Friday, March 23, 2007

Simple Beauty often Unnoticed

It's Friday and I'm flying freely (well, with laundry in the tub...).

Thank you, camera, for slowing me down this afternoon and allowing me to notice simple beauty that many of us notice but don’t always appreciate. Sadly, much goes unnoticed. One day I’ll learn how much more you can do for me and I’ll take you off “auto” mode.


I’ve never seen a banded bird before. Robins: Trusting? No. Nervous? No. They eye you up and think about it before fleeing. I was waiting for him to scoot into the sunlight but I waited too long.

Butterflies in flight make me work with the camera. I’ve never attempted to photograph butterflies before. (Is it a moth?)

I can’t imagine how much fun I’ll have this summer with the Dragonflies and Monarchs.

Bee: Hard working but delicate.

Gymnast, performs at any angle.

Suspended, in route. Lovely nature at work.

At the very moment I thought about how discouraged I am becoming with seeing the same birds at my feeders every day, I was graced with a sight that made me quietly scamper around and call the dogs inside. In less than thirty seconds, I captured a shot that I’ve been waiting for… and then, poof, he was gone. I am still shaking my head and smiling! Happy Dance! It’s Friday and Life is Good. I hope you are graced with beauty and a nice surprise this weekend.



Cathy said...

Mary, these pictures are awesome. I'm so intrigued by the butterfly/moth. This is nothing like we have here in Ohio.
The Robin has some unusual white in front of the wing and the bee! - what wonderful pictures.
And then the red-bellied woodpecker. I can see why you talk to your camera. It's a good friend.

Ruth said...

Quit your day job Mary, and just take pictures!

KGMom said...

Great shots of bees.
I will have to learn the macro function on my camera.

Mary said...

Cathy, I notice that unusual white on the Robin's breast, too. I love bees, except for the masty ones who like my perfume,but have never photographed them before. I love my camera but I don't know it well enough...

Ruth, I'd love to!

Donna, I'm still using "auto"...I don't know if I have a macro function. I don't think I have one, but I have oodles of settings.

LauraHinNJ said...

I love the butterfly shot - I'd bet maybe it's a comma or a question mark.

Beautiful pictures - you're so much farther ahead into spring than us - send some of those blossoms my way please!

Adam R. Paul said...

Great photos, especially the bees! I've yet to see a Flicker this year (that's what the one at the feeder is, isn't it?)

LostRoses said...

Oh you're good with that camera, Mary. Wonderful shots!

Mary said...

Laura, comma or question mark?

Adam, thanks for visiting! I think it's a red bellied woodpecker. I've seen them in the area but not at my feeders until yesterday!

Lost Roses, thanks. I was surprised to use the zoom and still be able to catch a butterfly and bee!

Jayne said...

Spectacular photos as usual Mary! Love the robins and so glad to see them back. My red bellied is also finally coming to the suet instead of just foraging on the ground, but I've yet to get a good photo of her. Have a wonderful weekend!

Beth said...

Wow - love those bee pictures! Aweomse, awesome!

What kind of camera are you using?

Mary said...

Jayne, I didn't know woodpeckers are ground feeders, too...

Beth, it's a Kodak EasyShare Z612. It has a 12x optical and 4x digital zoom but only has 6.1 megapixels. This camera is a nice one for an amateur like me and it's easy to use. Thanks, I like the bees, too.

LauraHinNJ said...

Commas are common butterflies that overwinter as adults, so finding one now is possible. Doesn't the color and overall shape look similar?

dmmgmfm said...

I love the photos, Mary. The bee pictures are absolutely delightful. Thank you for brightening my day (as usual).

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Wow Mary- those bee pictures are just amazing!! You do good work!! Send those blooms my way up north please...

Susan Gets Native said...

I love my camera, too. It makes me stop and look for photo ops.

If you can take pics like that on Auto...well, then...I can't even imagine what the Program settings can do!
Yay,. Mary!

Naturegirl said...

Now you are a gal after my own heart! When I was vacationing in Florida I chose to take quiet walks with nature and capture her gifts. You certainly did have an intimate walk with nature looking at these amazing photos! I have yet to see a Robin ..we still had snow in the garden on Monday!hugs NG

sonia a. mascaro said...

Beautiful pictures as always, Mary!
I enjoy and love to visit your blog, it's wonderful!

PS: I would like to ask one question about the size of your photos. Your photos show up on your page much bigger than mine. And I prefer so much yours.
I did the measure of yours photos on screen, and your photo have 15 centimeter (5,906 inch) and mine have 12 centimeter (4,724 inch).
How much pixels have yours photos? (Did I make myself clear?)
Thank you, Mary!

Anonymous said...

Mary, you will have fun with dragonflies and butterflies this summer!
Love those bee shots, too.

Mary said...

Thanks all for your great comments! I have a dead mouse and remote keyboard and have trouble typing on this lap top. I just raised my chair and I think I'm doing better!

Sonia, I have a Yahoo Flickr account where I upload photos to a medium size and it produces a nice sized photo on my blog. My camera is 6.1 megapixels and I'd love to have more :o) You do a great job on your blog, too. Additionally, you write in Ingles muy bueno! Buenos dias, Amigo! I know "un poco" Espanole and I guess you can tell... LOL!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Thanks Mary, for your answer about the photos. I have an account on Flick, but I don't use it yet.
Thanks also for your compliment about my English. I do my best! I don't speak Spanish, but I can understand Spanish pretty well.
I was born and raised in São Paulo's City, Brazil and my native language is Portuguese.

I will translate to you what I said:
"Obrigada Mary, pela sua resposta sobre as fotos. Eu tenho uma conta no Flick, mas eu ainda não a usei.
Obrigada também pelo seu elogio sobre o meu Inglês. Eu faço o melhor que posso! Eu não falo Espanhol mas eu posso entender o Espanhol bem o suficiente. Eu nasci e fui criada na cidade de São Paulo, Brazil, e a minha lingua materna é o Português.

I wish you have a nice Sunday!
Eu desejo que você tenha um bom domingo!

Many hugs,
Muitos abraços,

Mary said...

Sonia, sorry I didn't realize you speak in Portugese... But, for everything you said, here's "Right back at ya!" I love hearing your language! Keep teaching me.

Mary said...

Laura, you know so much. I just checked out the site you gave me and I think it's a comma! It fluttered and landed in the same place a dozen times. I'm seeing more types this weekend as it's been HOT. Thanks!

kate said...

Your bee series are wonderful. Fridays are always the best days, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

I agree, it looks like one of the commas! This is a perfect time of the year to see them flying around. They winter as adults. Keep the wonderful pictures coming! Loving all this with the bee's ect..

LauraHinNJ said...

Not really, Mary - I'm just good at guessing!

Missing you - hope you have a funny story or pics to share soon.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Thank you Mary, you are very gentle!

Obrigada Mary, você é muito gentil!