmet!

Susan Gets Native said...

That car would be perfect for anyone with no kids. Or dogs. Or someone who never needs to go grocery shopping. Or on the highway.
Stick that butt up in the air, Mary! The world would be a better place if more people got down on a sidewalk to take pictures of a neat bug!

Q said...

Hi Mary,
What a cute little get-a-rounder!
I so understand crawling around to get a good photo!
I like bugs.
Some are excellent bird food. Mocking Bird looks very pleased. Nice photo.
I enjoyed your musings.

NatureWoman said...

Keep the batmobile Mary! I won't be caught in a small vehicleuntil everyone else is driving the same sized vehicle.
Oh yeah, I've been known to get in weird positions to take bug photos, or any photo for that matter!

KGMom said...

I love the photo of the little car--that looks like many of the cars you see in Europe--three wheelers, little bitty things.
I agree with Naturewoman that everyone else would need to have one before any of us could feel safe in them.
My complaint is with Detroit continuing to ramp up the bumpers of cars & trucks so that our only protection is to retaliate.
I love the mockingbird shower shot. How do you get these birds in the middle of their birdy lives? I try to sneak up on birds and all I get is a chirp and quick exit!

Unknown said...

The Mockingbird shower is hilarious! I'd drive a little car like that but as Susan said . . . kids, dogs, etc. Although, I must say that I'd love seeing Susan try to take her Raptor birds to a presentation in a car like that! :)

As for AI . . . well, you know we agree on this one, Mary. Sanjaya is awful. I don't know understand why this is going on but it ruins the show for me. Let's face it, Chris Sligh didn't do particularly well this week but he was leagues above Sanjaya but he's gone and Sanjaya is staying. Furthermore, he's getting arrogant about it. He seems to think he's invincible and that the judges are idiots. They are no longer even trying to give their opinion of him which comes across as approval that I don't think they really feel.

But, you are so right. It's drama and we're talking about it. :(

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Those pansies are so pretty, they almost hurt my eyes!
I don't think I could fold myself into that little car.
Dirty, dirty mocker!
Sanjaya- (shaking my head) I can't stand breathy voiced singing. GOOD-BYE Sanjaya.
Butt high- all for a are a nature geek!! (love ya!)

dmmgmfm said...

That's my mantra lately too, Mary. Shall we say it together?

Mary said...

Laura, I might drive something like that around the neighborhood but never on the highway!

Susan, you could hitch a trailer on the back...

Sherry, HI! Glad you visited. Your blog is great!

Pam, it's so GOOD to hear from you! Are you enjoying your vacation?

Donna, I know. The vehicles keep getting taller and wider. Scary.

Liza, I'm just disgusted with AI this year. I really don't have a favorite. I'll keep watching, though ;o)

Lynne, my title has changed from geek to "nature geek". LOL!

Laurie, hope things are good with you. Do you think you'll find your way home OK?

Julie Zickefoose said...

Thank you for this post, Mary. I second Susan's sentiment--keep that butt in the air. That goes for the mocker, too. Rich stuff!
I was sorry to see Sligh go, but he looked totally whupped on the last show. I bet he goes home and sleeps for week straight. Poor kids.I feel for them. It must be hell and heaven all combined.
I have to say that the entertainment value of the show, whether it actually showcases or rewards real talent, is still pretty high. I chortle and hoot at Sanjaya and his wacky hairdos and his earrings in BOTH ears, and that kind of mindless entertainment is the only purpose I think the show fulfills. Yes, it brings talent forward, and I'm glad the world knows about Taylor Hicks and Carrie Underwood--I love her new cheatin' song! Yeah! Wreck his truck! But in the end, I can't take AI seriously enough to be really upset about it. It's glamorized karaoke, nothing more. And I'm glued to it, like a lemming, squeezing what entertainment value I can out of it. It's the only TV show I watch. Imagine. *shrug* It's great kid-bonding, and Baker enjoys standing on my chest and licking my face while I watch...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link and soo glad your photographing bugs! LOL! Should be butterfly season here soon! yeah! Love the picture of the electric , well whatever this is! Also, love the purple in those flowers!

Chrissie said...

Really enjoyed at your blog :-) and great pics.

Mary said...

Julie, it's the only TV show I watch. The drama sucks me in and I really get a charge out of the judges - love Simon.

Mon@rch, you inspired me.

Chris, nice to meet you! Your blog is beautiful and especially enjoyed the bees!

Anonymous said...

Too funny. This whole post cracks me up, including said beetle. I also laughed aloud at the birdy bidet.

We like walking most places now that we live in Chicago and it's a pain to drive anywhere, not to mention prohibitive to park. But I confess, I didn't do enough of it until forced to. Shame on me.

Cuppa said...

Yes you are! Yes you are! Yes you are!!!!!

AI voters may not be, but you are!

Love the pansy picture. They say "spring" to me. I must go out and get a pot to plant in my garden soon.

entoto said...

Can't day I do the Idol thing, we just are not around the tube at that time. I was glad to see a picture of the pony-hawk, since I had been hearing some buzz about it.

Keep your bum up, because the picutres are GREAT!

Thanks, Mary!

Anonymous said...

Mary, your posts almost always provide me with some deep thinking or quiet reflections. Today's is no exception...never been mooned by a Mocker before!

dguzman said...

I love that car!

Is that what we Texans call a junebug? Their young are grubworms, which eat your lawn's and plants' roots. Grubworms once killed my green pepper plant Ferdinand, so I hate them and I hate junebugs! They're the only bug I kill on sight.