Monday, November 06, 2006

Blogger is Killing Me

I just spent an hour on a great post and Blogger sucked it away from me. Had to do with saving and editing a draft and you know what? I quit!!!!!!!!!! Quit! Quit!


LauraHinNJ said...

I hate when that happens.

Isn't blogging a great stress reducer?


Anonymous said...

Just quit for tonight...please not forever!!! What will I do in the morning if I have no blog to do my troll stroll through over coffee?

Mary said...

I don't use foul language at all. But Blogger makes me shout out every obscenity...after more than an hour of uploading photos and a thoughtful post. I think I know how to get around this predicament with Blogger now but it's too late for tonight. I'll try again tomorrow. And Laura, not it's not a great stress reducer. I am a mad woman now. LOL! Jane, I'll be back tomorrow...

Susan Gets Native said...

Been there, too, sweetie.

There's always Flickr for photos, or Picasa, if you are desperate.
But writing a great post and having it sucked away...I feel your pain.

Please come back tomorrow.