Sunday, July 01, 2007

Around the yard, decorating, and an invitation


Crepe Myrtles are blooming this week. They’re late.

After I upload numerous photos for my post, the next step is the most fun for me. I open a Word doc and write - not in a profound or educational way, usually. Once in a while, I ponder about a post and rehearse the words in my mind and on paper until I pull it all together. Most of the time I just spit it out without any thought or reason. Like now (I'm wondering what I'll title this).


The past week has been dreadfully hot and humid. After a thunderstorm blew through last night, cooler and drier air arrived so I took a nice walk around the yard today, just to check up on things.


The Hummers are still humming. I always laugh when a male shows itself to me – hovering before my eyes. I’m never ready for him! I will post a lovely shot of that ruby red throat before summer ends.


What is this routine about? Does a dragonfly drink from its ass?


Can’t resist them…


This is the second brood of house finches residing in the Barn Swallow nest (ahem). Not ready to go, yet. There are at least four babies this time. They're so QUIET!


The new waterfall is still falling.


Toads are still smiling and humping.


Butterfly or moth? Whatever…


Chloe doesn’t know when it’s too hot. The lady loves to sunbathe so I bring her inside to nap in sunrays through the window.


Bella, on bunny patrol.


The regulars are still here – haughty Cardinals, thirsty Hummers, sneaky Titmice, adorable Chickadees, Gangsta birds, overweight Doves, flashy Goldfinches, feisty House Finches, nasty Mockingbirds, stupid Pigeons, and sweet Chipping and Song Sparrows. The Orange Bishop Weaver left on Tuesday. It was nice to see him for a few days!

Susan Gets Native was stuck inside one day last week and took photos of interesting stuff in her house. Yesterday, I did the same thing.


My taste in decorating is eclectic. This rooster is new. We were out yesterday pounding the blistering asphalt mall parking lots. The rooster is gaudy? Maybe. But I like it. There is no theme for decorating in my house. It’s a mixed up bag of treats for my eyes. I tend to choose colors in shades of red, green, and yellows. At least I’m consistent with something! That Yankee candle, “Tahitian Tiare Flower” scent is a new favorite of mine.


Above the buffet in my kitchen is a black and white Berman print. Actually, my husband found it and I love it. Hey, we agreed on something!


On the buffet, below the Berman print an Italian Chef holds a bottle of Chianti. It’s odd but cute.


There are two of these in the great room. They’re wooden but not weather resistant. Next year, I’ll have the real thing mounted outdoors!

As I walked through the house I stopped dead in my tracks at the sight of a few things and wondered, “Why on earth do we still have this hideous thing? Are we so sentimental or lazy that we allow eyesores to invade our castle?” I was reminded of an episode on the TV show “Everybody Loves Raymond”. Frank and Marie Barone fought over a large wooden spoon and fork given to them as a wedding gift. After 40-some years of marriage, the spoon and fork still hung on their kitchen wall. Marie despised them. Frank refused to remove them.

Do you have any eyesores you have held onto for any reason? Might it be your spouse’s beloved piece of art that you wish would disappear or fall and crash? Or maybe a special friend or loved one gifted you with something you’d rather sell at a flea market.

If you send me a photo of something that makes you wince whenever you see it and include a short narrative, I’ll post about it. If enough people come through with a submission, it’ll be worth a lot of laughs :o)

maryferr at Carolina dot rr dot com

No deadline. I’ll post a few reminders during the next few weeks.


Dorothy said...

Mary, just popped in to check your latest! Cool idea! I'm sure there is something around our house that I can find that makes me wince, so I'm game. blogging has been put on hold due to company. I haven't forgotten..

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Fun idea Mary! Maybe we could all have a hideous eyesore swap!!

NatureWoman said...

Mary - LOL! "Does a dragonfly drink from its ass?" I *love* your new rooster - I love the colors you love, too. I like your lamp shade for your Yankee Candle. What a cool idea! Oh yeah, there's a couple of eyesores around here that need to go. Presents that people have given to me.
Hey, I love the Berman - I love that old fashioned kitchen!
All of your photos are great!

Beth said...

I really like the rooster.

How many submissions can I offer for the eyesore post? I have sooooo many....

Larry said...

Naughty frog photos-shame on you!
That cloud photo would be perfect for a religious card suggesting heaven.-Interesting decorating taste you have Mary!

