Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Early Evening Retreat


6:58 a.m. A new day.

It lasted a long time at the office

and took my strength.

Dinner hour has passed

and the work is done.

I crave a brief retreat,



No dogs, no voices, no phone -

just me and sounds of nature.

Wind chimes, birdsong,

trickling water, hummingbird squeaks & engines.



Gentle breeze, might rain.

Nice, for a while.
Need a little retreat tonight?
Join me.












Ughhh. Who fed her beans?
Sweet dreams!


Ruth said...

Thanks for the unwinding meditation and serene pictures. Dogs sure know how to relax. Hope you are relaxing too!

Carol Michel said...

I loved the little retreat, especially the hummingbird picture. The rabbit picture was cute, but I felt my blood pressure go up when I thought about rabbits eating in my garden so I went by it quickly.

And I'm glad only you can smell the dogs!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Q said...

So lovely.
Relaxing and beautiful.
Sweet rest.
Thank you, Mary.

KGMom said...

You certainly provided us with some calm repose with that lovely series of photos.
I especially like the sun-catcher wind thingy (don't know what you call it).

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Aaahh...I feel better too! Your photos are wonderful and again, I love taking a stroll with you. Your sunsets are so pretty, the dragonfly wings look a bit tatty, and this time I'm glad you DON'T have blog-o-smell-o-vision!

I think that's your best hummer picture yet!

Susie said...

What a treat to relax over your beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.

Susan Gets Native said...

Wow, Mary.
I feel so....calm.
I think I remember this feeling.
Your photos ROCK.

dmmgmfm said...

I'm with you in spirit, Mary. Beautiful words, beautiful photos. All is well.


LostRoses said...

Yeah, I had a crummy day at work too. Great photos as usual!

JeanMac said...

Beautiful, Mary!

The Quacks of Life said...

lovely pictures Mary. Love the sky one and the dragon

Jayne said...

Very nice retreat. Beautiful images Mary. Glad to see the full and total relaxation at the

Dorothy said...

Dear Mary, Bless you...I know you said you want to be alone after your stressful day at work....but I would love to come visit your "spa". I feel rested after my visit. Such artful photos and refreshing relaxing!

Chrissie said...

UGhhhh! :-) I was just unwinding, relaxing with you :-) Ha! Great pics, Mary :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, your photos are simply gorgeous. I especially love the first shot of the sky, and the hummingbird photos are great! Thank you for sharing.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Really I enjoyed so much your calm words and photos! You live in a wonderful paradise, Mary! The last photo is just adorable!

thailandchani said...

Thanks for the refuge. :) That is what you provide here. Refuge. Beautiful pictures and beautiful thoughts.

You should have these posts published as a day book.




Mary said...

I do love the photos. we have had a couple of days with my brother and been to the beach. I didnt rain but very windy. Blown a few cobwebs away.

smilnsigh said...

Hope you got your retreat!


RuthieJ said...

That was nice, Mary. Great pictures--especially Chloe at the end! Thanks for reminding us to slow down and appreciate all the great sights around us each day.

RuthieJ said...

Oops, that was Bella on the couch, wasn't it?

Cathy said...

I'm doing some bedtime reading and discovered I hadn't waded in on this beautiful post. It's beautiful, Mary. And I love that Ruthie was confused as to Chloe/Bella's identity. I admit they sometimes throw me.

There's no way that darling (Bella:0) could make bad smells.