Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Random Photos, Testing Blogger

For four days, I haven't been able to upload photos in the evenings but I could upload in the morning from the office. Weird. I'm ready to use Flickr if someone tells me it's reliable and non-complicated. Tonight, I can upload in Blogger!!!???!!!???? Why, Blogger?

I'm testing my camera on different settings to see if I can get better photos than I've been taking. Of course, I've misplaced the reference manual I received with it last Christmas.

Took this one of the scavengers tonight without flash. Their mouths are still wide open but temps are too cool for feeding. I hate to disappoint but the nights are too cold.

Here's another random photo of Bella's first Birthday Party in August '04, living in Delaware. This camera was larger, heavier, and a bit more cumbersome. I think it took better pics even though it's about 7 years old.

They wore "Scooby Doo" party hats and enjoyed vanilla ice cream cups. Chloe knew exactly what to do but poor Bella only stared at the spoon, knowing she really wasn't allowed at the kitchen table. The party lasted two minutes but we sure had fun with it! I ate both cupcakes. Belch...

This was taken tonight. Here are the girls, sitting next to me at the computer and being patient, but wondering when Mommy will get up and play!

Heck, I'm tired of this. The dust is getting thick around here and I need to fold some laundry and maybe I'll watch the finale of Dancing with the Stars.


LauraHinNJ said...

Do you by any chance often leave your computer on all the time at home?

Just a thought, because I have cookies issues with Blogger and sometimes need to restart the computer.

Love the birthday party pics - even Bella looking confused at being allowed to sit like a person at the table.

Have fun doing laundry!

Susan Gets Native said...

Poor Bella. She knows the rules. Could she come over and teach BOOMER the rules???

This has reminded me that we forgot Nellie's birthday this year. It was on the 13th. Damn. Better go get some cupcakes.

Mary said...

Laura - Yes, I never shut it down or restart and I DID restart it two nights ago while fussing and was able to upload pics last night. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! And, also thanks for your link and being a great listener!

Susan - I forgot both birthdays this year; Chloe's in June and Bella's in August. Oh, well.