Saturday, December 30, 2006

My New Camera Rocks

Nala is sitting pretty at the animal hospital. She's well. No vomiting. They are feeding her as much as she will eat and waiting for her to pass her bowels. We have fingers crossed. For background info, see yesterday's post, "Geese, Cats & Kids".

It's been a strange day. The clouds moved in and cast a gray hue all around, as we are due for heavy rain for the next two days. Saddam Hussein was executed and former President Gerald Ford's burial services are being held in Washington, D.C. as I write this.

The above photo is today's mystery bird. I thought, at first, it was a Junco (pictured below) but it's beak is dark and longer and there is a white patch on its wing. For help, I ordered my Stokes Field Guide today and should have it within a few days. To the feeder, I added a lot of sunflower, nuts, and fruits to the mix today but I didn't make it to Wild Birds Unlimited. Darn. I want a suet feeder and a few others but it'll take me some time to decide where I'll place the new ones.

Being able to see my backyard birds' faces for the first time EVER is so exciting, even in low light. My camera is blowing me away with so many features. Still learning, though.

The three dogs are getting along beautifully. Yes, Bella is very stingy when Mr. Biggins wants her to share the hula-hoop. They are quite a pair. This shot would have been a complete blur with my other camera. I used my "sports/action" mode for this one.

Chloe joins in the wild play action now and then, but is really intent on staring at me as if to say, "Enough is enough already? Will you please calm them down?"

Mr. Biggins has a worried look on his face most of the time because I think he is always wanting to please. His appearance can be formidable to a stranger and his bark is frightening. Watch dog? Oh, yes. Guard dog? Not sure about that. A gentle giant. Huggable. Sure loves his Gramma.


Susan Gets Native said...

The bird is a Northern Mockingbird. A fun bird to have around (my resident mockingbirds keep the starlings away) but a pain in the butt when they are feeling hormonal and keep other birds away, too.
Your pictures rock! Aren't new, fancy cameras fun?

LostRoses said...

Wow, those bird shots are great! A fabulous camera sure helps, doesn't it? Kind of like a great pair of binoculars, it helps you appreciate the views more. Lucky you!

LauraHinNJ said...

Love how I can see Mr. Biggins' underbite even when his mouth is closed! He's adorable - if you ever should tire of babysitting, please send him my way.

Your pics are coming along quite well! I think you may just have something to send along for Good Planets before too long. Keep your eyes out for beauty.

Jayne said...

Wonderful shots Mary! I know what you mean about being able to "see" them up close and personal. There's nothing like it. The suet will attract a plethora of new visitors.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a hiding place near your feeder? I have taken most of my bird pictures through the window, because most birds do not come near if I am outdoors. I am visualizing you in a blind up in a tree. ;0

Mary said...

Susan - Thanks. I can rely on you for a good ID.

Lost Roses - the camera is wonderful. I just saw some chickadees out there...

Laura - I'll keep looking for beauty in my travels during the next few weeks.

Jayne - I hope the suet feeder will attract, but doesn't it take some time for the new visitors to appear?

Ruth - I'm very slow and quiet when I approach the few trees they flee to when I'm in the yard. The dogs are my biggest problem so when I'm determined for a good photo, I lock the dogs inside the house.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are terrific Mary! I expect we'll see lots of gtreat bird shots in the next year.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are great! I love the dogs - how cool are they? I'm going to have to go back into your blog history to find out about your dogs.

Anonymous said...

Very cute dog pics.

Also, loving your bird pictures. New cameras -- the best!!!

If you are looking for new feeders, I love my hanging platform feeder. I put it UNDER one of my suet feeders and then any suet that falls, gets caught on the hanging feeder and voila I can still see the birds enjoy it.

I love Julie Zickefoose's suet recipe. Here's a link to my post about my suet recipes.

Anonymous said...

Keeping fingers crossed for Nala, we have a camera I need to discover so much more about. We have bird feeders outside both children's bedrooms and I'd love to see them more clearly, I'm enjoying your blog, and thanks for your comments on mine, Katie