Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Proposal for Chloe & Bella

Filling in for two people I support at work who are on vacation means I stop thinking when I leave the office. Shut down. So, for the lack of anything remotely intelligent to say, I used this series of photos to tell a little story. It’s true - with my habitual improvising. It’s silly but I crave some silliness tonight.

Once in a while, I want to hear the quiet or listen to my own footsteps around the house. It would be a treat to have complete freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want, and without anyone watching me, if only for a day. I don’t think it’s selfish to feel that way, either. When I am alone in the house, I’m not really alone…


There are always four googly eyes on me. And I mean always. I don’t need to use the camera’s zoom because both Chloe (the white faced sour puss) and Bella (the young and sensitive) are very “up close and personal”. My eyeglasses are usually smeared with dog spit and, dang, I recently noticed two scratches on my left lens that came from Bella walking across my face last night during a little romping.


Come outside? Be with us?

Neither of them can relax until they know where I am and always insist on being with me. We all roam from room to room, together. I lead the dog trail. Toenails tapping...collars jingle jangle.


What’s cooking? Can we taste? Let’s have cheese. A cheese party!

I say: (yes, I talk to my dogs and they talk back to me) “This room isn’t big enough for all of us. Let me do some laundry. Move it! Please! Eat later!”


In the privacy of the powder room, I sit. I can hear the collar jingles getting closer and snout sniffing under the door…they nudge it open. Hello?

We had a little conversation on the back deck.

Me: "Chloe and Bel Bel, how would you like to take a vacation away from Mommy and Daddy? I can take you to a nifty doggie camp for a week where the nice people will take you on walks, you can play with lots of other doggies, and it smells like an Italian meat deli there! They probably serve vanilla ice cream cups and give lots of cookies, too! You can take your hula-hoop, Bel Bel. Chloe can take chewies.


Chloe: “Don’t be fooled, Bel Bel. I'm not sure, but I think she wants to get rid of us.”

Bel Bel: “What? All b-b-by ourselfs, M-m-mommy?”


“Waaaa! No! I w-will miss you!


They’re feeling a bit pensive now and won't relax. It would be great to take the dog hair blankets off the furniture for a week!


Chloe: “You are a liar, evil woman. I'm so on to your wicked ways. Don't forget that I'm smarter than you.”


Chloe: “Bel Bel, ease up. We aren’t going anywhere.”

Bel Bel: “K”


Julie Zickefoose said...

For all the times they lick your glasses and crowd you out the door, think of all the times they make you laugh or smile, and feel not so alone. This is a mighty fine picture of life with two Bostons, which is probably a lot like life with four garden-variety doggehs.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

"You are a liar, evil woman"

Bwaaahhaahhaaa! That face with that line is hilarious Mary!!!

Mt dog follows me into the bathroom too.

Carol Michel said...

They are on to you, I can tell by their faces. You probably won't get them to get in a car for anything now!

KGMom said...

I agree with Lynne--the photo and caption of "evil woman" is a howl.
Don't feel alone--I talk to my dog too. And to my cats.

cat59 said...

What a riot! You know you would miss those dogs after one day in the house alone! We just took our 2 to the vet today for baths and even coming home for a few minutes when they weren't here was strange. However, I would like to be free of the morning walks when I am still asleep and they are competing to see who can stay in the lead. I know what you mean about having the house to yourself, though. I really like a few hours by myself. When DH is out of town for business, I really don't miss the company until it's bedtime (or time to walk to the dogs!).

RuthieJ said...

OMG, Mary, I'm laughing so hard there are tears running down my face and I need to go get a kleenex! You are so funny!

I love Bella's nose right in front of your camera.

My dogs would love to go to a cheese party (come to think of it, they would love to go to any kind of food party).

I believe I would rate this as one of your all-time, best posts!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
You are silly. You would miss them in ten minutes! silly is good!
Home alone I understand.
I loved my dogs but after they had long lives I was ready to be pet free. Now it is outside birds and bugs! I sometimes miss the cat.
Funny post!
Thanks for the laughs.

thailandchani said...

LOL! Oh, that's funny.. and I loved seeing the pictures of the inside of your house. :)It all looks so pretty!

I'm weird that way.



Alyssa said...

Mary, those Bostons sound so much like our Pugs. I'll bet they are distantly related. Thea also follows me everywhere and I feel her on the back of my legs as I'm walking. You got some really excellent shots of the sweeties and I don't think you could bare to send them to Doggie Camp! What a joy they are. I like seeing them - it always makes me nod in agreement and smile.


Mary C said...

Bella and Chloe are so cute - and it's so much fun to read "their thoughts" through you. I can't imagine you would send them off to camp for a week - you would be more "homesick" than they would! ;o)

The Quacks of Life said...

nice to see who owns your house

entoto said...

You will not be rid of those two! I love your family and commentary on it, Mary.

Mary said...

Oh how you have brightened my morning I can almost imagine your dogs talking to you Wouldnt the world be a terrible place without our animal friends.

Jayne said...

LOL Mary! They really are just like children, aren't they? :c)

Chrissie said...

:-) Great fun, Mary. But you would miss them so much. We are pet free now but I do miss them and occasionally feel just a little bit tempted :-)

dmmgmfm said...

How adorable, Mary. I kind of have the same thing going here with all my cats. They follow me everywhere and as much as I love them, sometimes I'd like to shower alone.


