Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bostons on My Mind

Some serious thinking is going on here. I sent this to Jane, my Boston Terrier expert/advisor and friend, to get her take on this.

I've talked about having another Boston for Bella's entertainment since Chloe is getting older and has only a few years left with us, probably. Bella is only three years old and Chloe is ten. Gina works at Wachovia Bank and found an ad on the employee's board from someone looking for a home for a Boston Terrier. The phone calls started a flyin' between Michael and Gina and I was strongly urged to talk to the lady today. Gina and Michael have always pushed me into having dogs in the past and I always get PO'd about it. Here's what I learned over the phone:

1. The female Boston is 4-1/2 or 5 years old. Free to a good home.
2. Her name is ZINA (the princess warrior?)
3. The owner of Zina is the lady's father, in his 70's, with a failing heart. He can't care for Zina anymore.
4. So the lady has had her for a few weeks. Her busy lifestyle and long hours away from home doesn't permit time for a dog.
5. Zina lived outside for all of her years, so she has had some accidents in the house for the few weeks she's been living inside. She doesn't mind being crated.
6. Zina hasn't been spayed yet.
7. According to this lady, she's the sweetest dog and loves other dogs, children and adults.
8. Zina is healthy - 18 pounds.
9. Bostons run in the family. Her father had a 13 year old Boston named "Chloe" (gave me shivers) who died and that's when the lady bought Zina for him.
10. Zina was purchased at a flee market for $160. (Eeeks. Gulp!)
11. She is not AKC registered but she has papers from CKC (?) What is THAT?
12. Zina is up-to-date on shots and they will provide all of her paperwork.

They are bringing Zina here on Sunday afternoon to see how the dogs get along with each other, to see if she likes us, and to see if the feeling is mutual. No decision has been made yet on my part! The housebreaking issue turns me off and I sure hope she isn't one of those long-snouted Bostons...or has eyes that scan 360. The lady doesn't have any digital photos to send to me so we'll be surprised on Sunday.

A part of me thinks a third dog will be OK since I already have two. If Zina is not a warrior princess and just a little female that needs a lovin' home, I'll be so happy to offer her a warm place to sleep, a sofa to cuddle on, a fresh nylabone or rawhide, squeaky toys, and someone to kiss. Another part of me thinks, "three's a crowd". I know I could be in for triple BT trouble.

Bostons here

Bostons there

There goes poor Mary

Pulling out her hair.


Anonymous said...

I told you in an e-mail what I thought about the breed registry you mentioned but what I didn't say was this...give her a chance no matter whether she has papers or not. After all have you even looked at the other two's papers since you received them. Probably not. Who knows she may be a lovely little dog that really needs a home where the human has been there done that, and that describes you to a T. I think back and remember pictures of a homecoming you made to cushions torn to shreds when Bella was learning the ropes. I would just keep the crate handy while she is learning house training and be patient. A dog her age not already house trained will be difficult. I helped a lady adopt an ex-breeder once who was not trained at 6 and she learned after about 5 months and lived a good life for the balance of her years. Let me know how it goes Sunday!

LauraHinNJ said...

The lack of housebreaking would worry me most, but she sounds like she could really do well as an inside dog with lots of love and attention.

I have multiple bunnies, but just one dog. Almost can't imagine more than one of him being underfoot all the time. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Mary: I think Zina needs you ...go for it, what's one more when you have so much love to give.