Anonymous said...

so many wonderful photos for sure! Count me in but as always you should probably need to remind me as always! Will have to come up with something good for you!

LauraHinNJ said...

I'll be happy to participate so long as you can guarantee the anonymity of all submissions.


You cracked me up with that dragonfly comment - she's laying eggs, Dear Mary!

dmmgmfm said...

Frog group sex, Mary? I think this blog post should be rated R or even X!

And by the way, I am going to take a photo of something and send it in. It will frighten you, I'm certain. Please be SURE to make mention of the fact that it is my roommate's item, not mine.

KGMom said...

Hmmmm--I am already tapping my finger to my lips. Eye sore, eye sore?!? Must think.
I love the photos--esp. the dogs. They are always my favs. Our dark furred dog does the same thing--lies in the sun, then pants like an idiot.
Also love those little finch faces. They are quiet because they heard the lady at this house breaks nests! Then rebuilds them. Shhhhh! Mustn't upset her!

Q said...

Hi Mary,
As always you have beautiful photos! The clouds and sun rays is outstanding!
I love dragonfly laying her eggs!
It would be a strange way to drink!
You will have baby dragonflies!!
I shall look and see if there is something that really should be gone but we just have to keep! Hummm, if so it would be in my husband's office!
This will be a funny post!
I like your group posts so much.
You are a fun and caring person.
I like you!
Glad you had a cool down and some rain.

Annie in Austin said...

I was pretty sure the dragonfly was laying eggs but am glad laurahinjj gave the answer - mine was a guess but she knows. I'm also pretty sure your visitor to the Fan flower is a Sphinx Moth.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

LostRoses said...

I thought the dragonfly was drinking, too. Glad someone enlightened us. You make me laugh!

The biggest eyesore in my house is the kitchen wallpaper. Does that count? Or maybe you'll do a future post on shameful rooms, and I should find something else for now (easy to do).

The Quacks of Life said...

the dragonfly is laying eggs

Susan Gets Native said...

I like that rooster. A very pretty one, compared to some that I have seen.
And you caught your frogs in a classic example of a 'round the world' orgy.
Great idea, sending you pics of our eyesores. But I think my Blog Habitat is the worst.
That butterfly is one of the skippers.

Jayne said...

Hmmm... hideous eyesore. I'll have to do some investigating. Love seeing your "things" around the house! Beautiful hummer too... that ruby throat will come.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
Glad your weather finally cooled off. I love your picture of the 'Jesus light' (that's what my niece calls it).
That crepe myrtle is beautiful, I'm glad the drought hasn't caused the buds to fall off and they can still bloom.
Chloe is so cute, napping in the sun, I love her little pink paw pads. Does Bella bark if she sees the bunny or just take off running?
I can hardly wait for the 'eyesore' post. It's going to be such fun...
Have a good week!

possumlady said...

You are too funny. Yes, I thought the dragonfly was laying eggs too. I also like your rooster! I will have to hunt around for an eyesore. When you live in an under 900 square foot bungalow, there really isn't room for nicknacks let alone ones I don't truly love.

Mary said...

Dorothy, you are due for a post! LOL!

Lynne, I can't help but think it would be funny.

Pam, thanks. What was I thinking (re: dragonfly)??? Oh, I just put myself right out there, don't I?

Beth, HA! One will do - of the thing you dislike the most.

Larry, I can't seem to photo the toads doing anything else!

Mon@rch, I'll definitely remind you.

Laura, I can always count on you, Dear Laura. I really didn't think it was drinking but I didn't know it was laying eggs, either :o/

Laurie, those toads are living to reproduce...constantly. They must be exhausted.

Donna, you're too funny. Everytime I see that nest I remember that horrible day.

Sherry, I have something to post that's related to my husband, also. Yes, she was egg-laying (lol)

Annie, Laura is priceless and she's so gentle when correcting my mistakes :o)

Lost Roses, I've seen some awful wallpaper before, sure! Shall the both of us invest in a bug guide?

Pete, thanks. Now I know...

Susan, "round the world orgy" LOL - you are too much, girl.

Jayne, the ruby throat is all around me. I just can't seem to focus...

Ruthie, the crepe myrtles look good so far but the Japanese Beetles will chew them up soon. Chloe will quietly stalk a rabbit. Bella takes off like a fighter jet and would take the screen door out if I'm not careful.

Possumlady, I wanted something to brighten my kitchen and the rooster does the job!

Cathy said...