Mary said...

A you got some cute ones!
I got a brindle one!
The Boston terriers are such great dogs!

RuthieJ said...

Oops, I messed up--it was Chloe's nose in front of the camera. Please don't tell her, Mary.

kate said...

What a great post! I loved seeing life with Chloe and Bella. How can you not talk to your dogs when they are always there?

You are lucky Mary, that they are little ... my chocolate lab follows me everywhere and then plops down. Moving him with my toe isn't an option!!

smilnsigh said...

"It’s silly but I crave some silliness tonight."

And silliness makes for some of the best of entries, I think. :-))))


Mary said...

Julie, dog spit and all, they're a gift. You know it.

Lynne, that's Chloe for ya. I know what she's thinking...

Carol, I'll get Chloe back on Saturday morning when she'll have a ride to the vet (tee-hee)

Donna, actually, I'm not the evil one - it's Chloe :o)

Cathie, you are right. Oh, I don't envy the dog-walking chore. I just open the door and say "go".

Ruth, I'm glad you appreciate silly. With these dogs, their facial expressions are priceless. I couldn't resist.

Sherry, so you understand about pets under feet. It's a way of life we choose, I guess.

Chani, I like looking through the windows of homes at night. I'm weird, too.

Alyssa, we need to see more of your Pugs :o)

Mary C, I know...I'd miss them terribly, even before they get there. BUT, parents drop off their kids at camp, right?

Pete, yes they own us and the house!

Trixie, I would never leave them but the idea crossed my mind a few times...

Mary, yes, life would be boring with fewer smiles without them.

Jayne, yes they are! I'm too old to have little kids!

Chris, not even a goldfish?

Laurie, I understand. Mr. Biggins likes to press his nose against the shower door when I'm in it.

Mary, thanks for stopping by! I saw them!

Kate, labs are loveable heaps of dog, aren't they?

Mari-Nanci, silly is good medicine.


Unknown said...

My daughter sent me your blog and I have been lost all morning. I loved the comments about Chloe and Bella.

Our home is graced with four little girls who would have been homeless if it hadn't been for the big tears running down my daughter's cheeks. Right! She says Mom wanted them but blames her.

They follow me to the batrhoom, hang over the tub to lick my legs, but most of all...try to eat a bowl of shredded wheat without a happy smiling face waiting on "their" bites!!!

Tippy, border collie mix, loves to herd me around, especially when I am trying to keep the cereal bowl out of reach. I fell in love with her when my daughter opened her backpack and I saw that sweet little face staring back at me.

Patches, the poodle and old girl of the bunch, whose soft brown eyes quietly speak to me. She always eats like a lady. She came from a yard sale where no one wanted her.

Scooper, the chihuahua, given to us at the dumpster at an RV park. I feed her with a spoon because she hasn't learned to eat slowly. She is the guardian of the dog dishes. If they are empty, she bangs them on the floor to get attention. If you aren't home, she will put them in the middle of the floor so they can't be ignored.

Last but not least is our own little Bella. She is a mini-pin who was overbred. She came to us from the local freecycle group. She was so sick when we first got her and I was afraid she wouldn't make it. Today, I can't imagine a day without her bouncing little feet.

Thank you for putting a smile on my face and in my heart today.

Mary said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Do your Bostons get frightened in a thunderstorm my brindle one does.
It's raining in Florida right now and
she is sitting at my feet under the desk shaking. She drives me crazy but I love her.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I see BelBel and Chloe have you well trained :-)

Mary said...

Pam, is so nice to hear from you. You truly understand what it's like to love your dogs like children, as many of the people on this comments page do. I admire you for rescuing all of your dears. I have a daughter like yours - who would take in a multitude of different animals that need homes. Stop by anytime. Dog talk is plentiful here :o)

Mary said...

Mary in FL, yes, Chloe trembles during T-storms. For her first 9 years, she didn't care about them.

Nikkipolani, yes, they trained me well :o)

Dirty Fingernails said...

That picture of the WAAAAAA is hilarious.. My kids laughed and laughed at that picture.. Have fun times..

Susan Gets Native said...

The WAAAAA picture needs to be on a Hallmark card...maybe one that is a "Please Forgive Me"?
Nellie not only follows me into the bathroom, she wants to get into my lap. Damn it, dog! Can't you see that I am busy here?
I love your dogs. My next will be aBT. That likes cats. :)

Cathy said...

Mary! We are literally walking out the door for the drive back to Ohio. I quickly went on line after reading your comment.

Bless you sweet lady. This is just what I needed to help lift my mood. I hope we're wified in NY tonight so that I can savor those darling faces. Hugs,

Cathy said...

I'm in a motel in Henrietta NY. My hubby is lying beside me on the bed watching Jeopardy and he's going "What's so funny?! What are you reading?"

Mary. You are the best - you dear wonderful lover of dogs and fishies and chickadees and butterflies.

Lordy it's good to laugh out loud after hauling ass down I-90 all day! Thank you.

Lavinia said...

These dogs are adorable!

My dog watches me all the time too. Even in his deepest snooze....if he hears me move to another room, he gets up and follows.

My sister has a saying: "Beba just wants lovin'!"

He sure does..and he gets it.


sonia a. mascaro said...

Wow! They are so cute! Chloe and Bella are just lovely!