Monday, July 16, 2007

Life is Good, Hot Dogs, Luna, Pigeon P-rn

The title of this post describes it well. Odd stuff ahead.


With Pam in mind, I grabbed my camera. I followed this woman home from work a few days ago. She was not a young chick but not as old as I am, as I determined in her mirrors. We traveled through a lot of construction zones and every time she passed a flagger she waved to them. Each of them smiled and waved back. What a nice gesture! I’ve never done that. The thought hasn't even crossed my mind to acknowledge a flagger in a kind way or any other way, for that matter.

Life is obviously Good for the lady in the Jeep. She’s doing her thing freely, tag up in the back, letting her hair blow wildly, waving to strangers, and having a grand time. Meanwhile, I’m driving in a very safe SUV with the windows rolled up to keep my hair from looking electric, being intent on getting home to start dinner, and forgetting about those hot construction workers that might need a little encouragement on a hot summer day. I’m pathetic sometimes. Just pathetic. I think I'll carry some ice cold bottled water with me one day and toss them...


I saw the owner of this truck leave it as I was approaching mine. What I didn’t see was his dog sitting in the passenger seat. The temperature on the Lowe’s Home Store parking lot was probably 95 that afternoon. Oh, yeah, the windows were cracked one inch on each side. Big freaking deal! If I didn’t have to get back to work, I would have gone inside Lowe’s to hunt down that idiot so instead, I sat in my car and scribbled a quick note that read like this and left it under his windshield wiper:


Last summer, my husband, daughter, and I assisted police officers to break into a van to remove two toy poodles in extreme heat. Enough said. I...just...get...HOT about this.


I almost stepped on this Luna moth. You can’t miss them in flight because of their size and brightness.


To protect it from getting stuck on the bottom of someone’s shoe, I lifted it from the sidewalk to the landscape wall. I had thought of trying to have it pose on my left forefinger for a photo but it started to vibrate, kind of like a funny car before a race.


I’m glad I didn’t lift it because I later learned it was releasing a bit of poison as a defense mechanism and might have caused my finger to sting a little. Looks like a pale-green aircraft.

Well, Claude and Maude are at it again. While they were waiting for me to go back inside the house, they became amorous.


Claude: “Come on, just little pickle tickle.”
Maude: “Get away. I’m not in the mood.”


Claude: "I'll be quick, dear."
Maude: "Ok."




Claude: “Let’s head back to the feeders. I’m hungry.”
Maude: “Where are the cigarettes?”


Bev said...

Mary, I just "stumbled" (a habit of mine) onto your blog from Annie in Austin. I love birds, so enjoyed visiting your blog. I really enjoyed it so am bookmarking it on mine. In the near future I will be posting an experience I had this weekend with a flock of Grackles. I'll let you know when it is up.
And.. good for you for leaving that note about the poor dog. People like that should have to experience the same thing!

NatureWoman said...

OMG Mary, I'm ROFL!!! “Come on, just little pickle tickle.” I'm still roaring over this!!!
Ohhhhh, I just found out it is illegal here for pet owners to leave their dogs in their vehicles because I saw the same thing in a parking lot when it was boiling here. I later found out I could have called 911 and the police would have arrested the idiotic moronic imbecile owner.
On another note - a LIFE IS GOOD as a wheel cover!! How awesome is that!!! And she waves to the construction workers - what a cool lady. I've got to change my mood about construction, too! I usually get pissed that they're holding me up! Thanks for the laughs (except for the poor doggie).

Carol Michel said...

I like how you posted "life as it happens", so many experiences in a day. Interesting lives and events all around us if we look for them.

Your commentary on the pidgeons was hilarious!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Unknown said...

I totally love that Life is Good wheel cover. We may need to get one of those for our motorhome. Totally fun.

I also wave at flaggers. So often people consider them a huge inconvenience -- well, they are but on the other hand, they are also fixing up our roads! I notice that I see the same ones over and over again as I drive up and down our valley.