Drats. I'm not at home to peruse my 'wincing ' accoutrements. Ha! I'll find something in this Cape Cod rental! OMG! I just thought: What if we post something gawd awful that a fellow blogger owns and cherishes. Oops :0)

Thanks for the pup pixes. Ahhhh. Smiles, aplenty.

You are so bad: "Do dragonflies drink from their ass !?" Muwaahahaaaa :0)

And this: "There is no theme for decorating in my house." My style EXACTLY!

Elaine Cougler Author said...

What a wonderful group of photos, Mary! You always have perfect colour and interesting poses--dragonflies, for instance. And the wee birds peeping out are cool.
I'll be looking for stuff for the photo submission but I must warn you I get rid of things I don't like asap. Life is for looking at beauty, isn't it?

Alyssa said...

Mary - Wonderful pics again! My favorites are the baby finches peeking out, the toads "enjoying" themselves (how cool to have so many), and Chloe not knowing when to get out of the sun. Our big Garm is a sun-lover too -- he follows the sunny patches inside all day.

The rooster is just beautiful and must have cost a ton. I've seen similar ones that go into the hundreds. It would be a pretty floor piece.

I'm a firm believer that you should decorate your home the way YOU like it -- not by anyones elses taste. Your home would be fun to be in.

You've got me really conscious of what looks cheesy in my house now. I'll be submitting something soon. Great idea.


dguzman said...

Oh my gosh, my parents have that giant wooden spoon and fork STILL hanging in their kitchen too--and they've moved once and put them back up! I remember those things in there, including the Last Supper little framed print, the spoon/fork, this weird red/yellow Murano-type vase thing, and a little framed thing that says "The family that prays together stays together." Oy vey.

I thought maybe the dragonfly was peeing....

I'll be sure to send in something from the house--Kat hates modern stuff, but I love it--so I'm sure I could find some goofy stuff she refuses to get rid off!

Mark said...

Hi Mary, I had to laugh with your dragonfly comment, you never know they might be able to , but Laurahinnj has already told you she is laying her eggs, its called oviposting.
The Butterfly or moth picture is harder than you think as it is some sort of Skipper and they are thought to be the link between the two, it is one of those things that carn't be agreed upon with scientists.

Cheers mark

Julie Zickefoose said...

Well, Laura beat me to the ovipositing dragonfly. I'll let everybody else slap your wrist on that one!

Your butterfly looks like a Sachem to me. It's one of many look-alike skippers, but it's distinguishable by the large rectangular dark spot on the forewing, called a stigma. This is one we only get in fall, an immigrant from the south. I like that little bug.

I am hooked on Tahitian tiare flower scent. I use Origins' body spray. The first time Bill smelled it on me, he said, "You smell like flowers!" Yeah. He noticed. See, if I were a rich lady I'd just send you a bottle, but I'm afraid we'll have to go Dutch on it.

And I LOVE your rooster and would have to buy him myself.
Great Chloe and Bel-bel pictures today. Offisa Pupp has been having a hard time keeping the bunnehs in line here. They chewed some newly planted gazanias to the ground last night. They were only in the ground for six hours...

Mary said...

Cathy, gee, I never thought about that. Ooops! Tee-hee.

Elaine, we don't have much either since we've moved twice in 5 years. But there are a few things I could do without :o)

Alyssa, that rooster was under $100. Not bad. My house would be a lot better looking if I didn't have blankets covered in black dog hair covering the furniture...

Delia, let's see it! Everyone must have something they want to hide.

Mark, if the scientists are uncertain, then I don't feel too bad :o)

Julie, I get a wrist slapping quite regularly! HA! I'll need to find that scent in a bottle. I love it. The wabbits are here in full force, too.

kate said...

I wish I lived in a place where I could grow Crepe Myrtles ... bt then I might not like the hot, humid weather too much. Your barn swallow nest always makes me smile. I love the pic of the current inhabitants.

The idea of a post showing pics of all our eyesores is a great one. I will need to unearth one of my favourites - a cow cream pourer ... which I love to pull out when I'm having people over.

Chrissie said...

Great pics, Mary. I love the crepe murtle, wonderful colour! And the little light house it so sweet! My husband has boxes of old singles and footie programmes if you would like them :-)

BenjaminJohnson said...

Amazing pictures! Each one brings you in like you are there! @Cathy, I heard the scenery from a Cape Cod rental is unforgettable also!