Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tropical Heat Wave


Phlox welcomed Spring today!

The car thermometer read 82 degrees on the way home from work this evening. What could be better? I arrived at work at 7:05 a.m. this morning and didn’t arrive home until 6:00 p.m. but the warm weather made it bearable. (I'm having trouble with fonts tonight.)


Welcome back, Lizzie!

The first Wildlife Habitat meeting was held today in at the main campus in uptown Charlotte. There were two or three co-chairs from each of the six campuses in attendance as well as the college Grounds Supervisor, college horticulture reps, and three certified habitat stewards from the National Wildlife Federation. Most campuses had biology teachers represent them, except for our campus, who had clerical staff present. Because our campus consists of criminal justice and automotive teachers who couldn’t give a rat’s a - - about wildlife, the Dean pleaded with me and two other ladies to co-chair the effort.

The purpose of the meeting was to provide general information regarding the grant we’ve received and to provide a timeline of activities. I learned that our grant is minimal and the project will be on-going for several years. There was even mention of additional grant writing but I think the Deans should assume that one! We’ll need to rely on Partnerships for help and donations from local businesses.

What came next was actually quite funny. I sat there and listened to the biology experts poo-poo the ideas of the grounds supervisor and the grounds supervisor poo-poo the biology experts. That's to be expected, but it became very personal and the chairperson of this meeting had no control. That’s when I started pen-tapping a bit. Pen-tapping is rude and annoying but I didn’t care - it wasn't a severe case. Some reps from campuses needed to have their voices heard about their personal wishes – and let me tell you – this meeting was not intended to be all about them! Bunch of ninnies. Why do people need to blabber away about their own campus activities when it’s dinner time and they’re off the agenda? Pen-tapping, checking the clock, shifting in my seat. Maybe it’s my age and I’m less tolerant than before. Maybe after my years of experience in business situations I know more than them about efficient meetings. I wanted to shout out, “Can we paleeze stick to the agenda??? My dogs are waiting for me, I’m hungry as hell, and it’s a damned beautiful day out there!”

Several of us gave the meeting an extra twenty minutes then graciously departed!

Knowing my day would be long, I used a full lunch hour to walk the entire campus perimeter and I didn’t see one bird, except for those spooky mockingbirds that seem to be stalking me. At the end of my walk I saw a familiar couple, though.


I think Johnny has major issues. He’s the one who found himself trapped in the building on two occasions and now he’s infatuated with the Dean. He’s been sitting on her windowsill for days and pecks away at the glass. Sad. His house is only a few yards away from the Dean’s office, so I know it’s Johnny.


Millie is helpless. She just doesn’t know what to do with Johnny. She perches, watches and waits, probably wondering, “How did I hook up with that lunatic?”

Is Mary a little looney tonight? Perhaps. It’s been a long day and maybe the heat is getting to her.

Off to American Idol.


NatureWoman said...

Oh Mary, I love your phlox and your lizzie (I love all little lizzies)! Poor confused Johnnie, he has a perfectly beautiful girl waiting for him, and he has to be in love with the Dean. Hmmm, sorta like some human men. . .
Meetings stink big time. I have zip patience with unproductive meetings. Especially meetings with people trying to strut their feathers. Kinda like birds. . .

entoto said...

Johnnie, oh Johnnie! Whatever will we do with you? I love the on-going Bluebird Lane saga.

I have spent many years in the non-profit world and have become a meeting fascist. If it is not on the agenda it will not be talked about! I have got to cajole volunteers to be at meetings, I better not waste their time. Now in the the non non-profit world I am totally intolerant. Sigh....

I am glad you have some warmth. Will you please send some my way? We are about 20 degrees below normal here and have been for a few weeks. This norther is getting O-L-D!!!

Ruth said...

Wow! 82 degrees. When do the leaves come out on your trees? It was warm here too- 60 degrees, but the snow is still mid-calf deep in our yard.

LauraHinNJ said...

I'd love to hear more about what the biology guy and the ground crew guy are arguing over. But it's probably not relevant to wildlife, right?

Maybe the Dean could do something to cover the window so Johnny doesn't see his reflection and spend all his time fighting with himself?

KGMom said...

Mary--you have absolutely captured the inanity of committee meetings. I sometimes want to scream--IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU!!
Pen-tapping, huh? I will have to remember that.
Oh, yeah, the blue birds again. Johnny may be a bit looney, but he is handsome. And poor Millie, realizing she picked a looney blue bird!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

You held out at the meeting longer than I would have been able. What a bunch of twits!!

Poor Millie! Johnny's so wrapped up in fighting off the "other man"- can't he see he's leaving Millie alone and lonely?

Anonymous said...

I hate meetings that turn out that way! Glad to see you made it out to do some walking around the park! Here is an idea on the Bluebird situation!! Maybe someone tried to raise the bluebird as a pet and then released it in the park! The bird would be imprinted with humans and be use to living inside?? Just an idea!

dmmgmfm said...

You are always so fun to read Mary. I loved that you called them a bunch of ninnies! You go girl!!

Susan Gets Native said...

I have yet to sit in on a meeting where SOMETHING gets accomplished. I feel for you.

I'll take a looney Mary over a sad Mary any day.

Unknown said...

It's the heat, Mary! It was in the low 80s here today to and that's just wrong. Last year it SNOWED this week (which is equally wrong for my area) and this year, record heat. AHHHHH!

Hang in there. We do need to figure out how to help Johnnie though. Poor confused thing? Inter-species love is just DOOMED! Poor Millie!

Jayne said...

Maybe Millie is feeling a bit jealous of the Dean? :c) Glad you "encouraged" an earlier end to the meeting. Very creative!

Annie in Austin said...

I like Laura's idea that Johnny is fighting his own reflection... this interpretation may not be as romantic, or anthropomorphic, but if covering the window works, the poor demented bluebird won't knock himself out.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Mary said...

Pam, I'm over that meeting. I think a meeting that lasts more than a hour is a waste of time.

Trixie, volunteers are hard to find and they should be treated royally!

Ruth, the trees have buds and small leaves now after two days of above 80. But we're in for a chill spell.

Laura, herbicices and pesticides, of course. And who will maintain?

Donna, pen-tapping is an annoying habit like pen clicking. I couldn't help it.

Lynne, your comment was good. He is fighting another male off?

Mon@rch, poor Johnny HATES being inside... Poor mixed-up male.

Laurie, young ninnies. Yep.

Susan, I'm more looney tonight. The week is killing me.

Liza, and guess what? 82 today, below freezing in a few days...

Jayne, we just had to get out of there, not matter what!

Annie, the Dean is considering a tactic like you suggested. We hate seeing him being tormented.