When I was showing dogs, we would have to travel with our dogs in the summer. That meant you had to be willing to leave your vehicles OPEN -- wide open -- in order to protect the dogs. We'd have fans attached to blow air on them and chiller blankets under them. Many serious dog enthusiasts would have their vehciles specially insulated and set up to run the AC while they were parked. As for me, unless I KNOW I am going to park somewhere in the shade and it's safe enough for me to leave the sunroof wide open, I won't take Ruby with me in the car -- anymore than I would take one of my children and leave them locked up in a car.

Dorothy said...

Mary Mary MARY! You are NOT pathetic!!! You are very kind and thoughtful and sweet.
Loved the Luna moth and the pigeon porn! Too funny!

cat59 said...

Loved your bird dialog! Poor pooch. Why are people such idiots!?

Mary said...

Hi Bev, let us know about those grackles. They have left my house for the most part. I'm glad you stopped by!

Pam, I thought you would like "Life is Good"...I should have called 911!

Hi Carol, I always carry my camera and notice everyday things. Thanks for stopping by :o)

Liza Lee, I know YOU would never lock Ruby in a car like that. My feathers get ruffled with ignorant people who need a wild note under their wiper - I hope I made him think.

Dorothy, I think we all need to remember flaggers and construction workers. We need them.

Cathie, there are too many idiots out there. I can't believe how many there are.

dmmgmfm said...

OMIGOD, Mary. You are too funny. I am giggling like a crazy woman here. Oh wait, I am a crazy lady! ;-)

By the way, I also wave at flaggers!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Mary, my dear, YOU CRACK ME UP!!!
I've never seen a luna moth- your pix are so cool.

Susan Gets Native said...

Good Lord. Where do I begin?
Love the tire cover.
That dog owner needs to be locked in a hot car on a hot day and see how he feels. Idiot.
I ADORE that you left a note. You rock. I would have waited for him to come back and stuffed it down his throat and then stole the dog. But that's me. You are more of a lady.
Lynne just left me the funniest comment. I think all of you are so cute.
Horny pigeons. Someone get that gal a towel.

KGMom said...

Where to start--I have visions of the woman you are tailing doing a U-turn and asking you--you looking at me?
Oh more bird porn.
Finally--the dilemma of dogs in cars. Absolutely never leave them in a hot car. But I am always conflicted because my dog loves to go for rides. I will take her along in the spring and fall--but not the summer. She thinks I am mean!

kate said...

I love the luna moth pictures and your description of the woman in the jeep.

It looks like you are back into posting action again!! Good to see ....

LostRoses said...

Mary, you just crack me up! You forgot to mention locking the car door when you're driving (or is that just me?). Some people are free spirits and some aren't, we can't help it.

I've never seen a luna moth, but it looks like a stingray in miniature. Cool picture!

The other day we were at a restaurant when they announced that someone in such and such a vehicle had left their dog in the car with the windows rolled up. Everyone watched a very abashed looking man get up from his table and head to his car. What the hell are people thinking when they do that? Nicely worded note you left too.

Pigeon porn - hilarious!

Alyssa said...

Hi Mary, Steve and I were just talking about how luna moths must be extinct 'cause you never see them anymore. How lucky you were to come upon one.

We should all be more like that free spirit you described. She enjoys life and leaves a positive message where ever she goes. I'm glad you posted about her. Now some of us will try to add a tiny bit of happiness to the world we inhabit.

Loved the previous post's pics of your birds and your two sweeties. If you try to take something from them do they get real silly and you have to chase them????

Very nice post.


Annie in Austin said...

Three posts since Friday - I'll know what you mean next time you say you're taking a break... that you'll still post way more often than I ever do LOL!

I loved the rain story - it reminded me of the old farmer folk song, "Roll Down You Big Thunderheads.... Splash me with your water and save my little farm". Your photo of the Chinese Witch Hazel/Loropetalum was exquisite.

But your froggie porn beats out the pigeon porn.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Jayne said...

There is a man who walks a certain stretch of road locally who waves to everyone driving by. I've often wondered about him and the sheer joy that seems to be floating about him. People like that make us all realize we need to slow down sometimes. Life *is* good. :c)

Very neat moth! LOL... funny pigeon porn!

Anonymous said...

Mary, I truly needed your blog this morning! I haven't laughed like that in awhile. I hate to see people leave their pets in their cars on hot days. Do they honestly think the dog enjoys that heat? I have a couple of "Life is Good" shirts and I love them! It reminds me to take life a little less seriously and enjoy!

Beth said...

You are hilarious.

I've been waving to flaggers for as long as I remember; for some reason, their plight strikes me as horribly sad. Standing, all day. One spot. Controlling traffic. Suffering the irate anger of people who Have To Wait because their sign says 'stop'. Twirl the sign, watch the traffic go by.

Sometimes I think I'd like that sort of job. No pressure, and lots of time just to stand there and think.

Keep taking pictures of random people around you and you might make some new friends. How about you introduce yourself to Life Is Good Gal and tell her you've made her famous on your blog?

And pigeon porn??? Sigh...I'm a single gal, you know. Good to know that somebody's getting some...

Mary said...

Laurie, crazy is good. Keeps us sane :o/

Lynne, sometimes I crack *myself* up.

Susan, "I would have waited for him to come back and stuffed it down his throat and then stole the dog." Yes, you would. I'd assist you.

Donna, I take my dogs for rides, too. Not much in the summer months, though. Yes, I'm mean, too.

Kate, that week off was a nice break. I'll take another one when I feel like it.

Lost Roses, heck, yea. I lock my doors, too. Actually, they lock automatically and that's a good thing.

Alyssa, I've been chasing Chloe for eleven years. It gets old. Bella surrenders immediately.

Annie, I'm partial to the frog porn, too. But I couldn't resist the love birds.

Jayne, there was a man in Delaware who lived on a busy intersection. He sat outside and waved to people all day long on their way to the beaches. I'll never forget that.

Sandy, I want to find those shirts, too. Glad to make you laugh.

Beth, by reading these comments, apparently I'm in the minority when it comes to waving to flaggers. It must be my northern Yankee influence. "Get out of my way, blankety-blank!"

Anonymous said...

Very cool moth images, Mary! And I love your story about the Life is Good woman.

smilnsigh said...

I'm go glad you returned to blogging, 'cause if not, I'd have missed this entire grrrrrrrrrrrrreat entry!


thailandchani said...

I also wave at flaggers. :)

Good for leaving that note for the idiot who left his dog in the car. What a moron!

The pigeon dialogue... too funny! :)



Larry said...

I enjoy watching people in their cars-especially when people sing by themselves-Keeping dogs in a hot vehicle is very cruel indeed.

Bev said...

Mary, I have posted my recent "bird encounter."

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Luna Moth!! My goodness she is beautiful!! Daytime too. I do want to see one in my backyard...
Oh, be still my beating heart. So kind of you to save her from foot traffic.
Life is Good. I drive a Sebring Convertible, top down-ac on!!! I wave.
Where are the cigarettes???
LOL lol lol...
Bad dog owner..very bad. Good for you for leaving a note.
People can be so unaware.
Thanks for Luna Moth photo. If one comes to my house I will be very, very happy.

Anonymous said...

I so love your Luna Moth shots! Also, I always enjoy following a great gal like that! I will second, third, fourth the do not take your pets in this hot weather!! Ugg,

Cathy said...

What a nice way to head for bed - tucking in with Mary's View.

Your concern for vulnerable creatures - pups and butterflies (and now flaggers :0) - is so uplifting. It'd sure be a better world if we could clone you, Mary.

Claude and Maude - a perfect bedtime story :0D Nitey nite.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for writing a note to the stupid pet owner--hopefully it will sink in. WWWP?

I loved your Luna Moth photos. I haven't seen one of those in the wild since I was a little kid. I'm glad you were able to save it.

Your pigeon porn captions just cracked me up!

Mary said...

As always love the photos Wish we could exchange your sun for our rain. Isnt it a joke that all Americans I ever met think that it is always cold and wet in the UK It has certainly been that this year. we had another thunder storm yesterday and I knew that it was going to happen as Dougal(one of the cats) appeared from the garden and ran and leapt into my arms shivering. He hates them.Those humming birds are fantastic I have never seen one in real life. It must be so good to be able to have them in your garden. Mary

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures, then I loved the little funny comments so then I read the entire post and loved it and now I have laughed at all the comments here - what a good read. A very fun place to visit - thanks.